MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1708) 18.02.24-1


The event confirms its status as the world’s leading trade fair with over 900 brands on display

The big event is back, characterised by a focus on footwear and the latest trends, but also on the values of sustainability, innovation in retail, and Italian manufacture, the key theme of MICAM.

MICAM Milano, the international footwear exhibition coming up from 18 to 21 February at Fiera Milano (Rho), is preparing to welcome buyers from 150 countries. With 923 brands, 464 of which are Italian and 459 foreign – mainly from Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Germany and Portugal - the event will include a range of exciting new products from new entries such as BRUNO MAGLI, PLEIN SPORT and KATY PERRY COLLECTIONS, and unique opportunities to learn about the latest footwear trends.

According to the Chair of MICAM and Assocalzaturifici, Giovanna Ceolini: "The quality and success of a trade fair can be measured by two yardsticks: its vocation for generating innovation, and its ability to attract professionals from all over the world. In addition to these two variables, MICAM also offers a focus on sustainability and a great opportunity for professional updating. The February event is not only a sort of annual check-up for the footwear sector, but an unmissable opportunity to preview the trends in a sector worth over 14 billion euros, with more than 72,000 employees, representing the backbone of Italy's manufacturing industry. Italian-made footwear has always been central to our event, and I am delighted to announce that Adolfo Urso, Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, will be inaugurating MICAM and the other concurrent trade fairs at 10.30 a.m. on Sunday, 18 February."


The MICAM X area, MICAM Milano's innovation hub curated by SPIN360, a consulting company specialising in the development of new sustainable business models and innovative technological and organisational solutions, will be back again this year. The space will once again focus on four key theme areas, Art, fashion, heritage and future, Trends and materials, Sustainability and The future of retail, explored by gurus and experts in the field.

Interviews with prominent international speakers will be of particular interest at this year's event. Interviewees include Giuseppe Stigliano, Global CEO of Spring Studios, an entrepreneur and lecturer at several universities and business schools and leader of a team of over 200 talents with expertise in business strategy, creativity, technology and data; Doug Stephens, Founder of Retail Prophet, one of the world's leading retail consultancies, whose research work influences many of the world's best-known retailers, agencies and brands; Matthew Drinkwater, Director of Fashion Innovation Agency, a world-renowned expert in emerging technologies and their application to the creative industries.

Another feature returning at this edition are the trend forecasts for SS 25 compiled by WGSN, which will be presented in the course of numerous events at MICAM X. Once again, the focus will be on Livetrend's Trend Guide for Buyers for the AW 24-25 season. The guide, developed with the help of Artificial Intelligence, predicts next winter's styles, trends and materials through analysis of data streams, offering an innovative vision of the future through a winning combination of human and digital creativity. February's special selection entitled "Holidays" will be dedicated to the world of the winter holiday season: a key time for sales which is increasingly visible in the market.

The last day will focus on education and the younger generation, with the aim of establishing an ever-stronger bond between the world of education and professions in the footwear industry, from creative designers to specialists in the manufacture of shoes of various types.


Future of Retail, a space focusing on innovative ideas that will shape the future of retail, will host a number of companies proposing advanced solutions of interest to the footwear sector, with a focus on 3D technology.

Elmec 3D is the Elmec Informatica business unit concerned with Additive Manufacturing. The company is a reseller of turnkey solutions for industrial 3D printing: from printers and design software to design, redesign and training. It is also a 3D printing service provider, taking care of all aspects of projects ranging from rapid prototyping to small and medium-sized productions.

Profoto is a world leader in light shaping products. The company is introducing a technology providing all-in-one solutions for creating photographic and video content for e-commerce, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow. Their products are equipped with cutting-edge technology, combining state-of-the-art software with hardware featuring the best products offered by the photography industry.

n the wake of last year's success, Safesize and FIBBL will be back. SafeSize offers an innovative omnichannel 3D foot scanning, helping customers find the perfect shoe in physical and online shops. Meanwhile, FIBBL is the world's largest distribution platform for self-made 3D shoe models and it helps brands and retailers transform their e-commerce site into 3D and augmented reality (AR) solutions.


