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CRAVING MIDO, ready to restart and to transform the Wonder into a new beginning

Starting today, Wednesday, October 6th, buyers, designers, entrepreneurs, opticians, ophthalmologists and all eyewear supply chain professionals can reserve their places at the 2022 edition of the most highly anticipated eyewear show

Milan, October 6, 2021 – Starting today, on the MIDO website https://www.mido.com/, visitors to the international eyewear show ‒ buyers, designers, entrepreneurs, opticians, ophthalmologists and eyewear supply chain professionals ‒ can register for the forthcoming edition of the show, set to take place February 12-14, 2022.
The premier global B2B eyewear show is coming back, with in-person participation in complete safety at Fiera Milano Rho, for a not-to-be-missed industry event.
New trends, materials, sustainability, innovation and the future will be the foremost topics of interest. MIDO is not just a special platform and international hub for design, fashion, culture and business, it is also a primary resource that narrates an entire industry, a strategic segment for the Italian economy, a place to reflect upon and reconsider eyewear in all its aspects and meanings, a showcase certain to dazzle the end-user audience.

The 2022 edition will be distinctive and unforgettable for everyone who participates in the event. There will be encounters with distinguished guests, awards, honors and previews in the pursuit of “craving a new beginning”. The event will also be complemented by the MIDO 2022 I DIGITAL EDITION, the digital platform launched in June 2021 that helps boost a beneficial connection between the physical and digital worlds.

The craving for renewal and creativity begins with the new 2022 campaign ‒ dynamic, interactive and in real time, complete with augmented reality, employed for the first time by an eyewear trade show ‒ based on the “CRAVING MIDO” claim. It is divided into 4 volumes. Just scan the QR code to view the star players and their stories.

“We crave a restart and we want to do it looking each other in the eyes,” exclaimed President Giovanni Vitaloni. “We want to rebuild, innovate, demonstrate what we are made of – to forge new relationships, strengthen existing ones and get back to making our businesses prosper. First half data on industry performance raised our hopes for the future but we are even more impressed by the robust participation in industry trade shows that are finally popping up in various markets, like DaTE, where the spirit of recovery was in the air,” he concluded.

In honor of MIDO 2022, WMIDO magazine is already on line on the show’s website. Redesigned to provide detailed information, it is dense with content that ranges across the universe of eyewear while also taking a closer look, open to the parallel worlds of fashion and design.

All updates will be available on line on the MIDO website www.mido.com and on the official social channels: Instagram (@mido_exhibition), Facebook (@MIDOExhibition), Twitter (@MIDOExhibition) and Linkedin.

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MIDO 2021 | MIDO Tracks - Focusing on Italians' sight
MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1471) 23.03.21-3

MIDO 2021 - 2022
The event, scheduled from 5 to 7 June 2021, goes digital
In-person edition moved forward to February 2022

Milan, 22 March 2021 – Today the President of MIDO, Giovanni Vitaloni, met online all the stakeholders of the trade show – exhibitors, buyers, visitors, opticians and journalists –to announce that, at the moment, the situation does not allow MIDO 2021 to go ahead as planned and that from 5 to 7 June the go-to event for the world eyewear industry will move online. The in-person edition of the show is postponed to 2022, from 12 to 14 February.

“It’s now more than a year since the beginning of the pandemic in Italy and regrettably, the public health situation, not only in our country, is still critical – began Vitaloni. The infection rate is still high, and the variants and the problems related to vaccine production and distribution have caused additional difficulties. International travel is currently limited; last October we were optimistic about the coming months but the reality is proving to be very different. Trade shows, at present, are still banned”.

“We have therefore decided – continued the President – not to wait any longer and to make another tough decision, dictated by our sense of responsibility towards exhibitors and visitors, because we believe that MIDO must continue to be an event that stands out on the world stage as unique, aware of its role as the driving force of the economy in this sector. Our main objective is to safeguard the international character of the event and the show itself, to promote and enhance the eyewear industry and to create important business and meeting opportunities”.

The President’s message reaches the operators loud and clear in such an important sector for the world economy, at a time when there is no alternative but to wait. MIDO is the leading international event in the eyewear sector. The elements underlying its success over the last 50 years are meeting, interaction, and networking, sharing and interplaying. But its great asset has always been the presence and participation of its key players, from 160 countries worldwide.

Talking about the next in-person edition in February, Vitaloni stated: “MIDO 2022 will at last be an occasion for sharing the reconstruction, enthusiasm and energy which we are all striving to set in motion in order to revive one of the most important segments of our country’s economy. We pay close attention to the evolution of the pandemic, constantly monitoring the needs of exhibitors and visitors. Obviously, once it is possible to hold in-person events again, we will not hesitate to do so”.

Lastly, Vitaloni recalled the event scheduled for 5 to 7 June 2021, which the team is working on to create a digitalMIDO.  In addition to the platform dedicated to exhibitors and buyers, this will also be a great event for the world industry, providing the opportunity to share projects and proposals, reassess the sector, analyze economic and social themes, discuss trends and new developments through high-profile figures and interactive events.

All the updates are available on www.mido.com and on Mido’s social media channels.

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MIDO 2021
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MIDO 2021 drops its traditional February dates to schedule a June show. A sensible choice, driven by the aim to ensure exhibitors and visitors an exhibition offering peak international traffic potential and profitable business transactions.

The show’s well-known international reach encouraged the organizers to make a bold, decisive choice: rescheduling MIDO 2021 to Saturday June 5th to Monday June 7th, at Fiera Milano.
The hope is that the arrival of summer will make for safer travel between countries, confirming MIDO as a pivotal force behind the industry’s business activities.

