MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1456)

MICAM Milano is ready to return in digital form: from 8 March to 8 May the virtual doors of the MICAM Milano Digital Show will open once again, with the aim of offering dealers from all over the world a comprehensive and solid platform on which to do business.

Following the first edition in September, which was attended by over 2500 international buyers and showcased 154 brands and over 53,000 products, the forthcoming MICAM Milano Digital Show will present trends for F/W 21/22 and all the latest developments in the quality footwear sector.

The MICAM Milano Digital Show provides brands and buyers with a platform enabling them to meet and communicate with each other easily and effectively. Buyers will be able to browse collections in a user-friendly environment, ask to be connected with the brand, choose between linesheets and product catalogues, personalise and finalise orders directly on the platform. International footwear brands, for their part, have privileged access to MICAM Milano’s worldwide community and can take advantage of its promotion channels to acquire new contacts, invite clients directly to the platform and use the most advanced digital management tools to customise their products. An experience that is entirely geared towards facilitating business.

For Siro Badon, MICAM and Assocalzaturifici Chair: “The situation is still difficult but we have to try and seize the opportunities. As MICAM, and in our role as an Association, we intend to continue to stand alongside footwear companies through the MICAM Milano Digital Show. We are working on enhancing content thanks to MICAM X and on making the platform easier to use by guiding buyers and exhibitors step-by-step. The platform has rapidly become a virtual meeting place for the world’s footwear community. The pandemic – Badon goes on to say – has in actual fact helped to accelerate digitalisation in our industry and update the way we do business. At the same time, we are fully aware that we cannot abandon the traditional physical trade fair because physical contact, in-person interaction between buyer and supplier is a vital aspect of our business. In fact, we are already working on a new, traditional edition of MICAM, to be held from 19 to 21 September: an event that has always represented the best of made-in-Italy proudly and vigorously, and which I am confident will mark the beginning of a new era, a fresh start for the footwear industry worldwide”.

Alongside the range of merchandise on offer, there will be no shortage of virtual, high-content events, thanks to MICAMX, the MICAM laboratory dedicated to innovation and cutting-edge ideas in the footwear world. MICAMX will complete the virtual experience offered by MICAM by representing an ideal bridge between the industry’s present and future and by enabling all those involved in the supply chain to share their know-how.
Prominent speakers and leading experts will discuss sustainability, new trends and materials in a packed calendar of meetings, workshops and events which will animate the MICAM Milano Digital Show from 8 March to 8 May 2021.


The MICAM in Wonderland campaign, created for MICAM Milano by the MM Company with accounting by Laureri Associates, has received yet another prestigious prize: an Honourable Mention from the judges of the IDA International Design Award 2020 “for the excellent design and extraordinary originality within the ambit of trade fair events”.

To win in the social media world – according to the CEO of MICAM Milano, Tommaso Cancellara – you need enticing story-telling: a complex, composite narrative that accompanies the user, even those working in a B2B context. Thanks to the shots taken by photographer Fabrizio Scarpa and the series of short-films directed by Daniele Scarpa, we accompanied our followers through a fully immersive experience, integrating their smartphones with the physical fair. The aim was to involve the public by drawing them into the set and enhancing their experience.

The IDA Mention, added to the ICMA Awards gold medal, quite rightly ranks MICAM as a protagonist and influencer of the ‘new creativity’.


The trends revealed by forecasters WGSN exclusively for MICAM, provide a preview of the characteristics of the footwear that will feature in the course of the MICAM Milano Digital Show, as well as the latest trends that will be discussed at the MICAMX seminars.

According to WGSN, while sustainability becomes a non-negotiable necessity, we try to evade reality by rediscovering history and myth, but also by exorcising our fear of the present moment by inventing other-worldly situations full of characters that would be perfectly at home on the set of a horror film.

The fashion trends pinpointed can therefore be grouped together into three main themes: Conscious Clarity, Phantasmagoria, and New Mythologies


Sustainability has become the rule and no longer just a buzz-word to bandy around, or a concept developed by some niche brand. Which is why all eyes are on long-lasting products that go beyond the concept of seasonality and trends and testify to a new Conscious Clarity.
In the world of women’s shoes, this value becomes a guide to the future of design.
It introduces a real cult of moderation and restraint, inspired by the “limitarianism” theory, which promotes the redistribution of rights and wealth amongst peoples. Fashion responds to this social ferment by embracing the beauty of living with fewer objects: the “less is more” approach will be a feature of 2022.
Minimalism will be a must for men as well. Classic, timeless shapes are revisited using simple materials. The trend will be towards a quilted effect and silhouettes reconstructed like architecture.


The present climate of uncertainty has led us to seek refuge from reality and everyday life in alternative, even ‘horror-film’ type scenarios that are increasingly reflected in products. It is the desire for … Phantasmagoria. Aim: to exorcise our present-day fears, by using aesthetics and taste to control even the most extreme and difficult circumstances.
In the world of women’s footwear, details and colours combine to create dramatic effects resulting in a product mix that is seductive and disturbing at the same time. References to all that is mystical also lead to “otherworldly” embellishments.
In men’s shoes the tendency is towards a baroque style that is never banal, expressed in the form of luxurious materials and precious detailing that hark back to the past and create a dramatic effect suitable for dressy or grand occasions.


Warriors and Amazons, all protagonists of their own battles and of myths that are rooted in the past and continue to the present day.
Natural materials, together with the colours of autumn, are at the centre of the evocative New Mythologies trend: the power of antiquity influences design, reconstructs myths and legends of the past in a new era, just as designers look back in order to project themselves forward.
Antique and worn-looking metals will be fundamental for this trend. It will be imperative to emphasise the origin, tradition and craftsmanship of products and work with artisans to create memorable objects.

