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FALL / WINTER 2019-20

For the Fall / Winter season 2019-20, footwear trends are inspired by three different themes. First, a vintage influence, which is always on-trend and fashionable and combined with eco-sustainability, second a mystical and spiritual influence, with a touch of romance and, third, a free-style inspiration that is experimental, but refined.

The new design is combined with footwear comfort, while warm and winter shades alternate with bright pastel colours.

The trend previews will be presented at the 87th edition of MICAM Milano, at Fiera Milano (Rho), from the 10th to the 13th of February 2019.


The ‘Purpose Full’ trend is inspired by the past, but has an eye to the future so as to create new products that have, nonetheless, a spirit of continuity. The new design draws on vintage influences and brings life to comfortable shoes of authentic quality. The colours are retro and contemporary at the same time: the shades range from brown to bright pink, from lemon yellow to blue, further enhancing their beauty.


For men, the construction of footwear and the quest for style are underpinned by eco-sustainable materials, thanks to renewed artisanal techniques. Materials are readjusted, colours become softer and are inspired by mid-century Bakelite designs, offering a comfortable look, ideal for showing off in a fast-paced world. The colour palette ranges from brown to red.


‘Light Magic’ is a trend that draws inspiration from mysticism and spirituality and proposes a series of romantic and gothic designs. Accessories, shoes and jewels are based on the dark side of nature, on mythological influences and on the fairy-tale world. The romantic and mysterious colours are characterised by a dark fantasy. The colour palette seems to be illuminated by an unearthly light, ranging from black to mystic violet, to the brightest pastel colours.


For men, ‘Light Magic’ refers to mystical and mysterious themes, opening itself up to inspiration from nature. The design of the accessories, of the shoes presents anomalous and experimental organic characteristics. The colours flit between black and purple, then arriving in bright pastel shades: it is a palette focused on purple and white that evoke a sense of instability, and on red and tealeaf colour that give a dynamic and more sporty feeling to the collection.


The ‘Free Style’ trend challenges conventions and celebrates freedom of expression. A fluid vision of cultural references, traditional styling, designs and nuances are the particularities that give a new, carefree look to accessories, footwear and jewellery. The colours are vibrant, bright and lively, and enthusiasm moves from protest to play.


For men, ‘Freestyle’ is an experimental, unique, and playful trend that brings back a certain energy to tailored and casual looks. Street style is refined, to recreate a new perception of the Fall / Winter 2019/20 collection. It is a celebration of individuality, of new design, and of new construction methods. The colour palette has evolved with respect to previous seasons and primary colours have left room for tones that constitute a new growing sensation in a nuanced atmosphere.

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