MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1537) 21.09.21-1
19th - 21st September 2:

Milan, 21 September 2021 - #restarttogetherworked. Today, MICAM, the International Footwear Exhibition, MIPEL, the event dedicated to leather goods and accessories, and THEONEMILANO SPECIAL FEATURED BY MICAM, the Haut-à-Porter Exhibition, came to a close after three days, with all three events attracting a large number of trade visitors and dealers.

The synergy triggered last year under the project StrongerTogether that brought all the fashion-accessory fairs together for the very first time, paid dividends by helping companies to keep focussed. This year, too, trade visitors demonstrated their enthusiastic support for the format by flocking to all three events.

Over the three-day period, a total of 22,274 trade visitors were able to peruse the products offered by the 735 companies exhibiting at the three events.

Among the stands there was an evidentdesire to experiment, with many companies focussing on new designs, new materials, and new shapes and colours, proving just how important the occasion is in presenting the market with innovative content and products.

Apart from making it easier to do business, the return to a ‘live’ format was met with enthusiasm on the part of manufacturers and buyers who were happy to be able to meet in person again, and to conclude deals after feeling for themselves the quality of the products on display.

Siro Badon Chair of Assocalzaturifici and MICAM Milano, was satisfied with the result: “This edition marks our ‘renaissance’. The real protagonists were the exhibitors who once again believed in the event. Seeing in their eyes the light and the enthusiasm of those who are finally beginning to put a difficult situation behind them is priceless. MICAM reaffirms its strategic role for the entire sector as a hub for relaunching businesses, strengthening their presence and competitiveness in international markets. A positive trend also confirmed by the numbers which, after the crisis in 2020, see both industrial production (+ 13%) and turnover (+ 22%) increasing in the first half of the year, as well as spending by Italian families (+ 17.4%) and exports (+ 31.5% in value)”.


“The synergy we created a year ago has proved to be afirst-rate instrument, capable, once again this year, of meeting the needs of those operating in the industry – comments Franco Gabbrielli, President of MIPEL. – “We are satisfied and proud. The results of this Mipel 120 edition are even higher than expectations. A special thanks goes to our brave manufacturers who have met the challenge by returning ‘in person’ and contributing to the general climate of "renaissance" pervading Italy at the moment. It is no coincidence that we chose the “Mipel Play” concept, celebrated with the presence of Italy’s Olympic athletes who so inspired us this summer. The same spirit that will animate the first edition of Mipel LAB, starting tomorrow together with Lineapelle, and that will be an inspiration for the many activities that await us in the coming months”.

“A success for everyone – says Norberto Albertalli, president of The One Milano – one thatis indicative of the strength of the accessory sector and is presented in the form of a solid format capable of attracting buyers from Italy and abroad. We are happy to be part of this initiative that we want to develop in the future as well, to confirm a project created to offer companies a business platform to believe in and use with confidence”.


“The #restarttogethernetwork is not limited to the three events that end today - says Luca Palermo, CEO of Fiera Milano – In fact, HOMI, the Fashion&Jewels Exhibition, which closed with 12,275 visitors, will be followed by LINEAPELLE, the most important international event in its sector, starting tomorrow. These events demonstrate both the importance of creating a synergetic system and the centrality of trade fairs in helping such a vital industry for the country to get started again - concludes Palermo.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1535) 21.09.21-2
Italy’s top fashion showrooms club together: the presentation held at the International Footwear Fair at the Fiera Milano Rho


A club that brings together the very best Italian fashion showrooms: Best Showroom was presented to the press and those working in the industry during the course of Micam, the International Footwear Fair promoted by Assocalzaturifici, on until tomorrow at the Fiera Milano Rho expo centre. Taking part in the presentation, together with Siro Badon, Chair of MICAM, were Maurizio Governa, President of Assomoda and Alexander Shumsky, President of the Russian Fashion Council.

The Club, set up within the ambit of Assomoda/Confcommercio, is directed at the owners of high-end multi-brand Italian showrooms with the aim of promoting their image worldwide.