But attention will also go to reducing waste and to sustaining a new aesthetic code based on “makeovers”, contributing to the creation of new design and business opportunities by re-using materials in stock.


So, far from standing still, MICAM continues to follow fashion, and goes digital in order to do it better. The appointment for buyers and exhibitors is from 8 March to 8 May 2021 on the MICAM Milano Digital Show.

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MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1444)

Five days of a virtuous alliance between new ideas, business and digital initiatives

Over 16,000 buyers chose to believe in the re-launch of one of ‘Made in Italy’s’ most strategic sectors. With their presence they rewarded the courage of all the exhibiting companies that chose to participate in MICAM Milano - the international footwear trade fair; MIPEL - the international event dedicated to leather goods and accessories; TheOneMilano Special featured by MICAM - the women's haut-à-porter show; A New Point Of View - the special format by LINEAPELLE, that showcased the most exclusive semi-finished leather products; and HOMI Fashion&Jewels Exhibition - the event dedicated to jewellery and wearable fashion accessories.

- the salon dedicated to avant-garde eyewear, held at the ‘Leopolda’ exhibition space in Florence and closely connected to the Milan exhibitions through their common desire to work in symbiosis - also sent positive signals, with the attendance of 1,000 buyers, both Italian and foreign. A great team that has reaffirmed its willingness to be #strongertogether and which represents the Italian manufacturing and export sectors, and which express creativity, innovation and craftsmanship.

Of the buyers who visited the Milan exhibitions, 25% came from abroad, which stands as testament to a market that is coming back and is ready to restart with drive and determination; and they did buy, although in a measured way that reflects the difficulties of the present moment. Specifically, positive signals came from the neighbouring European countries of Switzerland, Germany, and France.

With respect to the important presence of foreign buyers, special thanks are due to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and to ITA, the Italian Trade Agency, who have confirmed their support.

With the traditional “in-person” trade fairs now over, in the coming weeks, the digital tools implemented by the events will come into their own: applications, smart catalogues and business portals will allow for contact between exhibitors and buyers to continue without the limits imposed by restrictions on international travel.

Satisfied with the outcome of the event, MICAM Chair, Siro Badon, commented: “This edition of MICAM was held in a historical, unprecedented moment. We received thanks from operators for our courage and tenacity in proposing it. It undoubtedly represented a moment for the re-launching of business and has been the driving force for other events with which synergies have been built.

The pandemic, which is constantly changing form, has created problems for our production sector, difficulties that we have experienced first-hand at MICAM. But we are hopeful for the future, first in line to create opportunities for companies in the supply chain and to support them on a daily basis, because one can only get out of such a situation by working as a team, all rowing in the same direction. The entire fashion manufacturing industry is paying for the effects of this crisis, with a significant decline in turnover, especially in exports. It is clear that to overcome this phase, external help is also needed, I am referring, in particular, to the institutions that must concretely support these events. Companies must be supported through economic incentives and tax relief. Trade fairs such as MICAM are not only an irreplaceable moment in which to do business but are also a vehicle to give international visibility to the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ that is represented by companies in our sector”.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1441)

The Italian Footwear Industry - First Half 2020 - Z1441

The health emergency has had major repercussions on the performance of the footwear sector in the first half of the year, with a fall in national production and company turnover in the region of -35%. In terms of consumption, household spending is down 30%, despite the big increase in online purchases (+42%) resulting from shops closing as part of restrictive measures. The post lockdown restart is proving to be extremely slow: sales in Italy are still down (-29% in quantity in May and -7% in June), whereas exports were down -27% in volume for May and June after the collapse (-50%) in the previous two months.

The first six months of the year closed with across-the-board reductions for foreign sales: -22% in quantity for EU markets and -33.4% in non-EU markets, with a sharp reduction in the balance of payments surplus (-34%). The number of companies continues to fall (-77 since the start of the year) along with the workforce (-520), and concern remains high over employment figures in the coming months. Recourse to wages support soared in the leather area: +878% for the period January-June.

As with all other sectors in the Italian Textile Fashion and Accessories Industry, the first half of 2020 came to a close with markedly negative data for all the main economic variables in the footwear sector and with apprehension in terms of performance in the coming months. The spread of the health emergency – which began in China and quickly took hold all over the globe – led to many countries adopting strict restrictive measures, which heavily affected the ordinary course of production activities and trading at both a national and international level. The combined shock on supply and demand, which began in March, also affected the Italian economy, with highly disruptive effects and a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the potential duration of these effects.

The data produced by Confindustria Moda Research Centre for Assocalzaturifici describe the collapse suffered during the lockdown period, which followed hard on the heels of an already lacklustre start to the year. Indeed, while the first two months of 2020 were not particularly brilliant – as exports fell by -4.6% in quantity, despite remaining fairly stable in value at +1.5%, domestic consumption continued the slow process of erosion that has been ongoing
for years – the closing of companies and shops in Italy and the major slowdown in foreign demand following the outbreak of the health emergency, has severely tested Italy's productive fabric. The system mainly comprises small and medium/small businesses that have been forced to contend with a lack of liquidity caused by the cancellation of orders, returns and unpaid invoices.

The resumption of business in May did not result in the strong recovery that was hoped for, with trends for orders remaining very sluggish at both a national and international level, and the picture remained much the same during the month of June. Inevitably, therefore, the figures for the final balance in the first half of the year are very negative:

● the results of the survey conducted in July on a sample of members show an average year-on-year decrease in turnover, for the first six months of the year, of -36.3%, with an estimated overall loss for the sector as a whole of 2.6 billion Euro. A sizeable 1/3 of respondents reported reductions in excess of 50% for the second quarter. Even the collection of orders was very negative (-30.2% compared to April-June 2019), thus highlighting the fact that the collapse in demand caused by the pandemic is far from over.

