ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1464) 11.03.2021
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ILM - Live Trade Show Schedule Up-Date

Dear visitors and exhibitors of the ILM, trade fairs in Germany are currently still prohibited.

Another political decision will be made end of March at the earliest. As we have no reliable information from the authorities, the physical ILM cannot be held in April 2021.

Therefore, after evaluation of the situation and after numerous contacts and discussions with you and the authorities, we have to cancel our ILM with deep regret.

The ILM has proven itself as an order platform and we would like it to take place - but in this situation it is unfortunately not realistic and justifiable to hold a major business event like the ILM in the near future.

The ILM is the International Leather Goods Fair, and it will continue to be it in the future. The goal of the ILM business platform to bring benefits to all market participants cannot be achieved in the current situation.

The consequence, despite a good occupancy of 70% of the planned ILM, could unfortunately only be the cancellation.

We will be here for you again when the general situation allows it and planning is possible.

April 10 - 12, 2021 The ILM Virtual Order Show will definitely take place.

July 6 - 8, 2021 We will present our new concept of the Xtra Order Days.

September 4 - 6, 2021

The ILM will take place again in Offenbach, in a hybrid way, supplemented by the virtual ILM.

ILM dates 2022 We have set the ILM dates for 2022: From March 5 - 7 and from September 3 - 5, the ILM will be held for you.

We wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you all back here in Offenbach by September at the latest.

Stay healthy!

Your ILM team
Offenbach, 11. March 2021
ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1413)
Xtra Order Days by ILM

Messe Offenbach is pleased to present a new trade fair concept for 2021: from 06. - 08. July 2021 the Xtra Order Days will take place.

The Xtra Order Days (abbreviated: XOD) is a trade fair and as an intermediate order date complements the two ILM fairs with a further fashion category: shoes.

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Thursday August 27th, 2020

The ILM leather goods fair in Offenbach is cancelled due to

Offenbach am Main, August 26, 2020 - The well-known international leather goods fair ILM held in Offenbach has been cancelled. The city of Offenbach currently has 59 infections per 100,000 residents and is clearly ahead of all other Hessian and independent city districts.
Such an event with a professional audience is no longer possible due to the situation in the city having changed drastically, explained Mayor Dr. Felix Schwenke.

ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1413)

ILM 2020, 5. until 7. September

The ILM will be held as scheduled from 5 to 7 September.
Targeted measures offer safety for exhibitors and visitors.

Good news from Offenbach: The date of the next ILM has been confirmed. The International Leather Goods Fair will take place in Offenbach from September 5 to 7, 2020. "We are very optimistic and thrilled to be able to hold the fair on the usual dates. All the necessary measures regarding hygiene, distance and safety of exhibitors and visitors are in place. Now there is nothing to stop us from having a successful trade fair," commented Arnd Hinrich Kappe, Managing Director of Messe Offenbach, looking optimistically into the near future. The industry in general approves this move: In a recent survey of exhibitors and visitors, the general feeling was that the scheduled ILM date was good and was what people wanted. "The date is fixed. There is no need to postpone the ILM towards the end of September," said Arnd Hinrich Kappe.

The ILM is sending out positive signals to all participants in the industry in these difficult times and is offering exhibitors and visitors a reduced-price package of measures. Every exhibitor who operated a stand at the ILM in March 2020 will receive a one-off 50% discount on the basic rent of their space at the forthcoming ILM in September 2020. Each new company registering for the next ILM in September 2020 will be given a 20% discount on the basic rent and a one-off 50% discount will be offered to all exhibitors who decide to rent a basic stand system at the next fair.
The ILM has also decided to offer discounts for visitors and buyers: The trade fair is waiving admission fees for the ILM in September 2020. Parking tickets will also be free. Special conditions are being negotiated with hotels and restaurants.

Framework programme extended again

The number of top brands that have registered for the next ILM is a sign of how much the industry is looking forward to meeting up at the ILM as a market place. But not just that. The positive response also underlines the great importance of the fair. With its clearly structured range of products and services, the ILM is a must for anyone in the bags, luggage and fashion accessories industry. In addition to the international range of products, the framework programme, once again larger than ever before, offers lots of exciting ideas. Inspiration in matters of fashion can be found at the daily Runway Shows. Alongside the orders business, you can also widen your horizons by listening to the expert talks and panel discussions on a wide range of topics.

Focus on safety

"We are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our exhibitors and visitors", emphasises Arnd Hinrich Kappe. Free admission to the forthcoming ILM edition is only possible with prior online registration. Thanks to a new visitor registration system, precise and seamless registration is guaranteed. Regulations about distance and hygiene ensure that the trade fair will run smoothly. Of course, all these measures are being taken in close cooperation with the authorities.

Dates have been fixed for the ILM 2021

Safety and reliability remain the ILM's major priorities. In order to help exhibitors and visitors plan their schedules with the maximum degree of certainty, the International Leather Goods Fair ILM has already fixed the dates for 2021.