The Italian Startup area provides a stage for young Italian companies that have developed a series of unique, original projects characterised by sustainability and utility. In collaboration with StyleIt and with the support of ITA and MAECI, the startups presented will be: Spatial Port, OuttaWRLD, WOOWE and WAHU.

SpatialPort is creating a highly engaging Metaverse application to showcase and sell fashion, art, music and services. In this 3D world, any brand can launch and sell real and NFT products via an interactive 3D e-commerce experience.

OuttaWRLD is the world's first app enabling all users, from luxury brands to fashion consumers, to customise products with AR.

WOOWE is an innovative start-up that produces and sells luxury accessories and footwear for men, women and children made of ultra-thin layers of wood. The wood used (maple, walnut and cherry) comes from ethically managed forests.

WAHU enhances the walking experience with sneakers that are capable of changing the morphology and cushioning of their soles to offer users app-based functions.


The Emerging Designers area will once again host 12 creatives from all over the world selected by a jury of fashion industry experts for the current season. Recycled or recyclable materials and attention to the production chain are just some of the features of the shoes that will be on show.
Belledonne Paris, (France) with the Sporty chic collection, Bonamaso' (Spain) with the Save the planet collection, Caplait (Pakistan) with the Folkart collection, Daniela Uribe (Colombia) with the Heartbreak collection, Judy Mazzotti (Italy) with the Squid game collection, Minacapilli (Switzerland) with the Sex and the City collection, Mosca Shoes (Argentina) with the Cowgirl collection, Pierini Calzature (Italy) with the Elite collection, Room (Brazil) with the Bauhaus collection, Socque (France) with the Come together collection, Tachino Chie (Japan) with the Savile Row collection, Ubac (France) with the Jump collection.


The future of Italy's footwear industry will be determined by the major structural and technological changes that are already affecting its evolution, while maintaining close contact with a quality tradition that continues to enjoy international success.
To recount the changes in the sector and to draw attention to "Made in Italy Day", established by Minister Urso to be celebrated on the 15th of April, MICAM presents MADE TO BE COLLECTIBLE, an exhibition curated by Orietta Pelizzari and Matteo Bardi and dedicated to cutting-edge products created by Italian creative intelligence, combining manual, artistic and technological skills. In these creations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) joins forces with Human Intelligence (HI) to produce items of excellence which are long-lasting and, because of this characteristic and their innate quality, collectable as true works of art.

MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1706) 13.02.24-2


MICAM Milano
in cooperation with Livetrend
presents the new edition of the buyers' guide 
to the trends & must-haves for AW 24/25.

The guide, created through data analysis 
with the use of artificial intelligence,
provides more reliable indications of seasonal trends allowing you to: 

✔ choose the season's best-selling footwear
✔ optimise your purchases

A valuable tool for excellent buying!

Also new in February:
a special selection focusing on the holidays a
nd highlighting trends for winter holidays and festivities.

Save the date!

 Presentation of the buyer guide by Livetrend at 

✔ February 18th at 2:45 p.m
✔ February 19th at 3:30 p.m

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MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1689) 19.12.23-1
MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1688) 18.12.23-2

MICAM Milano, set to take place from 18 to 21 February 2024 at fieramilano (Rho) is ready to unveil the upcoming footwear fashion trends for Autumn-Winter 2024-2025. The preview, created by Livetrend and powered by artificial intelligence, offers precise insight, particularly guiding buyers towards the 'right' products poised to become best sellers. It identifies 4 seasonal macro-trends, ensuring a stylish approach to navigating the future ahead.


The world appears trapped in a spiral of crises, foretelling a difficult and challenging future. However, in 2024/25, people will need to strive for a restoration of normalcy and happiness by embracing the new reality, recognising that the end of abundance does not signify the end of creativity.
In the upcoming years, the concept of growth will be redefined, paving the way for a prototypical future—a proactive pursuit of transformation and boundless possibilities. 'Pro' as in progress, prototype, pro-activity and ‘pro’ as in advocating and championing a cause all aimed at advancing in a positive direction. Believing that tomorrow holds a promise of improvement, even if only by a small margin.