“Considering that more than half of the exhibitors and visitors typically come from 160 countries around the world –stated Mido president,Giovanni Vitaloni– it seems fairly clear that an international trade show scheduled prior to June could put their participation at risk.
Therefore, MIDO 2021 in June is the best choice to get us back to our mission – to organize and maximize the opportunities for international trade, bringing new luster and vitality to this key sector.
We have no doubt – concluded Vitaloni – that our Italian and international visitors will appreciate the opportunity to visit Milan while the weather is fine and we reaffirm our intention to celebrate MIDO’s 50th anniversaryin an atmosphere of regained peace of mind.”

From now until June, we will continue to explore and develop opportunities to add value as we move forward on this delicate journey toward the relaunch of the eyewear sector. Challenging months lie ahead and, despite the pandemic, the MIDO machine does not stop or even slow down; on the contrary, intriguing opportunities pop up every day.

Info: www.mido.com
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Difficult but unavoidable, the decision to move the 50th edition of MIDO to 2021 was made by the Management Board of the leading global eyewear trade show.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in Italy and its swift spread to the rest of the world, along with doubts about when the crisiswill normalize globally, have forced us to make the painful, but crucial, decision to safeguard exhibitors and visitors, buyers and stakeholders, staff and everyone involved in the organization, management and operation of the show,” said MIDO President Giovanni Vitaloni. The 50th anniversary edition is being moved to 2021 and we are convinced it will bring a new lease on life to the eyewear industry in Italy and abroad. Our focus, and that of all industry professionals, is to inject new vitality into a healthy economic system thatalthough slowed by the public health crisis– has never lost its driving force.”

The 50th edition of MIDO will take place about three weeks earlier than usual:Saturday to Monday February 6th to 8th, 2021 at Fiera Milano Rho.
“A significant change, one we had planned to announce during the 2020 edition, continued Vitaloni. By moving the date forward several weeks, we can give an additional boost to the eyewear business globally and in Italy.

“During these perplexing times, in an ongoing scenario of diminishing revenues and increasing costs, national and international businesses are struggling to strike a balance between the need to keep working and the essential task of ensuring the safety of their employees. This is why we must make certain that, once the pandemic has peaked, businesses know they can count on MIDO to showcase their collections, machinery, ophthalmic innovations, tech inventions and, each in their own field of specialization, get back to doing business. By fostering an alliance between exhibitors and visitors, in a climate of restored confidence, MIDO can play a crucial role in the recovery,” he added. 

While awaiting MIDO 2021, the MIDO4U digital platform is a key resource that connects exhibitors (who choose to do so) with international buyers. “Of course, the digital platform cannot replace an actual fair, where people can mingle and talk business, continued Vitaloni, but it is an accessible means of real, albeit virtual, interaction that ensures the industry a viable way to continue to build business relationships.

“We look forward to seeing you February 6, 7, 8, 2021. Take care.”

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MIDO 2020:

“After the decision to postpone MIDO, the wisdom of which we are ever more convinced of after seeing how the emergency has escalated in the past few days and the relative precautions adopted by the Italian government - comments the President Giovanni Vitaloni - we have worked nonstop in the last 72 hours to be able to define the new dates, carefully chosen to meet the needs of the sector. Thanks to the tireless work of the whole staff and to the collaboration with Fiera Milano, we are already able to announce the new dates. In addition to the support of the most important companies, in these hours we have met with our exhibitors, buyers, and stakeholders, because MIDO is the reference point for the sector, and, above all in this delicate moment, it is the reflection of Italian and international eyewear, a unique resource recognized worldwide as an important economic segment for our country. “

We remind that all the announced events linked to MIDO, like the press conference scheduled on February 28th have been postponed. The new dates will be comunicated during the next weeks

The journalists that have registered to MIDO 2020 on https://www.mido.com/en/press-registration and that have received the press pass to the event will not have to register again.

MIDO - Eyewear & Ophthalmology Equipment Show - Milan Italy (Z1385)-10

Today, Saturday February 22, the Board of Directors of MIDO, the world’s leading tradeshow dedicated to eyewear, met in order to set up and define a strategic response to the CoVID-19 emergency, in relation to the upcoming edition scheduled for February 29 to March 2.

MIDO’s organizers have announced that the Board has decided to postpone the 2020 edition until dates, still to be decided, between the end of May and mid June.

“We took this decision out of respect for the current alarming situation and for our exhibitors and visitors - said Giovanni Vitaloni, President of MIDO. As this health crisis is developing in Italy, we could not but choose to postpone MIDO’s 2020 edition. We immediately defined and selected a timeframe within the year which could meet the needs of the eyewear industry at a national and international level.

We are aware that this decision will require industry professionals, exhibitors, buyers, press members, opticians and everyone working for MIDO, including our staff, to re-schedule their attendance, with a significant impact on all internal organizations. 

It will be a twofold effort as we are just a week away from the show, but we cannot honestly think of celebrating our 50 years when the world - and our country now in particular - is experiencing such an international crisis.

We trust though that, for the very nature of the current situation, which is alarming and continuously evolving, our exhibitors and visitors, the media and everyone involved will understand our decision. Our sense of responsibility as business people, but most of all as human beings, towards our families, our children, our colleagues, has compelled us to do something that we would have never wanted to do, especially for this special edition, the year of our 50th birthday.”

The new dates of MIDO 2020 will be announced in the upcoming days in order to let exhibitors re-schedule their presence at the show, in compliance with possible new instruction from the relevant authorities who are dealing with this health crisis and in accordance with how the situation will develop and the availability of the spaces at Rho Fiera Milano, with which we keep constantly in touch.

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