The ILM will be held in Offenbach on the following days:

• ILM Winter Styles from 6 to 8 March 2021

• ILM Summer Styles from 4 to 6 September 2021

The ILM attaches great importance to stability and continuity when planning its dates. "The trade fair dates at the beginning of March and the beginning of September have proven to be very successful over the years and suit everyone involved," commented Arnd Hinrich Kappe. The ILM is showing the industry that it is absolute reliable even in difficult times.

June 2020

ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1402)

ILM supports exhibitors with a comprehensive package of measures

The Corona crisis is having a huge impact on the fashion trade and the leather goods industry, too, is severely affected by the consequences of the crisis. In these difficult and uncertain times for everyone in the industry, the International Leather Goods Fair ILM is sending out strong signals and approaching exhibitors and visitors early on with a comprehensive package of cost-cutting measures. "We are deliberately not waiting to see what will happen next, in the hope that things will not be so bad. I don’t think it’s a good idea to wait and see! We want to send out clear signals right now and give everyone concerned more certainty in their planning,” said Arnd Hinrich Kappe, Managing Director of Messe Offenbach as he explained the reductions that are being offered for the forthcoming fair scheduled to be held from 5 - 7 September 2020.

Kappe emphasised the loyalty of the industry: "Over the last few years, the ILM has developed very positively together with the industry. I have always emphasised that we are a reliable partner. This is also why we have decided to take these steps. We are aware that the trade fair will suffer a major financial loss as a result, but we are prepared to accept this”.

The package of measures available to ILM exhibitors includes the following:

- Every exhibitor who operated a stand at the ILM in March 2020 will receive a one-off 50% discount on the basic rent for their existing space at the next ILM in 2020.

- All new companies at the next ILM in September 2020 will receive a 20% discount on the basic rent.

- All exhibitors who decide to rent a basic stand system will receive a one-off 50% discount on this stand system at the next fair.

Visitors and buyers will receive the following discounts at the ILM:

- No admission fees will be charged at the next ILM in September 2020.

- Parking will also be free.

- Special conditions are being negotiated with hotels and restaurants.

The ILM is scheduled to take place from 5 to 7 September 2020. However, should it be necessary to postpone the date in view of the situation, we will do so.

Arnd Hinrich Kappe also points out that all the above measures only apply to the calendar year 2020. From 2021, the usual prices will be charged again. The ILM's framework programme with runway shows, lookbook, talks and panel discussions will not be reduced but, on the contrary, expanded. "Right now there is a particularly great need for discussion and a good framework programme in order to help everyone in the industry get through the crisis," said Arnd Hinrich Kappe, explaining the trade fair's commitment.

April 2020

ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1394)

Uta Riechers – Wuttke & Martin Wuttke | nextguruNow

Presented at ILM Offenbach



What lifestyle drivers are defining the season?

Eco-design and sustainable concept fibres such as "Q-Milk" are becoming even more important, not least as a result of the "Fridays for Future" movement. Consumption has never been more political than it is today; the moralization of everyday life is advancing.

Will everything become calmer and more monochrome now? It is vital that we are aware of the signal for a more adult style. This new maturity appeals to a consumer group that appreciates craftsmanship and where quality influences the purchasing decision.

Seldom have bags been in such focus. They are created as real statement pieces in unexpected colour combinations; reptile embossing and luxurious patent looks are also key innovations.

Chic instead of street, 70s quotes in a modern setting. Reduction and construction. Bourgeoisie and dynamics are the key signals. It's time for contemporary chic. A season with minimalism and monochrome looks. Elegance and a leaning towards the genuine, real instead of streetwear overhype. Modern tailoring: dynamic and urban, by no means staid.

ModEurop TREND TOPICS summarize the influences in 4 theme worlds:


This theme is defined through new perspectives and striking proportions as well as a new style influenced by tailoring. Meaningful chic. Individual elegance and poise


Bourgeoisie instead of baggy. This is about getting the right dose of tradition and modernity. New and freshly interpreted. Clear the stage for Lady Mania shoulder to shoulder with nature. A theme of axiomatic authenticity


A theme of strong statements about shapes and colours. Grunge and neo rave influences fuel a new style mix - away from bling bling, towards a new style configuration full of self-confidence and power


Technological innovation and sportswear elements mixed with outdoor attributes contribute to a new style dynamism. A cross-gender theme positioned between scaled back sportiness and functionality


In terms of colour, the season ranges from wintry calm to dynamically active. On the one hand, calm, deep and strong brown tones as well as natural beige and green shades play a major role. They are accompanied by slightly dull pastel shades centering on soft mint, rose mud and frosted violet. The counterpart is defined by bright yellow tones from citronella to egg yolk and sun. These are complemented by vibrating shades of blue ranging from clear sky to electric through active blue through to glitch violet. Red supplies the energy, either integrating harmoniously or interrupting by way of a contrast. Neutrality is guaranteed by fencing white, granite, deep steel and black coal, occasionally with a métallisé finish. As for surfaces, we see metallic looks on an equal standing with high-gloss patent finishes. Smooth matt nappa leather enmeshed with fur. Velour surfaces are brought up to date in combinations with rubber elements. Shiny nappa, soft velvety nubuck variants and natural grain patterns also play their part. Innovative vintage finishes are the hallmark of a resurgence of a new interpretation of grunge. Nylon and neoprene variants as well as FlyKnit and Techmesh are presented in a new bright colourful setting.


