MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1665) 20.02.23-1
New solutions, innovative technologies and ideas for the future: Come and check them out in the new MICAM X area!


New solutions, innovative technologies and ideas
for the future: Come and check them out in the
new MICAM X area!

Today at 2.30 p.m. Livetrend presents
trends and must-haves per Autumn Winter 23/24.

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MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1664) 18.02.23-2
MICAM Milano 95 - Emerging Designers are back!


12 emerging designers:

back at MICAM Milano 95
in the new MICAM X area.

Want to know more about the inspiration

and stories behind the 12 creative minds?

Watch the interviews

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MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1662) 17.02.23-3
MICAM Milano presents “Scarpe da Favola” - “Fairy-tale shoes”

Inspired by the #micamtales communication campaign, the book presents three contemporary fairy tales based on classic fairy stories, narrating the dreamlike dimension of footwear that reaches its highest expression in Italy’s many footwear brands

Milan, 16 February 2023 - The story of dreamy Italian footwear, told in the book of your dreams! International footwear exhibition MICAM Milan presents “Scarpe da Favola” (“Fairytale Shoes”), a book inspired by the #micamtales communication campaign and the world of fairy tales which between February 2020 and February 2023 has provided the setting for the many stories told by exhibitors through their footwear collections: an original way of representing the fantastic world of quality footwear made with passion, creativity and innovation. At each edition of MICAM, special displays in the MICAM Tales Square have transported visitors into a fairy-tale world. At each edition of MICAM, special displays in MICAM Tales Square took visitors into the world of the fairy tales.

As an epilogue to the #micamtales project, Assocalzaturifici, with the support of MICAM, has created an iconic volume entitled “SCARPE da favola” (“Fairy-tale Shoes”), telling the story of the most beautiful and extraordinary shoes made by some of the most important Italian footwear brands.

"We used the world of fairy tales as a pretext to tell the virtuous story of all those companies that continue working hard to stay competitive, never giving up," comments Giovanna Ceolini, Chair of Assocalzaturifici and MICAM. "We chose to use fantasy and irony to promote the know-how of 95 Italian footwear companies at the 95th edition of the event, telling a story about the sensations quality footwear can offer the wearer. The theme maintained continuity with the MICAM editions of past years, provided a unique opportunity for the people who come up with footwear design concepts to speak directly to the market''.

The stories contained in the book “Scarpe da Favola” are by author Lucia del Pasqua, with illustrations by artist La Fille Bertha and a preface by Professor Lorenzo Cantoni. The 95 participating brands were divided according to their mood among the 3 fairy tales: MICAM in Wonderland - eclecticism, MICAM Glass Slipper - elegance, and MICAM of Oz - adventure. The author and illustrator enriched the narrative with new developments and imaginative details adding new lustre to the dream shoes and making the heroines of the stories into true models of contemporary women: writer and activist Luce, digital entrepreneur Gloria, and Verdelia, an idealistic shopkeeper. This wide-ranging communication project combats stereotyping of all kinds with the aim of inspiring new generations of footwear entrepreneurs, whose acumen, fortitude and ironic touch will help them make their dreams come true.

At the forthcoming edition of MICAM Milan, from 19 to 22 February 2023, visitors will be able see a virtual exhibition of the book set up in the MICAM Tales Square in Pavilion 3 and pick up a free copy of the book. On the 19th and 20th February, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the illustrator and author will be available to autograph the book.

Creative direction & graphic design: MM Company x Laureri Associates
Art Direction: Marco Magalini & Manuel Barbieri
Preface: Lorenzo Cantoni Texts: Lucia del Pasqua
Illustrations: La Fille Bertha
Translations: Interlinguae
Print: Grafiche Antiga spa with vegetable ink Paper: Fedrigoni recycled papers (Woodstock FSC, Arena Bulk FSC, Freelife Kendo FSC, Symbol Freelife satin FSC)

We look forward to seeing you from the 19th to 22nd of February, 2023! In the meantime, keep following us on our social media channels. #micam #micamtales #micamx
MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1661) 15.02.23-4
MICAM Milano 95 - The FW 23-24 Footwear Trend Guide


The FW 23-24 Footwear Trend Guide 

Livetrend, the platform analysing images and data
from Instagram, e-commerce and the fashion shows of use for tracking footwear trends,
has worked with MICAM on a digital guide for:

✔ helping buyers choose the season’s bestselling footwear
✔ optimising purchases

A valuable tool for excellent buying!