The macro-trends presented by MICAM for women's, men's and children's footwear all echo this concept of continual advancement. They articulate the drivers propelling progress. They outline diverse approaches to addressing challenges, spanning from heightened focus on products and details to exploring innovative methods of production and consumption through imagination and technology. Additionally, they advocate for embracing resilience and honing the skill of blending frugality with inventiveness.


Tender Frost

This trend is an ode to the delicate beauty embedded in our human vulnerability revealing the strength that emerges when we acknowledge our own fragility. These shoes epitomise grace and sophistication, serving as a poignant reminder to traverse life with resilience and an open heart. The pastel and off-white colour palette evokes the imagery of delicate winter frost. The materials for this trend create a tactile symphony, weaving a harmony between strength and fragility, mirroring the intricate balance that each of us bears. The looks are defined by the presence of satin, soft fabrics, supple leathers and knitwear. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, they feature laces, subtle gathers and delicate bows, which gracefully highlight the wearer's softer side.

Highland Lodge

This trend serves as a gateway to a bygone era, immersed in nostalgia, bucolic tradition and timeless charm. Drawing inspiration from the #old-money trend, this collection seamlessly blends refined sophistication with rustic elegance.
The colour palette weaves a rich tapestry of earthy tones mirroring the open countryside landscapes and evoking feelings of warmth, comfort, and enduring style. The materials narrate a tale of craftsmanship, with patchwork and natural leather lending texture, while intricate fretwork patterns and embroidered elements pay homage to the past. The wooden soles embody the authenticity of the countryside, while delicate embroidery and tasteful metal accessories impart a touch of understated elegance. The slightly squared toe presents a timeless silhouette that seamlessly fuses tradition and luxury.

Lunar Realm

AI24 embarks on a space odyssey transcending the Earth's boundaries and venturing into uncharted lunar and polar realms. Rooted in the essence of exploration, this trend envisions the future by blending engineering comfort with a dash of cosmic elegance. The palette, comprised of greys, dusks, mints and blues, mirrors the mysteries of the universe.
Cutting-edge technical materials, metallic accents, and transparent fabrics serve as a testament to innovation and modernity. Padded details provide an indulgent and opulent comfort, evoking the sensation of a weightless journey through space. High-performance details such as soles or pullers, Velcro fasteners and anti-accident details recall the precision of futuristic design, while the spatial contours create a visual symphony. Collectively, the look of these lunar pioneers captures the allure of the unexplored and its latent possibilities.

After World

This trend emerges from the remnants of OFF-GRID +79%, a post-apocalyptic realm of outlaws, rebellion and black magic. The shoes tell a story of resilience and adversity, encapsulating the essence of those individuals who thrive in the shadows. The colour palette vividly illustrates a gritty landscape with earthy tones, deep blacks and intense red hues—a warm spectrum that echoes a world forever altered. As if forged from melted and fractured materials, these shoes bear the marks of a journey, encapsulating the raw beauty discovered in the aftermath of the apocalypse, where every scratch and stain serve as a badge of honour. Buckles and protective straps, beyond their utilitarian function, serve as symbolic elements of survival, a harmonious blend of fashion and utility. Punk influence infuses a rebellious aesthetic, capturing the spirit of a world that is both resilient and defiant in the face of challenges.

MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1682) 12.09.23-3
MICAM Milano: the footwear sector shines again

From 17 to 20 September, more than 1,000 brands at the fair with the best of Italian and international production. Many initiatives to give space to young talent Milan, 12 September 2023

MICAM Milano
, the International Footwear fair will be back at the Fiera Milano from 17 to 20 September 2023 with its 95th edition. Quality, sustainability, innovation and a focus on young people are, as always, the drivers of the event.

There were 1024 brands presented, 520 of which were Italian and 504 foreign, representing over 30 countries, with Spain in first place with over 100 companies.

The continually evolving market continues to provide the entire sector with food for thought and MICAM will once again represent the most important opportunity for professionals to meet and compare notes.