“In order to be able to join the Club and become a 'BEST SHOWROOM MEMBER' - declares its president, Giulio di Sabato – showrooms have to reach high standards of excellence in various fields, ranging from the quality of the brands represented to a solid organizational structure, as well as proven professional ethics: distinctive features that make the BEST SHOWROOMS an authentic expression of the Italian fashion supply chain”.
Referring to the new initiative, Tommaso Cancellara, CEO of MICAM Milano, said: “The footwear industry faces significant challenges in the wake of the difficult economic situation caused by the pandemic, but the latest economic data is encouraging, thanks largely to exports, and we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is, however, important that our companies seize every available opportunity to reposition themselves as market leaders. In this sense, the Best Showroom club we have presented today at MICAM is a truly important initiative; this is one of the key productive sectors for Made-in-Italy. An added value not only for businesses, which can use the service 365 days a year, but also for trade-fairs which, by integrating an excellent distribution system, can increase their offering and confirm their role as a driving force for the economic recovery of the country”.
The Club avails itself of the collaboration of a technical-scientific committee which includes leading figures from the fashion world and experts in the sector, and has recently appointed its Board, made up of six top showrooms representing the entire country: Giulio di Sabato’s Sari Spazio and Wivian Factory, headed by Wivian Bodini, will be the reference point for Northern Italy; Tony Papa’s Spazio Papa and Del Vecchio Rappresentanze for Central Italy, while Carlo Tedesco Rappresentanze and Antonio Coratella will spear-head the initiative in the South.
MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1532) 19.09.21-3


MICAM Milano, the international footwear trade fair, at the Fiera Milano from 19- 21 September 2021, promotes the fourth edition of the EMERGING DESIGNERS project, the event area dedicated to 12 shoe designers from all over the world, selected through an innovative concept realized in collaboration with Honegger agency.

A panel of fashion and communication experts, presided over by designer Ernesto Esposito, was called on to judge the work of accredited international designers. The panel members for the 2020 contest were: Eva Geraldine Fontanelli (Former EAL Vanity Fair and Elle Magazine), Mauro Galligari (Founder and CEO StudioZeta Showroom), Angelo Lanza (Photographer and AF.MAG Art Director), Maximilian Linz (Fashion Talent Scout & PR) and Riccardo Slavik (Stylist, Fashion Editor, Writer).

The professionals on the panel were able to make a valid contribution to the selection of the 12 designers to be presented at the fair by giving an informed opinion, based on their own particular work experience of how the world of fashion and communication is changing.

Their lives are full of different experiences and their goal is to achieve conscious, ethical fashion: because sustainability is not a luxury.

The 12 shoe designers taking part in the 2021 edition of Emerging Designers - MICAM Milano’s project to promote young international talents – come from all over the world, from Italy to Pakistan, and from the Congo to the USA and are all exponents of innovative, sustainable and glocal fashion.

Many of the Designers, chosen by a panel of experts, have studied in Italy or have sourced the materials for their creations here, but several of them live and work abroad, drawing their inspiration from traditions that are distant from our own, such as those of Africa or India.

They come from different backgrounds and have different stories to tell, but all share a burning desire to emerge as designers and an ability to reach this result by roaming the world to research new ideas. They also have in common a new vision of fashion, one that is more attentive to the needs of man and the environment.

A real turning-point is represented by the materials used. Alongside real leather, often sourced from eco-sustainable supply chains in Italy and abroad, there are also a number of interesting novelties, such as banana skins or vegan leathers made from pineapples or cactus plants. Some of the processes, such as that using the bark of the banana tree, date back to a time before the invention of weaving and are now on UNESCO’s intangible heritage list. Many have chosen to focus on the circular economy, by recycling cotton and polyester from old clothes and plastic bottles, making soles out of recycled tyres and heels from recycled wood.

In their search for more and more sustainable solutions, these designers were often inspired by the traditions of their country of origin, or experimented with alternative materials based on ancient work processes. But their research does not stop at materials and in many cases brings into play those who, with time, have become the custodians of old traditions: from Pakistani embroiderers to the leather workers of Italy’s Brenta region, from China’s all-female workshops to those in Burkina Faso, the idea is to give dignity to the working person and create shoes with a high ethical value.