Download the guide

Want to know more about the evolution of the market?
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MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1660) 14.02.23-5
From 19 to 22 February, 988 brands will present the best of Italian and international footwear; the future of the industry will be in the limelight with a host of new events

MICAM Milano, the International Footwear Fair, will be back at Fiera Milano from 19 to 22 February 2023 for its 95th edition. In the light of encouraging signs of an upturn in the market, it was decided to reinstate the fair’s four-day format so as to offer exhibitors and Italian and foreign buyers more opportunities to network and do business.

A total of 988 brands, including 451 foreign exhibitors, will be showcasing their products. New entries at this edition include Alberto Guardiani, Buffalo Boots, Cult, Kenneth Cole, Luciano Padovan, and Oxs.

MICAM will be offering plenty of new events and content covering every aspect of the world of footwear: from new trends to sustainability, from innovations in retail to customer engagement.

According to MICAM and Assocalzaturifici Chair Giovanna Ceolini: “MICAM is an eagerly awaited event for international dealers who see it is an excellent business opportunity. It has always represented not only the litmus test for the market, but also a privileged opportunity to get a sneak peek at the trends of the future. At a pivotal moment for sustaining the economic recovery of the sector and bringing productivity back to pre-pandemic levels, this trade show represents an extraordinary opportunity. The upcoming edition has a strong focus on innovation in retail and the latest developments in sustainability. Technological upgrading and digitisation are key factors in our industry that can help make footwear companies more attractive to new generations'.

MICAMX: the sector’s innovation hub has a new look

The MICAMX area will be back in Pavilion 1 with a completely new layout designed to offer visitors a unique opportunity to gen up on issues of key importance for the industry thanks to distinguished guests, best practice and important international speakers, covering four main themes: trends & materials, sustainability, art fashion heritage & future and the future of retail. The curator of the panel will be Federico Brugnoli, CEO & Founder di SPIN 360.

Within the MICAMX space, the Trends & Materials area, set up in collaboration with Lineapelle, will take the form of a display of materials and components featured in the FW 23- 24 collections. The area was devised in conjunction with a new tool for buyers: the Trends Buyer Guide powered by Livetrend, a guide to trends and must-haves for the next FW season that helps buyers identify the season’s best-sellers and optimise their purchases.

Future of retail: the biggest novelty of the coming edition

A space for innovative ideas that will revolutionise sales outlets. The new area will be dedicated to the future of retail and will host companies that produce avant-garde technologies for the world of footwear retail while remaining people-oriented. According to MICAM X the retail of the future is hybrid: people will continue to play a key role and will be increasingly aided by technology. Customer profiling, augmented reality, and live shopping experiences with virtual influencers are both enabling and increasingly indispensable.
FUTURECLO will present the magic mirror, a technology that allows customers to try on clothes and shoes virtually in real-time. DTECH LAB, BAMBUSER and an Offbeat virtual influencer will make it possible to simulate a live shopping experience, with a camera revealing products created by the Emerging Designers that can be commented on live on the Bambuser platform. FOOTWEAROLOGY will offer an AI-powered immersive experience revealing visuals of the shoe shop of the future. THE FOOTWEARIST will present an example of on-demand manufacturing thanks to two 3D printers for the creative/design part, offering visitors the possibility of seeing and touching the finished styles. Lastly, ZAKEKE will provide a 3D Configurator enhancing the customer experience with virtual 3D models ready to be customised.

Sustainability: VCS creates more space for sustainability

The issue of sustainability as addressed by MICAM X will reach its apotheosis in a new area dedicated to VCS Verified & Certified steps, the first certification mark for the footwear industry, awarded to companies that have embarked on a process of assessment, measurement, and above all, improvement of their corporate sustainability performance in line with internationally recognised standards.