New perspectives and altered proportions as well as a new type of stylistics define this theme. This highlights the unrestrained desire for something new - be it the revival of tailoring in a new dimension or the selective use of colour unusually powerful shades for winter. Individual elegance and poise.

ESCAPISM | Key looks women

Silhouettes in transition: mega sizes stand on an equal footing with waisted and softly wrapping outfits. Coats and skirts - mostly in knee to midi lengths - dominate the high-necked looks. Tradition with a disruptive effect

Dorian Gray: Dandyism as a style template for masculine suits

Tailoring with a shift in proportions: classic jacket coats in mega sizes, extra-long trousers with extreme leg widths, oversized double-breasted jackets

ESCAPISM | Key facts bags women

• Mini-mania: the continuation of the neck bag, multifunctional miniature bags
• Dimension shift: new bag formats from circular with reach-through grips to drum-shaped on the shoulder bags with multiple carrying options
• Colour flash: classic handbags in full colour as the real eye-catcher of the outfit
• New shape signals: novel formats and grip varieties, such as caskets, flap elements, metal snaps and nylon extensions from the inside
• Belt bag continuum: Belt bags in various formats, for mobile phones, in medium-sized formats as a handbag replacement or as a modular system with exchangeable components
• Massive proportions: Change of silhouettes by shifting the proportions of handles, braided elements, strap elements and chain details
• Empowered python: Python designs are modernized through stripes or combinations with contrasting colours - oversized or downsized
• Shoppers’ paradise: the range of new shoppers extends from tidy and minimalist to decorated and even colourblocking - but always in large format

ESCAPISM | Key looks men

Modern suiting: the classic suit is given live-cell treatment - buttons are replaced by zips, trousers and jacket are combined in different shades, the silhouette is renewed with a casual width

Street influences: Overhead jackets (slip-on blousons) in combination with narrow chinos with an ironed crease, shirt & tie in clay tones with shiny technical pleated trousers

Multipocket utility: angler-style sleeveless jackets with multiple pockets on an equal footing with coats and blousons with a variety of patch pockets

Leathermania: leather allovers for men too - in this case more with a robust biker look

ESCAPISM | Keyfacts bags men

• Business reload: Briefcases with new handle solutions and flap elements, business backpacks in tech neoprene making a minimalist statement, suitcases with matt brushed finish and tone-in-tone closure
• Hands-free forever: Belt bags, tech cases, neck bags and backpacks - in various formats and designs depending on the use
• Multipocket: Pocket vests on the one hand - shoppers with multiple front and side pockets on the other
• Cases: Small-format suitcase and cool box shapes add a humorous touch to the classic forms
• Modern bikers: Duffle bags and camera bags with a biker attitude and striking image or logo applications as well as embossing, stitching and large chain elements


Bourgeoisie instead of baggy. A new calm feeling with a modern kick. Clear the stage for Lady Mania shoulder to shoulder with nature. This is all about chic and class, interpreted in a modern and fresh way. Smart tailoring has learned from sport. Tradition meets utility.

REALISM | Key looks women

New bourgeoisie: white blouse with blazer and loop tie or high-necked blouse under a half-sleeve jumper and knee-length pleated skirt - the antithesis of streetwear

Lady Mania: Suit = skirt and jacket is a thing of the past - the new suit combines dress over trousers, skirt over trousers or a trench look with skirt plus long jacket

Totally skin: from head to toe in leather, softly enveloping trousers, jackets, coats and capes, flowing silhouettes in tonal colours

Cosy nature: soft, voluminous feel-good sweaters combine coarse knitting with finer knitting meshes or play with folkloristic motifs

Belted: Trenchcoats always came with one, coats more and more - belts are now the focus of jackets and baggy coats

Utility: Aviation influences produce suit jackets with bomber jacket elements with a field jacket look and armour style leather jackets with multiple pockets. Combined with overalls and updated cargo pants - next generation outdoor influences Utility:

REALISM | Key facts bags women

• Classic revival: fixed flap pockets with logo clasps and new strap solutions in small rectangular formats with smooth or quilted surfaces - now also translated into belt bags
• Think big: the counter-trend to mini formats - new, megasized shopper formats ranging from plain, through colour blocking to logo jacquard, also as fold-overs and with metal handles
• Paddings: Quilting in all shapes and sizes, from diamonds and stripes to complex surface structures including logo design
• Grunge craft: woollen fabrics with a frayed look in combination with hand stitching as well as fur, ultra-coarse knit and bouclé weaves create a natural look for small shoulder bags, fanny packs and large shopper formats
• En miniature: the trend continues and produces an unending range of new mini editions of classics
• Utility rules: Hands-free as an evergreen. Belt bags in all shapes and sizes and chest bags as a new alternative to the backpack
• Toolkits: Tool bags and equipment cases as a style template for a new generation of camera bags and satchel shapes

REALISM | Key looks men

College Bourgeois: Jacket and trouser combinations tone-in-tone or contrasting, shirt + tie is a must. Duffle variations or coats in college-blouson style. Looks with a touch of self-irony and always with a certain twist

Workwear influence: Tonally coordinated looks in overall style with workwear elements make a sporty and elegant statement

Utility impact: The protagonists here are coats and trousers divided into two distinct colours, blousons in camouflage variants and multipocket cargo pants as well as protection vests

Rangers rule: Outdoor influences remain trend drivers - classic woollen coat combined with mega zip split hooded underjacket. Denim is on the scene again. Contrasting fur lining for parkas in new designs worn over a check suit. Checks are given a new role, as a coat or jacket with material contrasts or as biker trousers. Big and small checks

REALISM | Key facts bags men

• New bourgeoisie: the formats evoke memories of the 80s - the "men's wrist bag" is making a comeback - but with a face-lift and crossover or also worn on a belt. Deliberate new smugness
• Counterpoint: Belt bag or utility pack - the radiant highlight of the look
• Multipocket utility: from pocket vest to "material belt" - Multipocket varieties to keep your hands free hands in ever changing designs
• Explorer: Multipocket backpacks and weekenders with front and side pockets in all shapes and sizes, in techno weaves, with robust leather straps or in open porous leather
• Checked: Backpack, helmet bag and landscape holdalls in large format blanket check variants or patchwork designs


A theme of strong statements when it comes to shapes and colours. Think big is the motto here. In addition, strong impulses from urban hiking and urban outdoor persist. Grunge and neo rave influences are fuelling a new style mix - away from bling bling. Expressive and colourful.

ACTIVISM | Key looks women

Tonal tailoring: full-colour outfits across all looks, be it trousers, jacket, skirt, dress or coat - tone-in-tone as if from the same mould

Strong contrasts: striking black and red contrasts create new radiance for coats and outdoor-inspired leather outfits
Pufferized: Padding in constantly changing volumes for coats and jackets- or even as capes. Fantasy rules

Maximalism: Maximum use of material for jackets, capes, skirts and dresses. Extreme lengths and widths offer a lot of volume for playing with contrasting details

Grunge rave: 90s coupled with futurism. Hot pants plus oversized shiny puffer vests and mega synthetic fur blousons, maxi skirts plus leather jackets under stonewash denim jackets, superslim leather trousers plus spraypaint biker jackets. The varieties are rich and diverse

ACTIVISM | Key facts bags women

• Colour signals: 100% colour flash - full colour for baggy shapes as well as for landscape shoppers and flapover hybrids
• Spot-coloured details: Details with strong contrasts set accentuated colour signals, black and red as the most striking colour scheme. Matt patent elements as well as lettering and logo slogans are still important
• Puffer shapes: they look huge but are as light as a feather. Quilted, padded, inflated - new volumes for rucksacks, shoppers and co.
• XXL Volumes: Megasize shoppers with high-contrast details, always in landscape format
• Outdoor mastermind evolution: Fanny packs are here to stay. Belt bag duos and trios. New features include hybrids of ocean pack and belt bag on a key ring. Classic handbag shapes mutate into chest bags and backpacks.
• Funny face: the front of the bag as an opinion barometer or message board - no matter what size or shape - from handbag to fanny pack, from mini to maxi
• Shape pirates: Suitcases and basecaps are converted into minibags, glasses cases into neck bag hybrids. Backpacks mutate into shoulder bags on long straps and mini formats sparkle with oversized details

ACTIVISM | Key looks men

Retro futurism: Wool meets polyknit. Tracksuits mixed with classic suits and retro check coats. Tonal or high-contrast, always ultra-modern

Sophisticated functionality: Hybrid forms in ever new variations. Trenchcoat elements make boxy shirt jackets look like overhead jackets, rubberised details and zip fasteners give the duffle coat futuristic-functional traits. Enhanced by glossy material. Active wear of the highest level

Bubble volumes: The puffer jacket becomes the puffer coat 3.0 - in ever new types of quilting and innovatively designed as a type of duffle coat. A slim suit underneath for a completely new look

Colour codes: Knitted sweaters with ring stripes in rich colour contrasts are on an equal footing with full-colour nylon coats with an outdoor look