● The figures collected by Confindustria Moda Research Centre are in line with Istat’s monthly data on industrial production performance. For the item "Footwear manufacturing", after the collapse in March (-55.1%) and April (-89.3%), the Istat index continues to hover around profoundly unsatisfactory levels despite the reopening of factories (-38.9% in May and -23.2% in June). The cumulative total for the first six months of 2020 represents a -34.9% year-on-year fall.

● The performance of domestic consumption in the first six months of 2020 was obviously affected by the two-month suspension in physical sales, aside from a lower consumption propensity by households as a result of the difficult economic period and insecurity over employment, not to mention the general climate of mistrust and uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. To top this off, there was also the drastic reduction in tourism.

The domestic market has always been crucial: even though 85% of Italian production is exported, Italy remains the third largest destination market for Italian footwear manufacturers in terms of volume.

For the first six months of the year Sita Ricerca’s Fashion consumer panel for Assocalzaturifici shows a reduction in household consumption of -25% in volume and -30% in total expenditure, with average prices down -6.6% on a year-on-year basis (including as a result of a greater prevalence of slippers and lounge footwear during the lockdown period. This particular segment fell by a "less severe" -14 percent in quantity due to the relative increase in the use of this type of footwear when people were at home).

After reductions in the order of -60% in March-April, despite the reopening of stores, May was still significantly below par (-29% in volume and -37% in expenditure), while the reduction in the number of pairs of shoes sold in June was limited to single digits (-7.1%). There were across-the-board reductions for all merceological segments with similar reductions in excess of 30% in volume and value compared to the first six months of 2019 for "classic" shoes for men and women; -23% in quantity for children's footwear and -25.3% for sports shoes and sneakers. As mentioned above, the reduction was less severe – albeit still in double digit territory – for the slippers and lounge footwear segment, which fell by -14% in volume and -12% in value terms.

Sita Ricerca’s analysis on sales channels shows a predictable boom in online purchases, with increases of +60% in volume and +42.2% in value for the first half of 2020. Online shopping's share of the total market (following the trend for recent years) went from 14.1% of the final balance in 2019 to the current level of 26.5%. Just seven years ago, in 2013, online purchases accounted for a mere 3.6% of Italian families' purchases of footwear.

On the other hand, all other sales channels closed the first half of 2020 with major losses: -40% in volume for the traditional retail sector; -51% for itinerant traders and around -37% for retail chains, department stores and large specialised stores.

● In terms of exports, in the first six months of the year the Istat data show a reduction in quantity of -26.4% and a -25.4% reduction in value terms (with average prices up slightly, +1.3%).

After outgoing flows halved in the period March- April (with a record fall in excess of -70% in both volume and value in April), the trend for May was still very negative (with reductions in the order of -40%), while the reduction in June was more limited (around -15%).

A total of 78.7 million were exported for a value of 3.8 billion – including pure commercialisation transactions – which represented a drop of more than 28 million pairs compared to the first six months of 2019.

To understand how exceptional the current situation is, it is sufficient to state that these volumes are 24% lower than for the same period in 2009, in the full throes of the global economic crisis (when footwear exports amounted to 104 million pairs).

The assessment by merceological type highlights reductions of more than 20% in volume for all segments, except for the residual segment of footwear with rubber uppers (-1%): there were reductions of just over -30% for leather shoes (with similar falls, i.e. -34%, for the men and women segments and -30% for children's shoes); -23% in quantity for shoes made in fabric; -21% for synthetic shoes and -38% for slippers.

Breakdown by geographic area reveals a significant drop both within the EU (considering 27 countries this year, following Brexit) and outside the EU.

Flows to EU markets (which account for 2 pairs out of every 3 sold abroad) were down -22% in terms of volume and -21% in terms of value, while exports outside the EU shrank even further (-33.4% in terms of quantity and -28.8% in value).

There were across-the-board reductions across global markets, with very few exceptions: among the main destination markets there were increases only for Poland and Portugal (which lost 11.4% in value terms); South Korea had a +0.6% in value, with -4.6% in quantity.

There is a prevalence of negative figures everywhere. Germany, the number one market in volume terms, that had already shown a negative trend in 2019, fell by 17%, for both volume and value. There were strong falls in flows towards China and Hong Kong (-31.4% and -44.1% in value respectively) with the Far East losing about 30% on the whole, in both quantity and value. There was a significant slip in the CIS markets (-37% in volume and -30% in value); performance was bad in the US (almost -40%) and the Middle East (-26% in quantity). Volume towards Switzerland (the traditional logistics and distribution hub for the major international luxury brands) fell by about a quarter and there was a fall of about a third towards France (another main destination for contract manufacturing), the countries occupying the first two spots in the value league table.

Breaking the figures (for footwear + parts, in value terms only) down on a geographical level, there were significant falls during the first half of the year for all the main exporting regions, with the sole exception of Emilia Romagna (+20%) which was driven by Piacenza, a logistics and distribution hub that has been growing constantly in recent years given its fundamenta importance in the delivery of goods purchased online. The biggest reductions concerned Tuscany (-44%), the Marche (that fell by -32.5% on the whole, with Fermo and Macerata falling by -31% and Ascoli Piceno falling -39%) and Campania (-34%). There were reductions in line with the national average for Lombardy (-25.1%), that fared slightly worse than Veneto (-20.2%, this is Italy’s biggest exporting region with a share of 27.4% on the total value of Italian exports), Puglia (-22.2%) and Piedmont (-20.9%).

Florence remains the leading province for exports despite losing -43.7% on a year-on-year-basis during the first six months of 2020.