Art, Fashion, Heritage & Future: initiatives for emerging designers and startups

As always, MICAM gives space to young people and invests in initiatives aimed at promoting their talent. Situated inside MICAM X in Pav. 1 is an area dedicated to Emerging Designers, featuring the work of 12 creative designers from all over the world. Their creations range from rediscovery of age-old traditions to more extravagant research into forms and materials, with original style, mindful of the values of sustainability and brimming with influences from cultures all over the world. Selected by a highly qualified panel of experts, the Emerging Designers will present their concepts at the fair and recount their creative journey to trade professionals. The protagonists of this edition are: 10.2 (France), Ahdiid (Italy), Éhonté (USA), Felipe Fiallo (Ecuador), ID-Eight (Italy&Korea), Marianna Mazza (Italy), Salone Monet (USA), Selva (Spain), Shoe Shoe (France), Sophie Benel (France), Sucette (Italy), Vandrelaar (Great Britain).

This edition of MICAM will once again include the Start Up area in Pav. 1 H01 dedicated to talented young entrepreneurs: emerging Italian companies abounding in creativity and curiosity about the world, who have chosen the footwear and fashion industry to express their revolutionary ideas. The area is set up in collaboration with Startup Bootcamp with the support of ITA and MAECI, and the startups presented will be: Appcycled, Leath3R, Lab-go and iHeel. Appcycled is a digital platform that simplifies the creative upcycling process in the fashion industry in order to reduce clothing and fabric waste.
Leath3R is a programme combining strategy, support for sustainability transitions and product development, through an SaaS solution aimed at reducing environmental impact and ensuring greater transparency for sustainable supply chains of leather products.

Lab-go’s prime objective is to protect and guarantee the origin and authenticity of products by taking users on an exclusive digital journey using coloured QR Codes. iHeel is the world’s first technology allowing the heels of women’s shoes to be raised or lowered to three different heights with a simple click; the form adapts without causing any discomfort in the plantar arch area, ensuring a perfect ergonomic fit.

MICAM Tales Square: the last episode in MICAM’s fairy-tales campaign

MICAM will host the final chapter in the #micamtales communication campaign that, from 2020 to today, has brought the enchanted world of fairy-tales to the trade fair, starting with MICAM in Wonderland, followed by MICAM Glass Slipper and concluding with MICAM of Oz. It was this fantastic journey into a magical world that inspired the book “Scarpe da Favola” (“Fairy-tale Shoes”), promoted by Assocalzaturifici and produced in collaboration with ITA and MAECI. To mark the 95the edition of MICAM, 95 Italian footwear companies were featured in the book, which will take the form of a digital display that can be seen in the MICAM Tales Square in Pav. 3 over the four days of the event. Creativity, versatility, quality and beauty: these are the distinguishing features of fabulous Italian footwear.

We look forward to seeing you from the 19th to the 22nd of February, 2023! In the meantime, keep following us on our social media channels.


MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1653) 02.12.23-6
Join us at MICAM Milano 95 from 19 to 22 February 2023!

Join us at MICAM Milano 95 from 19 to 22 February 2023!

Come and be wowed by the collections of top footwear brands that
will set the trends for the A/W 2023-2024 season. 

Don’t miss the new MICAMX area and take part in seminars, 

debates and demos on the new trends in footwear.  
New entry: a space dedicated to the future of retail

with special cutting-edge installations and a new hands-on section

devoted to trends & materials where visitors can touch components
and materials used in the AW 2023/2024 collections.  
All fully consultable online thanks to the digital buyer guide that 

helps you pick out the season’s best-sellers and optimise your footwear purchases.

MICAM of Oz, the final chapter in the #micamtales communication campaign, 

awaits you in Pav. 3 with a fabulous immersive installation.

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Join the MICAM Milano community, we are also on LinkedIn.

MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1631) 30.11.22-7
The tour starts in Berlin for presentation of the 95th edition of MICAM Milano

Three events are scheduled, in Berlin, Seoul and Brussels. Markets of great interest for footwear exports, all growing in value in the first half of the year: Germany +22.4%, Korea +20.8% and the Benelux countries +29.9%

MICAM Milano is still the focus of attention of the footwear industry around the world. To inform buyers about the event and allow them to discover all the opportunities it offers, three teaser events will be held in December 2022 presenting some of the new features of the upcoming edition scheduled for 19 through 22 February 2023 at Fieramilano - Rho.