ACTIVISM | Key facts bags men

• Retro futurism: Hybrids of neck bag and fanny pack are transformed into harnesses with all sorts of belt and buckle elements - back at the starting line again - the one-shoulder backpack
• Sporty attitude: High-gloss surfaces rejuvenate casual backpacks and outdoor-inspired multipacks as well as matchbag variants. High tension is created through combinations with matt neoprene or nylon elements
• Volume shifters: Backpacks imitate puffer jackets and neck packs fluff themselves up with a quilted front pocket
• Hybrid travel solutions: the skate bag turns into a one-day-travel kit with multiple zippers. The double bass case mutates into a hard shell suitcase and the cabin case becomes an electric scooter
• Colour geometrics: New colour block in strong contrasts - yellow to black, black to blue-white or red to black. Contrasting zip pullers


Gender-neutral, cross-seasonal and beyond all conventions. Completely new terrain, free of categories. New mindsets and technical innovations open up possibilities not yet dreamt of - not only in the production of new materials.

PLURALISM | Key Looks gender-free

Working class: workers’ overalls serve as a source of inspiration for one or two-piece suits, occasionally with reflective piping. The streetwear idea continued

Black & White: black and white contrasts lend a casual air to classics such as V-neck sweaters or trousers with galon stripes

Cool formal: the fusion of sportswear with formal wear leads to a new style. Tracksuit jacket as a "blouse", pencil skirt with sporty side stripes combined with a double-breasted blazer or suit trousers with a drawstring combined with a multi-pocket jacket

PLURALISM | Key facts bags gender-free

• Translucent plastic: when the Kelly bag is finally converted into plastic, the plasticizing process seems to have no end in sight. Plastic, increasingly banned from everyday life, as the new luxury product?
• Utility interpretations: “chest bags", multipocket fannypacks and crossover mini formats constantly redesigned and inspired by handbags and parachute packs
• Techno rules: Surfaces that look as if they come from robotics research, faceting and 3D effects provide a new design language for small formats. High-tech carabiners translate this look for shoppers and co
• Full colour signals: Yellow, red or blue - Full colour for all formats from backpack to duffle, drawstring bag shapes to fanny pack. For suitcases, too - handles, poles, locks and castors included
• Formal sports: Leather and nylon backpacks with various colour block elements present themselves with a formal look. Portfolio bags are given a causal touch with colour-blocking
• Hybridization: Backpacks mutate into one-shoulder packs, shoppers become belt bags
• Camouflage: the winter evergreen constantly redesigned for shoppers, campacks and backpacks

ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1393)
Voices from the ILM

"The Corona virus presents a real problem for the industry. I hope that the situation changes quickly. Fear basically does not give good advice. I think it's very good that the fair took place. We worked very well with everyone who came to the ILM, but it cannot be denied that buyers from the big corporations, as well as some smaller dealers were missing".
Stefan Bruder, Abro

"Contrary to all of our reservations beforehand, the ILM exceeded our expectations. We had a lot of appointments and even welcomed some new customers. The customers who did not come to the ILM ordered via our lookbooks. Overall, retailers’ purchases are more fashionable and bolder than in the past. We are selling fewer basics. The topic of sustainability, reflected in our products in water-based PU and recycled materials, for example, is very popular, especially with online retailers".
Dave de Boer, Coccinelle, Guess, Valentino and others.

"This is our first time at the ILM with our "Super Store Concept". We are creating a real wow effect with our products, some of which are limited editions. The concept aims to surprise customers in the high street retail stores. Every customer who came to our stand ended up ordering something."
Thomas Goetz, Super Store (P4 Marketing)

"We weren’t sure right up to the last minute whether the ILM would even take place, but now things are going really well. The mood is good. Overall, we are positively surprised. There are a lot of representatives from the German specialised trade, but we have had some cancellations from abroad. We address the topic of sustainability through our polycarbonate cases “made in Germany”, for example, as well as extensive sales training. This is well received by the trade."
Jasmine Mix, Titan

"The mood is really good. The dealers who came to the ILM were all completely relaxed. The majority of cancellations were from Germany and Switzerland. A lot of dealers came to our showroom instead or ordered via the video conferences which we organised ourselves for the occasion. We were strictly against postponing the fair. That wouldn't have done anybody any good. We were struck by how worried our customers are that people are not going into the cities and the shops. There is a huge fear of the Corona virus and this is doing a great deal of economic damage."
Georg Picard, Picard

"The ILM enables us to work efficiently. The distances are very short and we meet the majority of our suppliers here. For us, the ILM is the only true trade fair for bags, nationally and internationally.
André Schmied, Leder Schmied, Lucerne (Switzerland)

"The idea of Concept Square is great. The area where we are exhibiting offers perfect conditions for meeting new customers. The Concept Square is a meeting point"
Dominik Dornfels, Airpaq