● In terms of imports, Istat data show a reduction in the order of -18%, in both quantity and value: between January and June, 148.1 million pairs of shoes were brought into Italy, i.e. 34 million less than for the same period in 2019. The marked fall in domestic consumption and the operational difficulties experienced by importers during the lockdown also significantly reduced volumes of incoming footwear (for March and April the reduction exceeded -40%).

There were across-the-board decreases for all segments: reductions for leather shoes (-18% in volume and -19.6% in value) were in line with the overall average across all segments.

The reduction in goods from China (-15.4% in volume and -8.2% in value) was nevertheless more limited than reductions experienced by other non-Chinese suppliers (these were in the region of -20% in both volume and value terms). Despite an increase of 8.5%, the average price of Chinese products (6.23 Euro/pair) is almost three and a half times lower than products from other countries.

● The trade balance for the sector for the first six months of the year remained positive by 1.6 billion Euro, despite shrinking by -33.8%.

● Data relating to company demographics and employment continued the negative trends that have been ongoing for some while. These figures obviously do not yet show– due to registration time lags and because of the measures taken by the government ('Cure Italy' and 'Relaunch' decrees) that blocked sackings – the effects a crisis of this magnitude will certainly have on the country's manufacturing and productive fabric.

A survey by Confindustria Moda revealed that in July 10% of companies still had their staff working remotely.

For footwear manufacturers, at the end of June 2020, there were 4,249 companies and a workforce of 74,370 in Italy across industrial and craftsmanship sectors (with a decrease of -77 companies and -520 workers compared to December 2019).

Considering also components, the reduction from the start of the year increases to -161 companies and -1,295 workers according to Infocamere-Movimprese. A geographical breakdown is available for these chamber of commerce figures, which shows – in terms of the number of companies trading – a reduction in all seven of the main footwear manufacturing regions, with the sole exception of Campania (where there are 3 more companies compared to the final figures for 2019). In the Marche, that has been heavily affected in recent years by the crisis of the Russian market, we see the biggest reductions in absolute terms (-63 units); followed by Tuscany (-43) and Lombardy (-21).

With regard to workforces – where all the main districts, with no exceptions, experienced reductions – once again it is the Marche that experienced the biggest fall (-445 workers, -2% down on December 2019), followed by Veneto (-284 workers) and Tuscany (-267).

This negative trend is unfortunately bound to worsen in the following months, when official data becomes available on the number of companies that have not been able to get through this extremely delicate economic situation.

● Figures published by INPS relating to authorised CIG wage support in the Leather Supply Chain fully captures the severity of the current situation.

As revealed by the surveys by Confindutria Moda – during the survey conducted in July more than 97% of companies in the sample stated they had made use of social security schemes since the start of the health emergency, with 77% of the total workforce having tapped into these – authorised CIG hours saw extraordinary increases starting from the month of April.

After the reduction during the first quarter (-10.5% down on the same period in 2019), in April 2020, 23.9 million hours were authorised for the leather supply chain (a +2871% yearon-year increase), while the figures for May and June were 7.5 million hours (+1633%) and 5.7 million hours (+651%) respectively.

On the whole, for the first six months of 2020, a total of just under 39 million hours were authorised, a jump of +878% compared to the number of authorised hours during the first half of 2019 (4 million). This was almost 5 times the number of hours authorised during 2019 as a whole (8.3 million hours).

Never in the past has the number of authorised hours been so high, not even during the global economic crisis that began at the end of 2008. Between January and June 2020, more hours were authorised than during all of 2009 (23.1 million) and all of 2010 (29.7 million).

Tuscany (with about 10 million hours authorised) saw the biggest increase, in both absolute and percentage terms (+3080% compared to the first half of 2019), but there were large increases for all the main districts in the leather supply chain.

The expectations for the second half of the year – considering also the rise in the number of cases in many countries, including Italy, where it had appeared the virus was progressively waning – must necessarily recognise the uncertainty and the need for caution, especially when considering the time required to return to “normal” levels of business.

Almost 3/4 of companies (73.5%) have had to revise their scheduled investment plans because of the pandemic.
In response to the question about forecasts for turnover for 2020 as a whole compared to 2019 – assuming the health situation does not worsen in autumn – half of the footwear manufacturers involved in the survey by Confindustria Moda thought the drop would be in the range of 20-50%. Only 5% of the sample believed they would reach 2019 levels and an even smaller share of respondents (1%), believed they would end the year up on 2019.
When the responses are weighted based on company size, the forecast for turnover in the sector points to a reduction of around -24% (which would represent a loss of 3.4 billion Euro). This is clearly a preliminary assessment based on a sample which was conducted with more than five months left to run in the year. It is subject to the uncertain development of the healthcare emergency around the world in the coming months but, nevertheless, it does give an indication of the severity of the impact Covid-19 will have on the performance of the sector.

Milan, 16 September 2020

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1436)
This edition is doubly important for the exhibition, which is celebrating its ninetieth edition, guiding Italian and international companies through the global health crisis and out the other side. Badon: “We can only grow by changing: so MICAM is looking to the future”

We're back: edition number ninety of MICAM Milano opens its doors from 20 to 23 September 2020 at Fiera Milano, ready to showcase the creations of more than 600 brands.

Exhibitors will be able to seize important opportunities for business, with over 5000 international buyers attending, mainly from Italy and Europe. These buyers were identified and contacted by MICAM to forge, also through them, a solid and qualified relaunch for the business of exhibiting companies.

“At long last, we’re back to business. We’ve worked intensively on an event that is one of a kind in many ways, to send out a strong signal to the industry that required practical, speedy and efficient support from Assocalzaturifici for companies struggling due to the health crisis. MICAM and Assocalzaturifici chair, Siro Badon, commented: “We are aware that we can only grow by changing. We therefore wanted to take the event to the next level, with the MICAM Digital Show. This new digital channel that went online yesterday accompanies the physical MICAM spaces to help companies meet the markets while overcoming current restrictions. What’s more, we’ve once again joined forces with the shows of other fashion segments to operate as a system. And we're now coming to you more united than ever before, bringing fashion professionals and buyers so many more opportunities”.