Alessandra Balbi: from a degree in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano to the London College of Fashion. Her collection is a blend of these two different dimensions, skilfully woven together by the artisans of the Valle del Brenta, in Veneto.

Rafaela Zago: from Brazil, her entirely hand-crafted collection is named after her grand-mother; she chooses exotic eco-friendly skins for her creations. She studied in London.

Daniel Essa: born in Syria where he cultivated a passion for sewing as a small boy. He studied economy but also attended the prestigious French fashion school ESMOD in Damascus. As a refugee fleeing from the war in his country, he went first to Spain and then France where he launched his collection in 2018. His sneakers are also worn by Woopy Goldberg. In his collections, he uses cowhides from sustainably raised livestock.

Jerelyn Creado: born in India, he studied in London and Milan. He believes firmly in sustainability, as a lasting value and not just a passing fashion, and chooses to work with real leather because it is biodegradable.

Marcus Thomas: from Oakland, in California, he outsources production of his shoes to an all-female factory in China.

Meher Kakalia: born in Karachi, Pakistan, she studied finance in London before discovering her true calling and returning to her homeland to become a stylist. Meher’s colourful collection owes much to the embroiderers and ancient traditions of her country.

Gabriela Machado: born in Spain, she worked in Luxembourg in the field of finance but after a few months spent at an organic farm in New Zealand she discovered the value of the circular economy. After becoming interested in circular fashion, she set up her own company and started to research alternative materials, such as those derived from pineapple and cactus fibres, creating a number of eco-friendly collections.

Arnaud Barboteau: the founder of a French brand, Arnaud produces sneakers with soles made out of recycled rubber tyres: 3 pairs of shoes can be made using one tyre. Alongside his recycled soles, Arnaud chooses leathers from Portugal and Italy in order to offer the highest quality.

Naomi Hille and Anousjka Röben: they are both from Holland and have already taken part as newcomers in various European fashion weeks.

Thushini Fernando: born in Sri Lanka, she was brought up in Milan because her mother worked as a baby-sitter for a family with close connections to the fashion world. After her degree, she attended an important fashion school in Milan and launched her career.

Titi Adesanya: brought up in Lagos, in Nigeria, and London; she studied fashion in the British capital but it was in Milan, and Italy, that she found the quality materials and techniques she needed to create her collections.

Lancine Koulibaly and Dieuveil Ngoubou: from Guinea and the Congo, they do not use animal skins and artificial dyes, preferring natural materials: organic cotton, bark cloth, mineral fabrics and plant-based dyes. They use banana (musa) fibre and banana bark, from which they extract fibres using an ancient technique.


MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1528) 17.09.21-4

Everything is ready for the ninety-second edition of MICAM Milano, the leading international footwear show promoted by Assocalzaturifici, scheduled to be held as a physical event September 19 through 21, 2021 at Fiera Milano (Rho). In view of all the prestigious returning exhibitors and some important new entries, MICAM Milano is sure to be the most complete event offering dealers a preview of the spring/summer 2022 collections and the latest trends in footwear. The trade fair will be back ‘live’, with a new formula concentrating the show in only three days and plenty of exciting new events. Covid protocols developed in collaboration with Fiera Milano will ensure that Italian and international dealers are able to attend in perfect safety, allowing them to see – and touch - all the new products for spring/summer 2022 from the world’s top footwear brands.

“I hope that this edition of Micam, which will be held in-person and in perfect safety, will mark the re-launching of this industry so essential to Italy’s reputation and economy,” remarks Siro Badon, Chair of Assocalzaturifici and MICAM Milano. The latest economic figures on the performance of the industry are reassuring, revealing strong resumption of growth in key indicators continuing in the second quarter of the year after the upturn already registered at the end of the first quarter. This upswing is primarily the result of comparison with months in the previous year, when restrictions imposed during the lockdown had a major impact on footwear manufacturers, distributors and consumers. The figures prepared by Confindustria Moda Research Centre for Assocalzaturifici reveal double-digit growth over the previous year in industrial production (+13%) and sales (+22%), as well as Italian household spending (+17.4%); exports also encourage optimism (+31.5% by value). But there is still a gap compared to pre-Covid levels of performance. While international sales due to work performed on contract for major luxury multinationals has limited the gap compared to the year 2019 to around -5% in terms of value (but -11% in terms of quantity in the first five months of the year), domestic demand, industrial production and sales are still well below the already unsatisfactory levels of two years ago (with a gap of more than -15%): seven out of ten footwear companies report that sales are still much lower than before Covid.