"MICAM drives the recovery of the national footwear sector and plays a key role for the affirmation of our companies that need trade fair support to establish themselves and develop in international markets," explains MICAM President Giovanna Ceolini. "I hope that the event can once again confirm itself as an irreplaceable business opportunity and driving force for a sector of great importance in economic and employment terms. With over 3,700 companies and more than 72,000 employees, this production segment is one of the absolute pillars of the fashion system. I would also like to remind you that MICAM is a spotlight on new trends starting with sustainability, which is no longer a short-term trend but a key factor in customers' purchasing decisions. A paradigm that, together with digitisation, is transforming the footwear industry and taking it into the future'.

Young creations: initiatives for emerging designers and start-ups

The talent of young people is, as always, at the heart of MICAM thanks to the many initiatives that aim to promote it and introduce it to operators. Starting with the area dedicated to Emerging Designers that will host 12 creatives from all over the world selected by a special jury. Sustainability and originality are the keywords of the collections presented: recycled or recyclable materials and attention to the production chain are just some of the features of the shoes that will be on show. This year's 12 Emerging Designers are: Belledonne Paris, (France) with the Sporty chic collection, Bonamaso' (Spain) with the Save the planet collection, Caplait (France) with the Folkart collection, Daniela Uribe (Colombia) with the Heartbreak collection, Judy Mazzotti (Italy) with the Squid game collection, Minacapilli (Switzerland) with the Sex and the City collection, Mosca Shoes (Argentina) with the Cowgirl collection, Pierini Calzature (Italy) with the Elite collection, Room (Brazil) with the Bauhaus collection, Socque (France) with the Come together collection, Tachino Chie (Japan) with the Savile Row collection, Ubac (France) with the Jump collection.

The Italian Start Up area, also in Hall 1, is dedicated to the most promising new start-ups. The curiosity and imagination of young Italian companies will give rise to a series of proposals that are out of the ordinary in terms of originality, sustainability and usefulness.
The area is set up in collaboration with Startup Bootcamp with the support of ITA and MAECI, and the startups presented will be: Blockvision, CDCStudio, Dotzero and Sneaknit.

Blockvision aims to accelerate the achievement of sustainability goals in the fashion supply chain through an NFT tag stitched to the product. This makes it possible for consumers to verify the digital identity of a garment or shoe and immerse themselves in the long journey that led to its creation.
CDCStudio has patented cōēo, a new technology to reuse waste fabrics and leather from recycled polyethylene. The patented process creates a new waterproof, windproof and sustainable material.
CDCStudio helps companies working in the fashion industry to transform their waste and leftovers into new fabric, thus reusing their waste.
Dotzero is a fashion start-up specialising in footwear. Its mission is to find innovative, sustainable and artisanal solutions for production and to raise awareness of sustainability and conscious consumption.
Sneaknit uses advanced knitting technologies ensuring an eco-friendly approach. A key component of Sneaknit's business model is the use of recycled plastic yarn, which eliminates 5 to 15 plastic bottles from the environment for every pair of shoes produced. This commitment to sustainability also extends to other innovative materials, such as hemp, Tencel, cotton, wool and those recycled from clothing waste.

Young people will also be the protagonists on 18 September of the final fashion show of the Mittelmoda Fashion Award, the competition that every year selects and rewards the creations of young fashion and design students from all over the world. This year, confirming the fil rouge that links all MICAM initiatives to experimentation, on the sidelines of the fashion show, the most voted footwear of the MICAM Capsule will be presented out of competition. A preview of the MICAM Capsule was recently shown at PLUG-MI, the Urban Culture festival, a meeting point for youth subcultures, which ended a few days ago in Milan.

Future of retail: the area for retail visionaries is confirmed

Future of Retail, the space dedicated to innovative ideas that will shape the future of retail, will host a number of companies proposing advanced solutions useful for the footwear sector: in this edition the focus is on 3D technology and its potential to increase retailers' business. Tailoor is the first white-label digital commerce platform to sell customised, Made to Order and Made to Measure garments online. The SaaS Tailoor platform provides an innovative purchasing experience with a 3D configurator. SafeSize is a retail tech company offering an innovative omnichannel 3D foot scanning and shoe recommendation solution that helps customers find the perfect shoe in physical and online shops, while reducing product returns and contributing to a sustainable future. FIBBL is building the world's largest distribution platform for its self-made 3D shoe models, with the aim of helping shoe brands and retailers achieve commercial success. Fibbl supports brands and retailers to transform their entire e-commerce into 3D and augmented reality (AR) solutions.