MICAM Milano will be showcasing its exhibits in five pavilions. The special area, Premium, will play host to MICAM's most exclusive range and, for the first time, also the exhibits of MIPEL (the most iconic international trade fair of leather goods and bags), with prestigious Italian brands and strictly Italian-made items.

It will also house TheOneMilano Special, featured by MICAM (women’s prêt-à-porter fashion show), which will present an interesting collection of select creative items. Also in Pavilion 1, the MICAM X area, a laboratory for innovative ideas, will offer meetings and initiatives inspired by the four major themes launched in the February 2020 edition of the show: The future of retail, Sustainability, Trends and materials, Heritage & Future.

Wonderland will be set up in Pavilion 3. This unusual area is inspired by the second chapter of the MICAM in Wonderland fairy tale, the theme for September's edition. It pays homage to creativity, which overcomes all limits and barriers to become a thing of wonder and beauty. This special area will also give visitors in the industry a chance to unwind, allowing everyone to sip on a tea and take a souvenir-selfie at MICAM 90 amid its magical Wonderland.

The usual space dedicated to Emerging Designers will showcase the items of 10 creative designers from Italy and Europe. Their creations will range from the rediscovery of age-old traditions to more extravagant research into forms and materials, with original style, mindful of the values of sustainability and brimming with influences from cultures all over the world.


MICAM Milano will be held in complete safety: with measures adopted, thanks to a specific protocol designed to cater the best we can to the needs of all industry professionals. The required social distancing measures will be in place at all times, offering clear and wellmarked routes enabling visitors to tour the show at ease in full compliance with the regulations. Visiting the event will be perfectly safe thanks to signs and other devices, and the measures taken will allow everyone to enjoy the trade fair experience to the max. These systems will join those provided by Fiera Milano around the exhibition centre, from checks on the centre's doors to the new digital signage network.


Milano Digital Show MICAM Milano Digital Show, powered by NuORDER, a new digital environment with the event in the limelight, is now online. It was created under an agreement with the NuORDER platform to support the promotion and business of companies online.

1200 buyers signed up to this high-tech opportunity on the very day it was launched to discover the creations of 150 brands. With it, MICAM is rounding off its offering, presenting itself to exhibitors and buyers as a true “augmented trade fair” that uses the digital world to boost the opportunities of the physical trade fair, so that people can negotiate deals and make purchases directly online.

In partnership with NuORDER, a world leader in digital business platforms, MICAM wanted to make its exhibitors’ product ranges available to buyers all over the world. A single click takes buyers into a world that will prepare them for meetings at the actual event and will keep the opportunities alive even after the physical trade fair has ended. MICAM Milano Digital Show will remain online until 15 November 2020.


The exhibition offering will be completed with HOMI Fashion & Jewels Exhibition, the event dedicated to trendy fashion accessories and jewellery, taking place from 19 to 22 September, and Lineapelle, the international exhibition of leather goods, accessories, components, fabrics, synthetics and models, scheduled to take place on 22 and 23 September, both at Fiera Milano Rho. This will map out a complete path from raw material to finished product, enhancing the offering of MICAM Milano with additional creative products.
MICAM Milano is coming up September 20 through 23, 2020.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1434)


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The new MICAM X calendar is awaiting you online!

You will find the latest news and the updated programme, every day just a click away.
MICAM Milano from the 20th to the 23rd of September 2020
at Fiera Milano RHO – see you there!




MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1426)
MICAM Chair Siro Badon: “After the lockdown, MICAM offers a concrete opportunity for our member companies in the footwear industry to relaunch the business”.


The event will be held in a flexible, complete format in perfect safety with the goal of relaunching the market.

A challenge met with responsibility and determination: MICAM Milano is preparing to shine a spotlight on the courage of the enterprises who have insisted that the trade fair must take place despite today’s complicated international scenario.
Inspired by this conscientious desire to relaunch the industry, edition number 90 of the International Footwear Show, coming up at Fiera Milano September 20 through 23, 2020, is preparing to showcase the proposals of more than 500 companies and has already received confirmation of the participation of over 5000 international buyers, primarily from within Italy and Europe.

“MICAM Milano will be the first large-scale event to be held at Fiera Milano Rho since the lockdown, an event offering a concrete opportunity for companies in the footwear industry to relaunch the business,” explains MICAM Chair Siro Badon. “It’s the first milestone in the new sales campaign of a strategic sector of the Italian economy. Meeting in person at the trade fair is still the best way of negotiating orders, allowing buyers to see and touch samples and above all, by participating in the event, to talk to colleagues and dealers in the industry about where the market is headed, identifying the trends of the future before they arrive. I also wish to emphasise that government funding for Italian companies participating in international trade fairs is a concrete solution for supporting the relaunching of the industry on world markets. Funding made available by Simest offers special contributions and non-repayable grants for Italian exhibitors participating in the trade show”.


MICAM Milano will occupy pavilions 1,2,3,4 and 6. Pavilions 1 and 3 will be renamed Premium and host the most exclusive products featured at MICAM, and for the first time there will be an area occupied by MIPEL (the world’s most prominent leather and bags show) and TheOneMilano Special, featured by MICAM (featuring prêt-à-porter women’s fashions) in an original format that promises to offer new opportunities for visiting buyers.

The MICAM X area, a laboratory for innovative ideas, will host meetings and initiatives focusing on the four major themes launched in the February 2020 edition of the show: The future of retail, Sustainability, Trends and materials, Heritage & Future.