The tour starts on 1 December, in Berlin, at the Soho House Polit Bureau, where an exhibition of footwear by Emerging Designers will also be set up. On 5 December, the event will fly to High Street Italia in Seoul, Korea, and will come to a close on 14 December in Brussels, at the Bruxelles Tour & Taxis Orangerie. The three teaser events have been organised in conjunction with the Italian Trade Agency.

The three events offer an opportunity to present the new trends for next season, anticipating the mood of the F/W 2023/2024 collections thanks to the experience of the platforms MICAM relies on each season. In Berlin and Brussels MICAM will showcase Livetrend, while the Seoul event will focus on trends identified by WGSN.

“MICAM has always offered dealers all over the world a privileged opportunity to keep up with the latest trends and new developments in footwear,” explains MICAM and Assocalzaturifici Chair Giovanna Ceolini. "Italy has once again confirmed its position as the EU’s biggest footwear manufacturer by far, producing 148.8 million pairs of shoes, making the country the thirteenth biggest producer world-wide. When it comes to exports, Italy ranks eighth in the world, but third in terms of value. Italy has always held a position of unrivalled leadership in production of high-end and luxury footwear with a high fashion content. And in fact the average price of Italian exports is the highest among the world's top 15 footwear exporters by value. Exports grew 24% in terms of value and 13.5% in terms of quantity in the first half of the year as compared to the same period in 2021.

Germany grew in the first half of 2022 in terms of both value (+22.4%) and volume (+20.6%), ranking fourth in the ranking of destinations for Italian exports by value and second in terms of volume.

While Korea registered a growth rate of +21.1% in terms of quantity and +20.8% in terms of value, ranking ninth and seventeenth in the ranking of destination countries by quantity and by value, respectively.

Lastly, the Benelux area reports 25.7% growth in quantity and +29.9% growth in terms of value. Exports are of fundamental importance in our industry, and introducing an even broader selection of international buyers to MICAM means multiplying opportunities for trade. In this regard, I wish to thank ITA for its valuable work promoting our companies and their international growth around the world".

We look forward to seeing you from the 19th to the 22nd of February, 2023! In the meantime, keep following us on our social channels.

#micam #micamtales

MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1623) 26.10.22-8
“MICAM of OZ”: the yellow brick road to sustainability,
a ‘fantastic’ journey
MICAM Milano presents the third fairy-tale in the #micamtales series: the classic musical The Wizard of Oz inspires the international footwear show’s new image

MICAM Milano, the international footwear show scheduled for the 19th to the 22 nd of February 2023 at Fiera Milano Rho, is ready to amaze visitors yet again with a new communication campaign.
The #micamtales communication project continues with its third and final chapter. After “MICAM in Wonderland” and “MICAM Glass Slipper”, here comes “MICAM of OZ”: the voyage of a courageous young woman, accompanied by two whimsical companions, toward the Emerald Castle, in a symbolic odyssey that aims to represent the industry’s progress toward sustainability.

MICAM, indeed, chose this third fairy-tale in the series for its profound meaning, teaching us that self-confidence (that is, the ability to believe in yourself and your talents) is the true key to success.

MICAM and Assocalzaturifici President Giovanna Ceolini comments, “This fairy tale is also a metaphor for life in the world of business, made up of daily challenges both great and small, milestones to be achieved. Now more than ever, it’s tough to be in business: you need to keep up to date all the time, with great determination and an ethical perspective on important issues such as sustainability”.

Divided into two chapters, the fairy tale will accompany visitors through the next two editions of MICAM, representing key moments in the story with an ironic contemporary twist. The photos in the campaign were taken by Fabrizio Scarpa, while the short films were directed by Giuseppe Cardaci.

In February 2023, we will see the first chapter in the story, “Poppy flowers”, in which the heroine loses her little dog in a huge field of poppies. As she looks for him, she happens to upon a high fashion scarecrow, and two strange objects: an oiling can and a hat… both made of tin!

As usual, great care has been taken with the fashion story, involving some of today’s most promising talents in the creation of the looks. The heroine’s outfit in the first chapter is by ACT N° 1 (dress), A. BOCCA (shoes) and HALÌTE (bag), while the scarecrow’s outfit is by REAMEREI (suit), MATTIA CAPEZZANI (shoes) and MONTEGALLO ALICE CATENA (accessories). MICAM pays tribute to the world of creativity, which has the power to make us dream, and to promote the vanguard of Italian fashion through the work of the country’s most promising talents.