"As far as I’m concerned, the ILM was like winning the lottery. The Concept Square gave me the unique opportunity to meet dealers from a lot of different countries. It was a great start. In addition, the Concept Square is an ideal place to exchange ideas with colleagues and learn from each other.
Karola Rinke, Rasennäher

"The ILM is excellently organised. The fair is also very well positioned when it comes to social media. The ILM Instagram account is really well done. You don't get that kind of thing at many other fairs."
Rita Balta, Bal Designs

"Our new presentation was very well received. The open, transparent stand and the interpretation of a travel brand as a lifestyle product are viewed positively by customers. As far as our products are concerned, our positioning between technology and sustainability catches the spirit of the times.
Axel Bree, Stratic

"It was important for us to be here. We are very pleased that the ILM took place. These days, time has to be judged with reason and proportionality. Everyone is required to play their part. We'll have to see how it goes from here. But we can't all stay at home for the next two months."
Christiane Brunk, Braun Büffel

"For us, the ILM is the most important trade fair in the leather goods and luggage sector. We visit our regular suppliers here, but also constantly discover new and exciting brands.
Jean-Marc Sanz, Cantoë Group, Saint-Nazaire (France)

ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1392)

152nd ILM in Offenbach:
Leather goods fair feels the impact of the Corona virus

  • Fewer visitors: Corona virus slows down trade fair business

  • More communication: exciting lectures and discussions

  • More courage: Retailers are looking for fashionable products and merchandising ideas

The 152nd International Leather Goods Fair ILM took place as scheduled in Offenbach from 29 February to 2 March 2020. Around 300 German and international exhibitors from the bags, accessories, school satchels, umbrellas and luggage sectors presented their new collections for the autumn/winter 2020/21 season.

The course of the fair reflects the current difficult situation worldwide surrounding the corona virus epidemic: the fear of infection already led to around 20 cancellations from exhibitors at short notice just before the ILM. As expected, however, the number of visitors also fell short of the usual, very good figures. "We are very pleased that the fair was able to take place at all", says Arnd Hinrich Kappe, Managing Director of Messe Offenbach. "Of course, we had fewer visitors. But the exhibitors are reporting good business with everyone who came to Offenbach". After the three days of the trade fair, Arnd Hinrich Kappe estimates that the drop in visitor numbers was 41%. Buyers from the big companies, in particular, but also smaller dealers, stayed away from the fair this time.

The health of exhibitors and visitors is the ILM's top priority. “The decision to go ahead with the fair was taken on an objective level and in close cooperation with the municipal health authorities", said Arnd Hinrich Kappe in defence of the decision. High security requirements, including admission restrictions for exhibitors and visitors from particularly high risk areas, along with additional hygiene measures, ensured greater safety in the halls. As a precautionary measure, the hygiene measures for heavily frequented areas such as entrances, door handles, etc. were increased even more compared to the already high standard. Additional disinfectant dispensers were also installed around the grounds.

The majority of exhibitors also considered the decision to go ahead with the ILM to be the right one. Christiane Brunk from Braun Büffel said: "For us it was important to be here and to meet our customers. On the first day of the fair we were really busy even."

"We are positively surprised and had a lot of visitors at our stand every day," summed up Jasmin Mix from the suitcase specialist Titan. Product innovations focussing on sustainability aroused a lot of curiosity in the run-up to the fair. Georg Picard from Picard confirms the positive basic trend under the circumstances: "Postpone the fair? That wouldn't have done anybody any good. The mood is good. The retailers who came to Offenbach were completely relaxed." However, the situation in the retail sector is a major concern for exhibitors. The previous restrictions on consumption due to the "Greta effect" have now been ignited even further by concerns about corona virus infection. "Many retailers fear that now even fewer customers will come to the cities," says Picard.

Communication & Inspiration

Increasing customer frequency and finding new ways of addressing customers were among the top themes in the significantly expanded ILM framework programme. Inspiring lectures and exciting discussion rounds presented the trade with a wealth of ideas as to how to stimulate business with bags and accessories. Inspiration on the floor, too: There was a lot of demand from buyers for attractive product presentations, new merchandising ideas as well as concrete proposals for exciting customer events and they found what they were looking for. "We shouldn’t keep thinking of trade fairs merely as a product show, as was once the case, but have to change and think and act with the user in mind.” But Arnd Hinrich Kappe is also convinced that “Apart from that, the trade fair must be transformed from an exhibition venue into a place of experience". The after-work parties at the end of the trade fair days were the scene of lively talks between exhibitors and visitors.

A lot of exciting impulses came out of the Concept Square: New brands and interesting start-ups are concentrated in this modern and communicatively designed area. There was a lot of praise for the "Communication Desk", a kind of counter and service point offering visitors and exhibitors ideal conditions for working and/or viewing digital product presentations.

At the ILM's runway shows the focus was on new products in the bag and luggage collections. The stylishly staged shows by Bettina von Bassewitz of showzone, divided into the areas "Bag World" and "Travel World", were full of useful inspirations for the Autumn/Winter 2020/21 order season. Apart from an attractive look, added value plays an important role in the choice of products.