Wonderland will be an unusual area in Pavilion 3 inspired by the second chapter of MICAM in Wonderland, the fairytale providing the theme of the September edition. Then there are the Emerging Designers. There can be no true relaunching of the industry unless we build our future with young people: this is why there is a special area set aside for them once again at this edition, confirming MICAM's vocation for showcasing the most promising talents.


Protection of the health of exhibitors, visitors and staff involved in the organisation of the event will be guaranteed by guidelines developed with Fiera Milano to ensure the highest standards of safety.

The measures adopted by Fiera Milano in compliance with the guidelines issued by the international associations concerned, UFI (Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) and EMECA (European Major Exhibition Centres Association), including new entrance methods, further refine the guidelines for management of visitor flows: from preregistration to arrival in the trade fair and congress centre, with broad, straight, specially organised routes guiding visitors through the halls, common areas and refreshment points.

The presence of these and other measures provides buyers and exhibitors with a guarantee that they will be able to enjoy all the usual opportunities to do their work, meet and negotiate deals in absolute comfort, enjoying all the services offered by the trade fair directly and immediately.


This September’s fair, number 90, will be much more than a particularly significant edition in the history of MICAM. It will be a great opportunity to bring new life to the world of fashion accessories, restoring our faith in the power of business meetings and discussions among professionals, creative designers, and members of the footwear trade and the sectors featured in the other shows held on the same dates.

After the darkness of the past few months, the 90th edition will be a promise kept, thanks to footwear companies’ refusal to lose heart in the face of difficulty, looking forward to the future and continuing to create elegance and beauty with carefully studied collections, thanks to the buyers who are confirming their intention to visit MICAM despite the events of this year, and thanks to synergies with other trade shows: #strongertogether, now more than ever!

The exhibition offering will be completed thanks to dates that overlap with HOMI Fashion & Jewels Exhibition, an event focusing on Fashion Accessories, Costume Jewellery and Trendy Jewellery, also at Fiera Milano Rho September 19 through 22, and with Lineapelle, an international trade show for leather, accessories, components, fabrics, synthetics and models, held on September 22 and 23.

MICAM Milano is coming up September 20 through 23, 2020.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1416)


MICAM Milano - Digital Show Powered by NuORDER is here: a business tool to enhance the value of the physical event

Every crisis brings an opportunity: the digital transformation of services and business relations in many different sectors is one of the phenomena that have offered enterprises the greatest opportunities for growth in the complex world scenario of the past few months. In only a short time, numerous forms of business have made the transition from the physical to the virtual dimension with online spaces accessible from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

MICAM Milano, the international footwear trade show scheduled for Fiera Milano Rho September 20 through 23 2020 which always keeps up with the latest trends on the market, responds to this scenario with a bold, revolutionary decision. The result is MICAM Milano Digital Show, powered by NuORDER, a new digital environment centring around the trade show, created under an agreement with the NuORDER platform offering online support for participating companies’ business and promotional initiatives.

“Micam is an essential event for supporting a crucial sector of Italian industry and economy,” explains MICAM and Assocalzaturifici Chair Siro Badon. “The world’s biggest footwear trade fair maintains the link between manufacturers and buyers. At a time like this when we have few certainties, MICAM has a key role to play in getting the business started again and permitting international expansion of the enterprises that have always participated in the event.
Our survey found that more than 64% of these buyers intend to come to MICAM and more than 50% plan to spend two or more days there, primarily in order to meet exhibitors, but also to identify new suppliers and draw inspiration from seminars on themes of particular relevance today.
We are focusing in particular on MICAM Milano and the acceleration of its digital b2b channels, which support companies in the shift toward more efficient management of their customer portfolio while broadening their horizons for acquiring new customers all over the world. This is why we and our partner NuORDER have created the MICAM Milano Digital Show”.


Much more than a portal or online catalogue, MICAM Milano Digital Show is a true “augmented trade fair” that uses digital technologies to add to the opportunities offered by the physical trade fair.

In partnership with NuORDER, a world leader in the field of digital business platforms, MICAM showcases its exhibitors’ product ranges for buyers all over the world: a single click takes you into a whole new world waiting to be discovered, a continually evolving network you can join at a truly competitive cost.

“Global scope, innovation and networking characterize MICAM Milano Digital Show, anticipating the events to be held during the trade fair and continuing to offer the opportunities it provides after the physical trade fair is over,” explains Tommaso Cancellara, CEO of MICAM. “Buyers will be able to benefit from the potential contacts already present in the NuORDER platform, whose community is made up of 500,000 retailers, and acquire new tools for sales in the digital world. Our goal is to have two physical events per year (four if you consider MICAM Americas) with a digital presence 365 days of the year. MICAM will be in very good company, continuing its strategic partnership with Informa Group to allow buyers to find on the platform not only MICAM Milano and MICAM Americas but also the American fairs Magic, Project, and Coterie, creating a virtual portfolio of the most important fairs in the fashion business.”

“We are excited to partner with the global leader for the footwear industry to power the digital trade show,” says Heath Wells, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of NuORDER. “MICAM responded quickly to address the needs of the industry to ensure the critical connection between brands and retailers. NuORDER’s leading platform allows for end-to-end connection, from product searches to order placement, all in the same system. Our partnership marks a defining moment in the industry solving real customer needs at a critical time. This is the beginning of a new era for fashion markets and the standard for product searches and commerce moving forward.”


NuORDER is the leading wholesale eCommerce platform. Brands use NuORDER to deliver a seamless, more collaborative sale process, where buyers can browse products, plan assortments and make smarter buys in real-time. The NuORDER platform was engineered with flexibility and scale. It empowers businesses of all sizes with enterprise-level technology. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices globally and in Milan, NuORDER connects more than 2,000 premium brands and 500,000 retailers, helping them grow and win together.