Each chapter in the communication campaign will be concretely enacted during the physical trade fair through a special exhibit-experience: an example of the integrated communications that are increasingly accompanying the world of MICAM on all communication platforms, from the physical trade fair to social media, the internet site, and conventional and digital media.

In this campaign, MICAM once again draws attention to the theme of sustainability, already underlined in recent editions with VCS: a registered trademark certifying the sustainability of footwear companies and their supply chains.

MICAM of Oz is intended to encourage footwear companies to proceed along the difficult, but important road to sustainability; a path full of surprises and magic that will accompany companies and dealers right through to the next edition.

We look forward to seeing you on the 19th to the 22 nd of February 2023! In the meantime, keep following us on our social channels.


MICAM MILANO - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1622) 21.09.22-9
MICAM Milano, Mipel, TheOneMilano, and HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition join forces under the hashtag #finallytogether to welcome buyers from all over the world

Milan, 20 September 2022 – Optimism, dynamism and a forward-looking attitude: their enthusiasm is what brings together the 35,470 professional dealers attending the fashion trade fairs held over the past few days at fieramilano – Rho (+20% more than in March 2022).

International footwear show MICAM Milano and international leather goods and fashion accessories showcase Mipel joined forces with TheOneMilano, featuring Haute-à-Porter (part of the Confindustria Moda galaxy) and HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, an event focusing on quality jewellery and accessories, all held on overlapping dates to attract top-level buyers from all over the world, making all the events a great success.

Industry professionals from all over the world thronged the stands, with the particularly enthusiastic participation of visitors from Spain, France, and Germany. There were plenty of buyers from the United States and Canada, and Japanese buyers were also back in large numbers.

Thanks to the high attendance, business occasions provided ample scope for fruitful discussions on the opportunities offered by the market, even at this time of great uncertainty.

Plenty of space was dedicated to the quality Italian footwear that is so popular abroad, sustainability projects for an increasingly responsible industry, initiatives aimed at showcasing young talents, and strong representation of international brands at the fashion trade fairs, which abounded in creativity and new trends with a pinch of glamour, anticipating the styles of the future.

A packed programme of workshops and events ensured that the trade fairs offered not only concrete opportunities for buyers to conclude deals but a chance to assess new developments on the market and learn more about issues of current relevance to the fashion industry.

These trade fairs represent only a part of the #finallytogether project, designed to boost the fashion industry by working together on joint promotional initiatives.

In addition to the events that have just concluded, last week saw the close of DaTe - Shaping Avantgarde in Florence, an event focusing on cutting-edge eyewear, attracting 1500 professional visitors.

The final events of the season organised by the #finallytogether group open today at fieramilano: Lineapelle, an international trade fair for leather, accessories and footwear components, leather goods, clothing, and furnishings, began with a dynamic atmosphere and plenty of high expectations. Also opening today are Simac Tanning Tech, an international showcase of machinery and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries, and Mipel lab, an innovative trade fair format created by Assopellettieri to bring together supply and demand for the Italian leather goods.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1619) 14.09.22-10

The coming edition of MICAM Milano has opened with a bang! Under the slogan #finallytogether, 1,012 brands, 54% from Italy and 46% from abroad (+23% over March 2022), will meet with buyers from all over the world at fieramilano (Rho) between 18 and 20 September, confirming the importance of MICAM Milano not only as the biggest footwear show but the biggest post-pandemic fashion show in the world.

The Italian footwear industry continues to recover, recording further growth in sales (+14.5%) and in domestic consumption (+ 18.2% by value) in the first half of the year, following upon a total growth rate of +18.7% in 2021. But there are a number of unknowns looming on the horizon. According to Assocalzaturifici Chair Giovanna Ceolini: “The industry as a whole has recovered significantly, but high energy costs, raw materials costs and the consequences of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine (with the value of exports to the two markets down -30%, a total drop of - 46% since the start of the war) are putting short-term growth at risk. Our member companies are satisfied with sales to North America and the main EU markets, though spring lockdowns slowed sales in China. While designer brands are performing very well, half our member companies have not yet returned to pre-Covid sales figures. We hope that MICAM will, as usual, offer a chance to take advantage of business opportunities and discover new trends and opportunities on world markets”.