On the domestic market, after beginning the year 2021 on a negative note, comforting signals began to appear in May and June, when household spending approached 2019 levels. Vaccination campaigns in Italy and abroad encouraged an upturn in national economies and a return to growth of production and world trade. But it will take time to reach pre-pandemic levels. There is also some ground remaining to be recovered in terms of employment, with 2000 less employees in the sector since the start of the year, 3000 if we include manufacture of components; I’m optimistic, though, because the re-launching and resumption of business in the country will also involve the footwear industry”.


MICAM 92 will open with 652 exhibitors - 390 from Italy and 262 from overseas - including the return of big names in all market sectors, such as Liu Jo, Primigi, Igi & co and Valleverde. New entries will include such prestigious names as Furla and Luciano Padovan. Exhibitors will occupy five pavilions, containing the areas into which the fair is divided, as usual: pavilions 1 and 3 will host the Premium area, pavilions 2 and 4 the Contemporary area, and pavilion 6 will contain the Every Day area. Assocalzaturifici and Italian Artisan present Italian Artisan HEROES, a new 200 sqm area focusing on the Italy’s artisanal tradition in pavilion 3, stand P01 Q12. “Italian Artisan Heroes - the ultimate manufacturing tradition, is a project focusing on Italian artisans: the people, their history, and their know-how,” says Olga Iarussi, CEO of Italian Artisan. “In the wake of the pandemic, we want to re-launch the essence of timeless Italian craftsmanship and know-how. We’re proud to get going again with the Italian Artisan stand at MICAM, a physical space representing our online B2B marketplace. It will be a place for international brands and retailers to experience the excellence of Italian craftsmanship”.

MICAM also acts as a talent scout in this edition, as in the past, with a focus on new generations creating visibility for new expressions of style. Thus the special initiatives planned for September include the fourth edition of EMERGING DESIGNERS, an event area dedicated to 12 international footwear designers selected for their innovative concepts to be showcased in a special area in pavilion 1.

Then there is the MICAM START-UP BOOT CAMP, an ongoing scouting programme aimed at identifying the best innovative start-ups in the footwear industry for incubation and acceleration, to be showcased in MICAM X seminars held with the special participation of founder Patrick De Zeeuw.

There will be plenty of room for imagination, creativity and the enchanted world of fairy-tales at MICAM TALES SQUARE, an area in pavilion 3 showcasing MICAM’s new advertising campaign, with its fun glam mood in which the star attempts in vain to put together the dress and shoes of her dreams for the great ball, concluding in a #glamorous disaster. Visitors will be able to have fun and share their “disastrous looks” via the social networks.

September also sees the return of MICAM X, the MICAM Milano innovation hub set up in pavilion 1. Through a packed calendar of seminars, workshops, MICAM X introduces footwear dealers to all the latest new trends in markets, styles, research into materials, the future of retail and sustainability, with a highly qualified panel of speakers. There will be plenty of presentations of the latest trends by WGSN, along with the launch of a new sustainability project created by Assocalzaturifici for certification of companies meeting the requirements for achievement of specific quality standards.

MICAM’s strategy has always been one of supporting international growth of footwear companies. This internationally recognised position is consolidated through adoption of tools and channels in line with the evolution of markets. Top priority is assigned to buyers, through important partnerships with key players in distribution in Italy and abroad (Federazione Moda Italia, Best Showroom-Assomoda, Histores, NIAM, National Shoes Retailers of America, and the Russian Buyer's Union). A promotional and incoming visitors’ plan has also been developed in partnership with ITA Agency under a framework agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to bring to Milan a delegation of Chinese and Russian influencers, as well as 120 international buyers and reporters; and the inauguration in September of a pilot project involving an influencer marketing campaign in support of Russia's best Italian footwear stores.