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1415)

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Follow MICAM X live on the @micam.milano Instagram profile!

Every Thursday, our guests will talk about the changes taking place
in the footwear industry both as regards production processes
and the philosophy surrounding them: sustainability, the future of retail, inspiration, tradition and fashion trends.





MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1414)


Homespun, rustic minimalism combined with the values of tradition, TransForm, hope beyond the crisis and harmonization of opposites and GameScape, a nostalgic trip back to the games of the 80s and the union between real and virtual, represent the trends that will characterize the Spring-Summer 2021 Season. The trends have been elaborated by WGSN for MICAM, the International Footwear Fair, whose next edition will be held from 20 to 23 September 2020 at Fiera Milano Rho.

HomeSpun – Women/Girls

HomeSpun is based on a new form of rustic minimalism, with women’s designs that put the accent on the values of ‘slowness’, sustainability and handcrafts.
Returning to slow methodical craftsmanship and the art of making, appealing to discerning minimalists who value slowness in an increasingly fast-paced world.
This will mean an increase in Repurposing as consumers start to shop more consciously.
Neutral and natural tones prevail, inspired by nature’s rich, tawny browns and grassy greens, and looks to the sky for moody blues and washed-out purple hues.
Workwear, both agricultural and traditional, inspires a new bucolic style.
For footwear, the stress is on natural materials and a high level of craftsmanship. Leather detailing and daisy chains are a feature.

HomeSpun – Men/Boys

HomeSpun embraces a slower approach to fashion, and re-examines our relationship with clothing, observing how concepts of minimalism, vintage and resale change the lifecycle of the products we consume.
This theme's sophisticated materials, relaxed fits, and utility details offer plenty of design opportunities.
This is a palette of soft natural tones, inspired by the imperfect look of organic dyes. There are numerous tonal combinations, but there is also room for contrast, with a mix of warm, bright, and cool tones. Handcrafted elements such as tooled metals, intricate weaving methods, embroidery, and hand-painted motifs will be key, and give designs a unique quality.
In footwear, appliques are given a waxy finish, in harmony with #minimalist silhouettes.

TransForm – Women/Girls

TransForm explores design at a time of global crisis, looking for light at the end of the tunnel, resulting in a modernist trend that draws on both city-dwelling and seafaring themes.
Focusing on all-black styling, tough skins, and a survivalist aesthetic.
Darker subcultural narratives such as magic and witchcraft will pave the way for a romantic look tinged with a hint of disquiet.
Yet even within this dark-souled trend, we will also see contrasting focus on light sheer fabrics and ethereal metallics for a style with minimalist lines.
TransForm balances sombre themes with a sense of optimism, which is reflected in a palette of darks and lights. Blues and greens are inspired by the ocean, while glimmers of silvery tones are inspired by precious metals, and can be used to give designs an ethereal quality.
Contrast is key. It’s imperative to play with layers, revisit natural tones.
For footwear, stacked chunky soles and a strong utility theme will continue to gain relevance.

TransForm – Men/Boys

TransForm sees menswear move between opposites, just as our vision for the future teeters between the good and bad achievements of humanity. In this direction, designs reconcile technology with nature, and balance a need for light with a fascination for the darker side of life and art.
This style takes office wear into the future and embraces sportswear materials, resulting in sophisticated and high-performance items that are smart and casual at the same time and can be worn every day.
Ultra-lightweight materials and constructions will be a key look for summer.
So we will be seeing plenty of sheer fabrics and photo collage clothing.
Colours move from light to dark – and artificial to natural – in this palette of contrasts, with a complex balance between colour tones.
Focuses on oceanic tones with an artificial edge, such as Quiet Wave and Tranquillity Blue, enriched with even darker colours.

GameScape – Women/Girls

GameScape remixes elements from the past, present and future through a virtual lens, and sees digital design gain importance, as our online and offline lives become more enmeshed.
References to 1980s video games and sportswear combine to create a new hyper-digital uniform that can be used to update both smart and casual styles.
It explores the mundanities of everyday life for graphics and apparel, focusing on a satirical and kitsch edge that ramps up the #newfemininity trend for ultra-loud ultra-feminine designs.
The bold tones of offset printing feature alongside an austere palette of greys and neutrals. Clinical greens, digital pastels, and pops of bright colour are key.
A new look is created with digital hyperreal florals, in line with the re-emergence of photographic prints.
For sneakers, we expect to see fluorescent and projection prints.

GameScape – Men/Boys

As our online and real-life existences become more and more intertwined, we will see growing cross-pollination between the two, with digital becoming increasingly important.
A virtual presence is established online through creative collaborations, tapping into the growing popularity of e-Sports and gaming.
The 1980s are seen as the cultural and aesthetic dawn of digital culture, and used to connect with a hacker's mindset.
Colours in this trend have a saturated and artificial edge, designed to appeal on screen as much as they will in real life. These are grounded on a selection of neutral core tones, which provide a base layer of sophistication, and offer optimal contrast with bright digital colours.
To drive home the #gamergraphics message, slogans need to be added and proportions played with. Digital glitch-inspired prints update sneaker profiles. Maximalism is the key here, expressed through footwear in bold optical colours.

#micam #micamtales #strongertogether

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1410)

The event is confirmed for September 20-23
at Fiera Milano Rho

Organisation of the world’s most important footwear show is proceeding. MICAM survey: 80% of footwear makers have suffered directly from the impact of the emergency, but the industry is determined to start again. 75% of the Italian and international companies surveyed see the trade fair as a key to relaunching the industry.

Assocalzaturifici and MICAM Chairman Siro Badon

Milan, 21 May 2020 - The desire to start again, aware that recovery will be a complex, gradual process, with a focus on MICAM, scheduled for September 20 through 23 at Fiera Milano Rho, as an important opportunity to get the industry going again. This is the feeling among footwear companies and buyers surveyed by the International Footwear Show to find out what the sector needs at this crucial time.