MICAMX: the sector’s innovation hub has a new look

The MICAMX area will be back in Pavilion 1 with a completely new layout designed to offer visitors a unique opportunity to gen up on issues of key importance for the industry thanks to distinguished guests, best practice and important international speakers, covering four main themes: trends & materials, sustainability, art fashion heritage & future and the future of retail. Curator of the panel: Federico Brugnoli, CEO & Founder di SPIN 360. This year's speakers include Italian and foreign professionals and experts, including Emily Moberg, Director, Scope and Carbon Measurement & Mitigation at WWF, who will address the topic of Sustainability and representatives from the most important schools of style and fashion such as the Istituto Marangoni, IED and Accademia Costume e Moda who will testify to the role and importance of education.

Within the MICAMX space, the Trends & Materials area, set up in collaboration with Lineapelle, will take the form of a display of materials and components featured in the FW 23- 24 collections. This year MICAM will once again offer dealers the Trends Buyer Guide powered by Livetrend, a guide to trends and must-haves for the next Spring/Summer season to help buyers identify the season’s best-sellers and optimise their purchases. From September, MICAM will add to the buyer guide and the Trends & Materials area a special selection that will characterise each edition of the event: the first of the series will be CEREMONY FOCUS with an in-depth look at the trends and types of footwear most suitable for ceremonial occasions. The formal dress shoe is, in fact, increasingly playing a leading role in the total look.

VCS: towards sustainability, step by step

Sustainability is increasingly at the heart of the innovation proposed by footwear manufacturers. For this reason, the VCS Verified & Certified Steps area will once again be presented at MICAM. This area is dedicated to the first certification mark for the footwear industry, granted to companies embarking on a process of assessment, measurement, and above all, improvement of their corporate sustainability performance in line with internationally recognised standards.


MILANO: MICAM Milan was chosen by Class TV Moda as the go-to event for the fashion and footwear industry. For this reason, during the first three days of the event, an actual studio will be set up at the fair, which will allow the broadcaster to meet its guests and interview MICAM exhibitors on the hottest topics of the moment.

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MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1680) 13.07.23-4

A new campaign will support the next edition of MICAM Milano, scheduled from September 17 to 20, 2023 at fieramilano (Rho), welcoming exhibitors and visitors with three simple words: WALK YOUR WAY.

This encouragement is much more than just a motto: it is a message promoting individuality, authenticity and self-expression through the shoes we choose to wear.

"Walking is a simple and natural action, but the way we do it is an expression of who we are," says Giovanna Ceolini, President of MICAM. "Walk Your Way is an invitation to explore one's own style, to embrace one's individuality and to wear shoes with pride to achieve one's goals step by step. MICAM represents the multi-faceted world of high quality footwear in which the customer is at the core of its value system. There are no rules to follow when it comes to shoes. Everyone is encouraged to follow their own passions and wear the shoes that make them feel the most comfortable in every situation."

The campaign, produced by MM Company and Laureri Associates under the art direction of Barbieri Magalini, involved director Marco Gradara and street-photographer Federico Ghiani. The fashion film and campaign images have a dynamic and contemporary look&feel, also thanks to the fine high-end looks selected by stylist Nicola Pantano from the collections of some of the most promising talents on the contemporary fashion scene: Alessandro Gilles, Antonio Corposanto, Arthur Arbesser, Ballantyne, Cavia, Claire, Dans les Rues, Francesca Bellavita, Funghi, Gentile, Haus Of Honey, Junk, Les Filles D'Eva, Mirial, Monte Sharp, Ni-do, Object Particular, OGR, Panchic, Pomandère, Weili Zheng.

