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Philip & Bee (Porto/Duro/Dom Luis I bridge September 2022 Copyright PCDS)
PORTUGAL - PORTO (Text & Images Copyright PCDS)
Friends of PCDS Review 'MYBLOG' - Transition & Diversification

The world we live in is in a constant state of transition, what may appear to be the norm today is likely to change tomorrow. The day after? Well who knows? Today life is a rollercoaster ride, full of highs and lows, twist and turns, happy and sad times. Every day one faces challenges, everyday news reports impact our views of humanity, the good and the bad, and dare I say downright evil. Through it all fashion evolves, new ideas of style come and go, and lifestyle is questioned. What is perfect for some is totally unacceptable to others. Yes, we humans are transitioning as the years go by, our views are always under review, and our appearance grows in maturity, our lifestyle changes as we experience new adventures from the simplest of forms to the more complex. Nothing ever remains the same that is with the exception of death and taxes.

To keep ahead of the pack, even to stand-still we turn to diversification; we look for new avenues to explore. In business we look for new commercial opportunities, in our daily life we look for new excitement through entertainment. Through exploration and travel we learn different languages study different cultures, taste local delicacies, appreciate different architecture on so many different levels, our senses are completely turned upside down, our way of life is brought into question. Yes, diversity is at the very centre of life, maybe it always has been as we transition...

Philip Clark
March 22nd 2023

Philip & Bee (Porto September 2022 Copyright PCDS)
MILAN - MICAM at RHO (Text & Images Copyright PCDS)
Friends of PCDS Review 'MYBLOG' - Vision of Sergio Silva,,,

Geometric shapes and sustainability is the vision of Sergio Silva the designer behind ÉHONTÈ at MICAM MILANO.

Contemporary and yet minimalistic design, simplistic but creative, bold shapes applied to footwear design, the name ÉHONTÈ.  ÉHONTÈ a brand that injects important societal values into women’s footwear; uses raw materials in a smart way that’s focused on sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.

Styling that exudes wearer confidence, stand along qualities, made with passion.

MYBLOG No. 5 (Text & Images Copyright PCDS)
MICAM MILANO - VCS Verified & Certified Steps

Friends of PCDS Review 'MYBLOG' - Production Goes Green

Action to combat climate change (EU aims to be carbon neutral by 2050) and address sustainability issues will force footwear producers to ‘Go Green’!

EU Legislation

Upcoming proposal for EU Directive on Sustainable Product/Initiative Policies are being pursued.

Circular Economy

The ‘Circular Economy’ concept is being presented as a means to achieving improved sustainability of the earth's resources.


At the world's most important footwear show the pressure mounts for European footwear industry to tackle sustainability issues; innovation in materials, shoe design/production and recycling are hot topics for discussion and action.

Italian shoe makers, associated industries, all specialists in their fields, will need to address issues of carbon footprint and sustainability to protect the environment for future generations.

Elena Barone

VCS Verified & Certified Steps

VCS is the initiative launched by CIMAC (Tests and certifications to ensure the quality and safety of your product, assess its performance or help you embark on the path towards sustainability) in partnership with Assocalzaturifi  (The national association representing industrial shoemakers in Italy) and SPIN360 (Advanced tools and services for sustainable change since 1997) aims at assisting producers to comply with any EU Directive on Sustainable Product Policy Initiative/Standard, Certification and Assessment.

Philip Clark
March 09th 2023

MYBLOG No. 4 (Text Supplied - Images Copyright PCDS)
MILAN - MICAM, MIPEL 123 & TheOneShow at RHO


Buyer numbers are up 25% over the previous edition, and more than half of them are international
MICAM Milano, MIPEL 123 Milano, TheOneMilano, etc, the fashion and accessories trade fairs closed at Fiera Milano (Rho), has been a great success. The events have intercepted the upswing in demand among Italian and, above all, international buyers, testifying to the consolidation of recovery in the industries they represent.

A total of more than 1,800 exhibitors met with 48,276 professional visitors, 25% more than in the previous edition.

International buyers responded particularly well: about half of all buyers came from outside of Italy. The best performing European nations were Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Greece and Spain, though excellent results were also registered from such distant lands as South Korea, Japan and Kazakhstan.

The trade fairs’ central importance was confirmed by the presence of government representatives such as Ministers Daniela Santanché and Matteo Salvini, deputy minister Valentino Valentini, sub-secretaries Lucia Albano and Paola Frassinetti and the many representatives of local institutions who have visited the four trade fairs over the past few days to enjoy a privileged overview of the dynamics of the fashion industry. The government representatives recalled the importance of
Micam Milano
Mipel Lab (Lineapelle)
Lineapelle SS24 Trends

working together as a system including all the sectors represented at the trade fairs, the unique qualities of “Made in Italy”, and the central role of education and training in ensuring the nation’s competitiveness, emphasising the importance of related industries such as fashion-related tourism, which accounted for a large number of visits to Italy and particularly Milan.