Once again, moreover, the physical trade fair will be backed up using digital technologies: and so the MICAM Milano Digital Show platform will be offered in addition to the physical event, between September 15 and November 15 2021, allowing brands to schedule visits and meetings with buyers before, during and after the trade fair.


Safety definitely comes first at MICAM 92. This is why everyone accessing the MICAM Milano trade fair (exhibitors, visitors, installers, suppliers) must be in possession of a valid GREEN PASS, or meet at least one of the following requirements:

certificate of completion of the vaccination cycle with a vaccine authorised by the EMA in Italian or English (or a certificate of administration of the first dose at least 14 days earlier – valid only within ITALY and the EU, with a QR code).

• negative result of a molecular or rapid antigen test performed no more than 48 hours previously (in Italian or English);

• certificate of recovery from Covid-19 within the previous 6 months (in Italian or English).

During the fair dates, there will be test hubs at the entrances to the trade fair district, where rapid antigen tests will be available for a fee. MICAM Milano implements all the measures required by public health authorities for the prevention of contagion: everyone must wear a face mask at all times while indoors and comply with distancing requirements. Body temperature will be measured at the entrance to the trade fair, and flow control systems will be in place to check visitor flows through the pavilions throughout the fair dates.


Once more, this edition of MICAM will be held on the same dates as MIPEL and THE ONE MILANO SPECIAL FEATURED BY MICAM, which will take place in pavilion 1, in close contact with MICAM. HOMI FASHION & JEWELS EXHIBITION will be held September 18 through 20, 2021.

Once again, holding these events concurrently represents a coordinated effort to relaunch all segments of the accessories industry simultaneously, an opportunity encapsulated in the hashtag #restarttogether launched and shared by all four trade fairs.


MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1519) 31.08.21-5
MICAM Newsletter

MICAM Milano 92 will be back in September with a packed lineup of events!

In the coming edition, MICAM X, MICAM Milano’s innovation hub, 
will explore the latest market and fashion trends, innovative materials,
sustainability and the future of retail with a highly qualified panel of speakers.

Don’t miss the fourth edition of the EMERGING DESIGNERS project and 2 new areas:

 MICAM START-UP BOOT CAMP a concept devoted to the best and most innovative
start-ups in the footwear sector, ready for incubator/accelerator programs;
 ITALIAN ARTISAN HEROES a new area dedicated to the best Italian private label brands, bringing successful case histories from the digital platform for artisans to the trade fair.


We’re ready to restart – what about you?

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In collaboration with Fiera Milano, we have drawn up a protocol to ensure
that exhibitors and visitors can attend the event in total safety.

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MICAM Milano 92 - Registration open
MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1518) 04.08.21-6

MICAM Milano 92 is ready to start again!

MICAM Milano, the world’s leading footwear fair promoted by Assocalzaturifici,
is one of a kind: a benchmark event for dealers from all over the world.

Top footwear brands will present their collections SS

from 19 to 21 September 2021 at Fiera Milano Rho.

We are ready to welcome you with lots of news, including the unmissable appointment with MICAM X, which awaits you with numerous presentations, workshops, dedicated exhibitions and other initiatives in the name of innovation.


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We are working with Fiera Milano to ensure the maximum safety standards are upheld
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MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1515) 20.07.21-7
MICAM Milano 92 is waiting for you to #RestartTogether!


MICAM Milano 92 is waiting for you to 

MICAM Milano 92 is ready to restart again with you and looks forward
to seeing you from 19 to 21 September at Fiera Milano Rho.

Following the success of the previous edition,
the advertising communication campaign #micamtales
continues with the second fairy tale: MICAM Glass Slipper,
where the glass slipper becomes an icon of style.

"At a time when there is an overwhelming desire to restart, to begin dreaming once again
- says Siro Badon, MICAM Chair - we chose one of the world's most famous fairy-tales, because of the message of hope it contains."

The show is about to begin.