“MICAM is essential for supporting a crucial sector of the Italian economy,” says Assocalzaturifici and MICAM Chairman Siro Badon. “The world’s biggest footwear trade fair supports connections between manufacturers and buyers. While alternative opportunities for maintaining business relations have been developed over the past few months, meeting at the trade fair still represents the most important opportunity for growth on the market and a privileged way of negotiating orders. Our companies have adapted right away with health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of contagion, and the same methods may be applied to guarantee safety at the trade fair. We absolutely need to offer our member companies some certainty at a time when they are suffering from the economic repercussions of the emergency. Without hope on the horizon, they feel like they are in a tunnel with no way out. Confirming MICAM is the best response to the current doubts on the market”.

CEO Tommaso Cancellara

“At a time of great uncertainty in our industry due to the global medical emergency, we have asked footwear companies and buyers what they need and we are ready to help them get started again,” says Tommaso Cancellara, MICAM CEO and Assocalzaturifici General Manager. “This is why the next MICAM will be particularly important, drawing on a new awareness and additional suggestions inspired by dialogue with Italian and international companies. Operations are already under way to prepare for the September edition, which will be a very important event for everyone, re-establishing bonds with the market and creating new opportunities in perfect safety. We’re negotiating and defining a commercial agreement with one of the world’s key players in digital services, to offer all MICAM exhibitors a new b2b digital sales channel. We will be unveiling the details in the weeks to come”.

The traditional MICAM survey aimed at understanding the market and offering targeted services for exhibitors at the next edition has taken on particular importance as a key tool for dialogue with the industry during the medical emergency. The image of the footwear industry that emerges from the survey is one of a sector that is highly sensitive to international trends but not new to battles against local or global crises, and is once again ready to get back to work and respond to new business opportunities.


The difficulties of the current situation are clearly illustrated in the interviewees’ statements. Almost all respondents (over 80%) report that they have suffered directly as a result of the current emergency, and more than 90% of them have seen their order portfolio reduced, paralysing production for more than 60% of companies and effectively making it impossible to show the new collections to potential buyers.

But this dark picture has not stopped Italy’s footwear manufacturers, who are ready to get going again and win back the market share they have lost in recent months. 48% of them believe things will start looking up in September, while the other 52% expect sales to recover within the year.

Along with the difficulties, however, there are also plenty of drivers of change, necessarily involving use of digital tools at the present time to boost sales and respond to the near-total global lockdown. While the majority of companies (more than 60%) is oriented toward sending buyers pictures of their collections by e-mail, 39% already had digital tools at their disposal (such as internet sites), while 31% used social networks to reach customers and 15% have introduced new platforms for their businesses or used other digital tools during the crisis. MICAM is working in this direction, aiming to offer exhibitors a new distribution channel in September thanks to the partnership with one of the world’s most important platforms for digital services.


In this complicated context, participation in MICAM is seen as essential by both Italian and international footwear companies in order to give concrete form to the new start of business: about 75% of interviewees reported they were certain or likely to be participating in the September event. Some are requesting logistical and financial assistance for participation in the event, but most respondents emphasise the need for actions aimed at guaranteeing health and safety and the fact that the success of the trade fair depends on the buyers who attend.
And it is precisely in order to welcome buyers in the best possible way and offer incentives for them to attend that MICAM – in partnership with Fiera Milano – is working on a protocol containing measures guaranteeing the utmost safety for exhibitors and visitors, in line with the new standards that will apply to business meetings from now on.

 MICAM at Fiera Milano Rho September 20 through 23, 2020

#micam #micamtales #strongertogether

MICAM - Footwear & Accessories Show - Milan Italy (Z1406)


After the health emergency the international footwear fair gets ready to tackle the recovery phase alongside footwear companies, the event’s new brand image kick-starts the organisational machinery

Milano, the world’s leading footwear fair, starts to prepare for the coming edition to be held at the Rho trade-fair centre from 20 to 23 September, with the aim of providing an opportunity for the industry to get restarted after a difficult period for the world’s economy.

While the fair organisers work to prepare a prestigious event that will hopefully provide both Italian and foreign footwear companies with a springboard to recovery, following the difficult period the whole sector has gone through during the health emergency, the creative concept behind MICAM’s brand image for 2020 continues to be developed.

In this way, the second chapter in the #micamtales series, dedicated this year to MICAM in Wonderland, also becomes a sign that the event does not stop, and that it intends to go on providing those in the footwear market with important business and trade opportunities. The protagonist of the fairy-tale we were introduced to in February reappears once again in the September edition, at the centre of a series of curious events that take place in an enchanted garden: a tea drunk in the company of a white rabbit, a party that goes awry despite the fervid preparations, or a bizarre attempt to paint white roses red.

The creative idea for the September campaign was once again curated by the MM Company, with accounting by Laureri Associates, and features photos taken by Fabrizio Scarpa and a series of three short video-stories directed by Daniele Scarpa which use irony as their leitmotiv.

Over the coming weeks the fair will confirm a number of other new initiatives for the September edition aimed at sustaining the sector, while in these difficult months Assocalzaturifici has never stopped listening and supporting the Italian footwear companies.

The appointment, then, is for the Wonder Garden at MICAM Milano 90: an event geared to helping dealers and manufacturers be better prepared to meet the new challenges facing the footwear market, to move forward and contribute to its growth together.

#micam #micamtales #strongertogether

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Another political decision will be made end of March at the earliest. As we have no reliable information from the authorities, the physical ILM cannot be held in April 2021. ILM VIRTUAL ORDER SHOW will take place again April 10 to 12
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