Creative direction & production: MM Company
Art direction: Barbieri Magalini (Manuel Barbieri and Marco Magalini)
Accounting: Riccardo R.C. Laureri
Photography: Federico Ghiani
Video: Marco Gradara
Production assistants: Giulia Argenti, Alessandra De Felice, Gabriele Mustacchio, Josephine Oppimitti
Starring: Aidé & Josh Kempton @Independent mgmt
Hair/make up: Valentina Marzona
Styling: Nicola Pantano & Styling assistant: Sofia Riva
Video & photo assistants: Franklin Barriga, Alessandra Alba, Federico Parigi
Clothes, shoes & accessories: WOMAN: ELEGANT Gentile (top, pants and jacket), Claire (shoes), Ni-do (bag) TRENDSETTER: Weili Zheng (jacket and skirt), Haus Of Honey (shoes), Monte Sharp (bag), Dans les Rues (rings), Funghi (earrings), Junk (sunglasses) URBAN: Les Filles D'Eva (top and jeans), Francesca Bellavita (shoes), Object Particolare (bag), Dans les Rues (rings), Junk (sunglasses) MAN: ELEGANT Alessandro Gilles (pants and jacket) COCKTAIL: Arthur Arbesser (shirt), Ballantyne (pants), Mirial (shoes) SPORTY: Antonio Corposanto (jacket and pants), Panchic (shoes), Junk (sunglasses) COUPLE - WOMAN: Arthur Arbesser (top), Pomandère (pants), OGR (shoes); MAN: Cavia (shirt), Ballantyne (pants), OGR (shoes)

We look forward to seeing you at MICAM, from September 17 to 20, 2023 at fieramilano (Rho).

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MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1676) 03.07.23-5

Once again, the exciting work of 12 emerging designers will be spotlighted in the Emerging Designers area, a designated space within the ambit of MICAM Milano: the International Footwear Fair, now in its 96th edition, due to be held at the Fiera Milano Rho from September 17 to 20, 2023.

Research is the leitmotif bringing together the creations of these young up-and-coming designers who, after going through the usual selection process by a panel of experts, are keen to present themselves to international buyers at MICAM. The jury was composed by Ernesto Esposito - President of the Jury, Virginie Trento – General Director Cuir ADC, Michele Ciavarella - Fashion Feature Deputy Editor Style Magazine Corriere della sera and columnist for Il Manifesto, Gaia Fraschini - Stylist, Paolo Colaiocco - Photographer, Giacomo Cattaneo - Fashion Shoe Expert. Sustainability and originality are the key words of the collections presented: recycled or recyclable materials, attention to the production chain, Made-in, are just some of the distinguishing features of the footwear presented by the emerging designers.

Once again, the versatility displayed by these young designers is surprising: a versatility acquired in the course of numerous work and training experiences, often outside their country of origin, that have gained them, slowly but surely, a foothold in the world of fashion and entrepreneurship. Yes, because many of them are not simply creative, but also entrepreneurs and founders of brilliant, independent startups, ready to conquer the fashion and footwear world.

Marketing and social media as well as design and fashion: these are some of the skills that these young designers have exploited in order to emerge and get noticed. Today they can make their entry into the world of international high-quality footwear with their heads held high, thanks once again to the exclusive showcase provided by the Emerging Designers area which, now with an entirely new layout dedicated to their collections, will allow them to present their idea of fashion and style to the public.

From Italy to Argentina, from Switzerland to Japan, the ‘fashion map’ that these emerging young designers represent is wide-ranging and brimming with evocative fashion ideas. Classic shoes and sneakers, boots and sandals, there are no bounds to their creativity: their work is poised to rewrite the history of footwear thanks to their innovative shapes and obsessive attention to detail.

The 12 Emerging Designers for this year are: Belledonne Paris, with the Sporty chic, Bonamaso’ with the Save the planet collection, Caplait with the Folkart collection, Daniela Uribe with the Heartbreak collection, Judy Mazzotti with the Squid game collection, Minacapilli with the Sex and the City collection, Mosca Shoes with the Cowgirl collection, Pierini Calzature with the Elite collection, Room with the Bauhaus collection, Soque with the Come together collection, Tachino Chie with the Savile Row collection, Ubac with the Jump collection.



To see all the collections and admire the vibrant originality of the Emerging Designers, join us at MICAM from September 17 to 20, 2023 at Fiera Milano Rho. Keep following us on our channels.

Keep following us on our channels.

#micam #micamx

MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1672) 05.06.23-6






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