Join the MICAM Milano community, we are also on LinkedIn.

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MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1513) 15.07.21-8
The advertising campaign inspired by fairy tales continues.
The famous glass slipper becomes a fashion icon and will be the theme of the next three editions of the international footwear Fair, starting from September

Milan, 15 July 2021 – Following the success of the previous award-winning edition, the international footwear fair MICAM – due to take place at the Fiera Milano Rho from 19-21 September – will continue the #micamtales communication campaign with a second fairy-tale: MICAM Glass Slipper.

In particular, the story chosen to represent this precise moment in time, when the footwear sector is full of renewed vigour in the wake of the pandemic, is that of the famous glass slipper.

“At a time when there is an overwhelming desire to restart, to begin dreaming once again - says Siro Badon, MICAM Chair - we chose one of the world’s most famous fairy-tales, because of the message of hope it contains”.
The creative idea and direction were curated by the MM Company, with accounting by Laureri Associates.

As happened with the previous “MICAM in Wonderland” theme, the fantasy world of “MICAM Glass Slipper” will accompany visitors to the trade show over the coming 3 editions of MICAM, focusing on three key moments in the tale. In September 2021 (Spring/Summer) the first chapter, “Glamorous disaster”, will show the protagonist unsuccessfully trying to create an outfit for the Ball on her own; in the second chapter, “the enchanted gown”, in February 2022 (Autumn/Winter), we will be drawn, spell-bound, into the magical moment that culminates in the creation of the enchanted dream shoes; and lastly, in September 2022 (Spring/Summer) the third chapter, “the Ball”, will focus on the quintessential fairy-tale Ball and the loss of the iconic glass slipper. Three increasingly intense moments that symbolise the creative process: first you strive to create something, perhaps making mistakes in the attempt; then you obtain the perfect result and, finally, you show it off on the most propitious occasion.

The shots taken for the campaign by photographer Fabrizio Scarpa are accompanied by a short-film for each chapter, directed by Daniele Scarpa. The narration plays on the contrast between an imaginary fairy-tale world - evoked by romantic atmospheres and slow dreamy pace, as well as by the location and clothes - and narrative hyperrealism: the original fairy story is revisited and given a contemporary twist, showing all its fragility, uncertainty and contradictions.

The first chapter, to be featured in the September 2021 edition, is entitled “Glamorous disaster” and will show the protagonist trying unsuccessfully to create an outfit for the Ball all by herself, an attempt that ends in an ironic glamorous disaster. And speaking of disasters, over the last year the pandemic has hit the footwear industry hard, but thanks to the well-known resilience and tenacity of our master shoe-makers we can now look to the future with a certain optimism. Great attention has been given to the story which will present the public with a fantastic selection of outfits created by major international talents, such as Sara Wong and MonRoi Roma (a dress and shoes respectively, chosen for the campaign), 19:13 DRESSCODE, Avaro Figlio, Antonio Corposanto, Rami Kadi and Renato Balestra. The outfits are complemented and enhanced by footwear created by Oteri, MonRoi Roma, Antonio Corposanto, A.Bocca, Le Saunda, and by bags, accessories and jewellery by Halìte, Salar Milano, Benedetta Bruzziches and Sharra Pagano. A tribute on the part of MICAM to the world of creativity, which has the power to make us dream again and to promote ‘made-in-Italy’ in new avant-garde ways.

“Glamorous disaster”, the first chapter in the ad campaign, will also be present ‘live’ inside the physical Fair venue, where there will be a special exhibit-experience on the theme. An example of integrated communication that is becoming an increasingly important feature of the MICAM world, thanks to the wide range of communication platforms available: physical Fair, digital Fair, social media, website, traditional and digital media.

The appointment with MICAM and its creative collections is from 19 to 21 September at Fiera Milano RHO.


MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1511) 07.07.21-9


What's going on!