Alongside the trade fairs, numerous highly popular discussions addressed issues of great importance to the industry, such as sustainability, innovation and trends. The important role of education and training was the focus of the event entitled “Training, orientation, certification of competences: Confindustria Moda, Rete TAM and Unioncamere for the growth of talent”. Part of a wider-ranging programme focusing on education put in place the Confindustria Moda's member trade associations, the event focused on the recognition of competences, training and work experience for students.

MICAM Milano, Mipel, TheOneMilano. etc, stand out for their ability to bring all the best of “Made in Italy” to the trade fair centre along with peaks of international excellence. Plenty of space was dedicated to young people who came from all over the world to present their work in ad hoc projects: a new generation of designers demonstrating their talent, tracing a path of innovation, creativity and technology that will characterise the future of the sectors showcased in the four events.

Now that this edition is over, planning is already under way for the next one: MICAM Milano, Mipel and TheOneMilano will be held on 17 through 20 September 2023, all together at Fiera Milano (Rho).

Philip Clark (Text supplied)
February 24th 2023


MILAN - MICAM at RHO (Text Supplied & Images Copyright PCDS)
Friends of PCDS Review 'MYBLOG' - a wealth of new rising design talent emerges...

Accademia Costume & Moda is taking natural talented individuals from around the world producing tomorrow’s leaders in Fashion, Performing Arts, Communication and Management. Rosana Pistolese, the costume and fashion historian, costume designer for theater, television and cinema and writer/publicist, along with the patronage of the “Ministero del Lavoro e della Provvidenza Sociale”, the Municipality of Rome, ENALC and the “Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana” founded the Academy in Rome in 1964.

Today, over time, it has become one of the best centres for fashion in education for its three-year courses and masters in Fashion Design according to the “The Best Fashion Schools in the World 2019″of The Business of Fashion (BoF).

A wealth of new rising design talent emerges year on year and creative works from this year’s students featured at Lineapelle, the world’s leading trade event for leather, manmade materials and components. Held alongside; Micam Milano, Mipel 123 Milano and TheOneMilano in Milan it’s great to see the future of fashion is in safe hands.

Tanisha Singh from India is a first year student; her cross over strap shoulder bag for women is created using re-cycled materials. At the very start of her fashion career journey we wish her every success.

Philip Clark
February 22nd 2023
MILAN - MICAM at RHO (Text Supplied - Images Copyright PCDS)
Friends of PCDS Review 'MYBLOG' - get inspired by Italian creativity!

Italy has given the world Sofia Loren, Vespa and so much more... Who can resist being inspired by Italian creativity? It's the place where nothing is impossible, attracting creative people to make their dreams reality.

At MICAM MILANO a new wave of excitement, the digital economy, the expression of digitisation, new manufacturing capabilities, sustainability and issues effecting the environment are at the fore.

Designer Felipe Fiallo focuses on creating solutions using sustainable materials and 3D printing to create new concepts that will catapult footwear into the next century...

What you see is one aspect of his creativity; however, what is to come will be a total surprise!

Philip Clark
February 21st 2023
MILAN - MICAM at RHO (Text Supplied - Images Copyright PCDS)
Friends of PCDS Review 'MYBLOG' - get inspired by Italian creativity and live out the dream!

Do you believe in fairytales coming true? Put yourself in Cinderella’s shoes, go to the ball, wait for your Prince to come and sweep you off your shoes... Maybe you see yourself as the Prince and searching for your Princess, as in the fairytale if the shoe fits the rest is magical...

MICAM MILANO is drawing 1000’s of buyers to see the new Autumn/Winter 2023/4 footwear proposals, a trade show not to be missed, a trade show to make new contacts, a trade show to buy into the latest fashion trends, a trade show to be inspired and start a new adventure in the ever evolving world of the footwear business, the Italian footwear business.

The story of dreamy Italian footwear is told in “Scarpe da Favola” (“Fairytale Shoes”), a book inspired by #micamtales communication campaign. The author Lucia del Pasqua conveys the stories of 95 Italian companies and features illustrations by artist La Fille Bertha. Its preface written by Lorenzo Cantoni.

Never has there been a time in my lifetime when I wish that fairytales would come true! We live in a world that needs to DREAM BIG, dreams that GENERATE HAPPY ENDINGS.

But for NOW focus on beautiful shoes, Italian shoes, Made in Italy...

Philip Clark
February 20th 2023

Left: Lucia del Pasqua
Right: La Fille Bertha

transition & diversification
vision of Sergio Silva
production goes green
consolidating the
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wealth of new rising design talent emerges...
get inspired by Italian creativity!
get inspired by Italian creativity and live out the dream!


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