Lightness, function and colour are the central themes in luggage. Lot of fashion diversity among the new bags: In addition to nano bags and boxy, medium sized formats, XL bags with "slouchy" shapes are becoming more popular. "Caramel is the number one colour, but we are also seeing more and more darker brown tones," says Stefan Bruder from Abro. "Overall, customers are buying fewer basics and paying more attention to fashion. All shades of red are selling really well, but also cream and dusky pink," says Dave de Boer, who came to the ILM with brands such as Coccinelle, Guess, Valentino etc. The company has been recording remarkably strong growth in the men's bags segment for some time now.

The industry is also concerned with the issue of sustainability. Retailers are demanding more recycled materials, e.g. nylon from PET bottles, but also new types of water-based PU materials. The trade fair itself also focuses heavily on the broad topic of sustainability. Arnd Hinrich Kappe stated: "We have commissioned a management consultancy to analyse us so that we are brutally confronted with the green fingerprint of the fair. And we do this quite consciously as our aim is to make our claim to sustainability credible. We want to become even better every day! “

Summary: Despite all adverse circumstances, the ILM, even in its 152nd year, still remains a key date in the calendar of the leather goods, luggage and fashion industries. Reliability also means reliable and timely planning. The next ILM will be held in Offenbach from 5 to 7 September 2020. The collections for spring/summer 2021 will then be presented.

ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1391)


Report Presented at ILM by Manfred Junkert, Managing Director of the
Federal Association of the German Footwear and Leather Goods Industry

• Slight decline in sales in the German leather goods and luggage industry
• Increase in export value of leather handbags
• Current developments on foreign markets restrict planning certainty

Development in sales and employment

Sales revenues in 2019 fell by 2.5 percent from EUR 613.0 to EUR 597.7 million. Almost 70 percent of the turnover of German leather goods and suitcase manufacturers is generated in Germany. Domestic sales in 2019 fell by 1.1 percent to EUR 410.6 million year-over-year.

Compared with foreign business, however, German domestic business is a guarantee for stability. In 2019, German companies in the leather goods and luggage industry generated revenues of EUR 187.1 million abroad. This represents a decrease of 5.4 percent compared to 2018. Manufacturers are struggling with falling margins and the necessity to invest mainly in their IT infrastructure in order to keep pace with digitalization, but sustainability also has its price.

In 2019, the number of employees fell by 2.7 percent to 1,472 employees compared to 2018. These statistics refer to companies with 50 or more employees. Despite declining revenues, the companies are holding on to their employees because of the shortage of skilled staff. Many companies are looking for and recruiting employees for the field of IT and e-commerce in order to be able to operate in the various distribution channels. The actual number of employees in the German leather goods and luggage industry is much higher at around 3,000.


Manufacturing prices for leather goods and luggage increased by an average of 0.3 percent in 2019 compared to 2018. This means that the increase in manufacturing prices for leather goods and luggage is significantly below the increase in prices in the manufacturing industry as a whole where a year-over-year increase of 1.1 percent was recorded.

In 2019, consumer prices for luggage and bags developed at a similar level as the consumer price overall. While consumer prices for school satchels, rucksacks, suitcases and travel bags rose by between one and two percent (school satchels and backpacks: + 1.8 percent; suitcases and travel bags: + 1.4 percent), consumer prices for handbags and shoulder bags increased by 2.3 percent. As in 2018, the prices for wallets also fell in 2019. Year-over-year, the consumer price for wallets dropped by 0.9 percent. Overall, consumer prices for all goods rose by 1.4 percent in 2019.

Foreign trade


Germany exported leather goods and luggage for a value of around EUR 2.1 billion in 2019. In the previous year the value of exports totalled EUR 2.0 billion. This represents a rise of 3.7 percent. The most important buying countries in 2019 were Switzerland (EUR 216.9 million), France (EUR 208.0 million) and Poland (EUR 198.9 million). The value of goods exported to Switzerland and Poland increased in 2019 compared with 2018 (Switzerland: + 8.5 percent; Poland: + 35.3 percent). In France, a decline of 2.7 percent was recorded. In 2019, Switzerland was the most important buying country of leather goods and suitcases from Germany, accounting for 10.1 percent of the total export value.

As in previous years, the majority of exports of leather goods and luggage from Germany are to member states of the European Union. In 2019, they accounted for 64.8 percent of total exports of leather goods and suitcases from Germany. The export value achieved in these countries amounted to EUR 1.39 billion in 2019, an increase of 2.9 percent compared with 2018. In 2018 the value of exports to European countries totalled EUR 1.35 billion. Exports of leather goods and suitcases from Germany to the United Kingdom declined in 2019 compared with 2018. Whereas leather goods and suitcases worth EUR 139.6 million were exported to the United Kingdom in 2018, the export value fell by 6.3 percent to EUR 130.8 million in 2019.

