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Philip & Bee (Bilbao May 2023 Copyright PCDS)
'MYBLOG' - Fashion is Futile and Function is Futuristic

The futility of *fashion is challenged as the trend in sustainability grows ever stronger; however the real pressure driving tomorrow’s fashion is economic. Bringing 'inflation' under control remains a priority, rising 'cost of living' continues to drive increased demands for higher wages, it raises the real question of sustainable societies. Today fashion focuses on re-cycling, re-using, re-pairing, re-conditioning, etc. Companies and individuals accept a more responsible attitude to saving planet earth from self destruction. Tomorrow’s fashion focuses on function, performance, longevity and of course sustainability and recycling, the circle is being bought to a close. Waste is no longer acceptable; our future existence is in the hands of everyone worldwide. The concept of built in obsolescent, forcing the market to update, market domination, raises serious questions. Sustainable societies will emerge ever stronger through local support; working together to create sustainable fashion, fashion is futuristic in every aspect.

Philip Clark
June 1st 2023 Updated 13.07.2023

*Fashion encompasses all, from our appearance, the food we eat, the technologies we use to communicate, our means of transport, our social lives, our work, to the lifestyle we choose to live...

Philip Clark
March 22nd 2023

Philip & Bee (Bilbao May 2023 Copyright PCDS)
fashion is futile and function is futuristic
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