TheOneMilano is Special featured by Micam - 19-21 September 2021 at Fiera Milano RHO 
TheOneMilano—the exhibition dedicated to haut à porter—renews its synergic collaboration with Micam, inviting exhibitors to take part in the Italian post-Covid 19 recovery.
For the upcoming September edition, “TheOneMilano Special, featured by Micam”, 19-21 September 2021 at Fiera Milano Rho, will once more open its doors to visitors. Thanks to this collaborative strategy, exhibitors of TheOneMilano can showcase their creations in the Micam pavilions, and visitors of both exhibitions can see the total look suggestions (footwear, accessories and fur, leather and fabric apparel) designed by the best Italian companies with made-in-Italy production.

Exhibit at TheOneMilano Special, featured by Micam, 19-21 September at Fiera Milano Rho
For information on how to participate to TheOneMilano Special featured by MICAM Milano, please click on EXHIBIT!

Visit TheOneMilano Special, featured by Micam, 19-21 September at Fiera Milano Rho
A new approach to taking on exhibitions. An extended fair. Selected capsule collections to offer buyers the chance to complement prêt-à-porter by the best footwear accessories. TheOneMilano Special featured by MICAM Milano (the physical fair) & www.alwaysonshow.com (TheOneMilano digital fair) Phygital for a new fashion system.
Visit us @Fiera Milano Rho from the 19th to the 20th of September, inside the Micam pavilions.
Please note: In order to make your entrance ticket, register yourself on the Micam Milano website after the the end of July 2021



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MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1509)-10
The International Footwear Exhibition is coming up September 19 through 21, 2021 at Fiera Milano Rho

“We can finally get started again in our traditional form,” explains Assocalzaturifici and MICAM chair Siro Badon. “Our member companies need to meet with buyers in person again and re-establish their relationships. We have been working tirelessly to provide all the tools necessary to re-launch business opportunities, negotiate orders, and help Italian companies penetrate international markets. This is the only way to revive an industry that makes an essential contribution to the Italian economy. And we’re ready!"

Milan, 25 June 2021

Buyers’ expectations are growing for MICAM, the leading international footwear show promoted by Assocalzaturifici, scheduled for September 19 through 21, 2021 at Fiera Milano Rho. The event will be held in person once again, on the basis of a new formula concentrating visits to the stands over three days rather than four, presenting a preview of the Spring/Summer 2022 collections and the latest trends in footwear. Progress on vaccination campaigns suggests that large numbers of Italian and international dealers will be able to attend the event in perfect safety, under health and safety protocols implemented in partnership with Fiera Milano, to see the new products presented by the world’s top footwear brands for themselves and touch them with their own hands.

“We can finally get started again in our traditional form,” explains Assocalzaturifici and MICAM chair Siro Badon. “Our member companies need to meet with buyers in person again and re-establish their relationships. We have been working tirelessly to provide all the tools necessary to re-launch business opportunities, negotiate orders, and help Italian companies penetrate international markets. This is the only way to revive an industry that makes an essential contribution to the Italian economy. Synergies between the physical and virtual events will be reinforced. The Covid emergency and the resulting travel restrictions have taught us the importance of speeding up digitalisation to reach and fulfil the needs of people who are unable to attend the event in person”.

For this reason, the MICAM Milano Digital Show platform will be offered in addition to the physical event, between September 15 and November 15 2021, allowing brands to schedule visits and meetings with buyers before, during and after the trade fair.

MICAM X, the MICAM Milano innovation hub which went online in its new digital version between March and May 2021, registering more than 31,000 views, will also be back in September. Through a packed calendar of seminars, workshops, and innovative high-tech proposals, MICAM X introduces footwear dealers to all the latest new trends in markets, styles, research into materials, the future of retail and sustainability, with a highly qualified panel of speakers. Don’t miss the launch of the new certification tool created by Assocalzaturifici for companies implementing a credible industrial sustainability plan.

The September event will also include the fourth edition of the EMERGING DESIGNERS project, an event area focusing on 12 international footwear designers selected through an innovative concept; MICAM START-UP BOOT CAMP, a concept focusing on the best and most innovative start-ups in the footwear industry, worth incubating and accelerating; and ITALIAN ARTISAN HEROES, a new area promoted by Assocalzaturifici focusing on the best Italian private label production, bringing successful case histories from the digital platform for artisans to the trade fair.

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