MICAM will showcase S/S 2023 collections with numerous styles for men, women and children for all occasions, from the best-known international names to Italian-made excellence. New entries and prestigious comebacks include BENETTON, CAFÉ’ NOIR, GUY LAROCHE, LIU JO, NORTH SAILS, RENATO BALESTRA, SPERNANZONI, STEVE MADDEN, and WINDSOR SMITH.
Also present at the event will be delegations of international buyers and journalists from countries of great strategic importance for the industry, identified by ITA - the Italian Trade Agency, which has always worked actively to make MICAM a highly-qualified, concrete business opportunity for exhibitors.

Moreover, to help buyers in the choice of the season’s bestselling footwear, MICAM has come up with the first data-driven SS23 Trends Guide: a digital guide visitors will be able to download for convenient consultation on their smartphones to discover next season’s trends and optimise their purchases, made possible by a partnership with Livetrend: an innovative platform that analyses millions of images and items of information from Instagram, E-commerce and the fashion shows, translating it for the footwear industry using specific algorithms.


MICAMX is back (pav. 1 stand H09), a meeting and convention area focusing on innovation, featuring numerous presentations in four main concept areas: trends & materials, sustainability, art fashion heritage & future and the future of retail. MICAMX will, as always, represent the common thread running through all MICAM content, produced with the help of internationally prominent guests, best practice and prestigious testimonials from all over the world.
The issue of sustainability will also be the focus of the MICAM Sustainability Lab, an area powered by VCS (pav. 3 stand K11), the first sustainability certification mark for the footwear industry, focusing on an important project launched in March: VCS verified & certified steps. This mark is granted to enterprises that undertake a process of assessment, measurement and, above all, improvement of their performance in key areas of corporate sustainability on the basis of internationally recognised standards.


MICAM never stops looking forward to the future, and this edition features a Start Up area (pav. 1 stand H12) showcasing emerging new excellence: young Italian footwear makers with an optimistic outlook who express their revolutionary ideas through footwear and fashion. The area is set up in partnership with Startup Bootcamp with the support of ITA and MAECI. The startups featured will be BIOCELL, ID FACTORY, OHOSKIN, RICESKIN, SMART FAB, TWINONE and YMPACT.


Under a partnership with Italian Artisan (pav. 1 stand F11), the B2B platform connecting quality Italian manufacturers with international brands and retailers, “Italian Artisan Heroes - the ultimate manufacturing tradition” is back to underline the true essence of Italian craftsmanship. “We’re proud to continue working with Assocalzaturifici and MICAM,” says Italian Artisan founder David Clementoni. “This year, we are really putting ourselves on the line with an innovative stand in which technological evolution amplifies spaces and opportunities for our producers, who continue to be the focus of our corporate mission.”


The Emerging Designers area (pav. 1 stand F09 G10) will feature 12 up-and-coming designers from all over the world. The new designers’ talent is clearly visible in the styles they propose, which range from a return to ancient traditions to cutting-edge experimentation with forms and materials, in an original style, with a focus on sustainability abounding in inspiration from cultures all over the world. Selected by a highly qualified jury of experts, the Emerging Designers bring a selection of their design concepts to MICAM and tell dealers about their creative stories, which are closely interconnected with their desire to grow and stand out from the crowd. The Emerging Designers featured at this edition will be: 10.2 (France), Ahdiid (Italy), Éhonté (USA), Felipe Fiallo (Ecuador), ID-Eight (Italy&Korea), Salone Monet (USA), Selva (Spain), Shekudo (Nigeria), Shoe Shoe (France), Sophie Benel Paris (France), Sucette (Italy), and Vandrelaar (Great Britain).


In recent editions MICAM has been focusing on using social networks to get the community involved and encourage it to grow. MICAM Tales Square is a special area in the middle of Pavilion 7 (stands C11 C19 D12 D20) inspired by the advertising campaign where visitors can participate in the experience themselves, enjoying plenty of fun and interaction. Limited edition gadgets will be offered to people who publish photos on their pages on the social networks, tagging @micam.milano and using the one of the official filters.

#micam #micamtales #finallytogether

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