Exports to the main Asian export markets developed in different directions. Whereas exports of leather goods and suitcases to China have increased (+ 7.4 percent to EUR 78 million), the export value of leather goods and suitcases from Germany to South Korea has fallen by 5.5 percent to EUR 46 million. There has been a sharp increase in exports to Japan. The value of exported leather goods rose by 41.7 percent from EUR 30 to 42 million. The EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement has been in force since 2019. Part of the agreement is to dismantle tariffs. In the case of leather goods, tariffs in general are to be dismantled over a period of up to ten years.

The travel trend continues, which is also reflected in the export of leather goods and suitcases. As in previous years, textile travel and sports bags are the product group with the highest export volume in terms of value in 2019. A total of EUR 259.8 million worth of textile travel bags were exported from Germany in 2019, which represents an increase of 11.1 percent year-over-year. 12.1 percent of the total export volume of leather goods and suitcases from Germany. A similar development can be seen in suitcases and carry-on luggage made of moulded plastic and aluminium. While the export value of suitcases and carry-on luggage made of moulded plastic rose by 7.5 percent to EUR 133 million in 2019, the export value of aluminium suitcases and carry-on luggage rose by 22.4 percent to EUR 99.9 million year-over-year.

Handbag exports

In 2019, 18.8 million handbags with a total value of EUR 379.2 million were exported from Germany. Compared with 2018, the number of units exported rose by 5.7 percent to 18.8 million units. The value of exported handbags increased at a similar level. This increased by 4.7 percent from EUR 362.1 to EUR 379.2 million. The average price of an exported handbag in 2019 was EUR 20.11 This represents a decline of 1.0 percent compared with 2018. In 2018, the average price of a handbag exported from Germany was EUR 20.30.

Whereas the export of leather handbags from Germany in 2019 has declined compared with 2018, the share of exports of plastic and textile handbags has increased (leather handbags: - 4.5 percent to 3.5 million units; handbags made of plastic film: + 4.1 percent to 11.0 million units; textile handbags: + 15.8 percent to 4.1 million units). Export values, on the other hand, have increased for all three types of handbags. The export value of leather handbags rose slightly by 0.9 percent year-over-year, from EUR 213.0 to EUR 214.9 million. There was a significant increase in the value of handbags made of plastic film and other materials (+ 13.0 percent to EUR 117.5 million). Despite a high increase in the number of textile handbags exported, the export value only rose by 3.5 percent to EUR 46.6 million.

This is reflected in the average prices of handbags exported from Germany. The average price of a textile handbag exported from Germany fell by 10.6 percent from EUR 12.48 to EUR 11.16 between 2018 and 2019. For both leather and plastic handbags, there are increases in the average export price. Average export prices for leather handbags rose by 5.7 percent from EUR 56.73 to EUR 59.94 year-over-year, and for plastic handbags from EUR 9.94 to EUR 10.60. This represents a rise of 6.7 percent.


Compared with 2018, the value of total imports of leather goods, suitcases and luggage increased by 5.5 percent in 2019. The value of imported goods rose from EUR 3.55 to EUR 3.75 billion. Handbags made of leather continue to have the greatest significance in the total import value of leather goods with a share of 14.0 percent. The unbroken enthusiasm for travel in Germany is reflected in increases in imports of travel goods, similar to the rise in exports. Year-over-year, the import value of travel bags with a textile exterior rose by 13.0 percent from EUR 426.9 to EUR 482.3 million. This corresponds to a 12.9 percent share of the total import value of leather goods and suitcases. In the same period, the import value of suitcases and carry-on luggage made of moulded plastic increased by 16.5 percent from EUR 213.9 to just under EUR 250 million.

China is still the most important supplier country for leather goods and suitcases for the German market. Last year, leather goods and luggage worth EUR 1.51 billion were imported into Germany. This represents a rise of 6.3 percent. China‘s share of the total import value of leather goods and luggage into Germany rose from 40.0 to 40.3 percent.

The share of leather goods and travel items imported from Italy has fallen from 14.5 to 14.1 percent. At the same time, the value of imported leather goods from Italy rose by 2.7 percent from EUR 515.6 to EUR 529.7 million year-over-year. The third most important supplier country of leather goods and cases is Vietnam. Their import value rose by 5.7 percent to EUR 279.2 million. Other important suppliers of leather goods and suitcases such as France, India and Poland recorded increases in value (France: + 15.2 percent to EUR 271.0 million; India: + 5.3 percent to EUR 255.4; Poland: + 21.9 percent to EUR 102.6 million). The value of imports from the Netherlands declined by 5.0 percent to EUR 112.6 million in 2018 compared with 2019.

Handbag imports

In 2019, a total of 48.4 million handbags were imported into Germany, an increase of 2.1 percent compared with 2018. The value of imported handbags rose more noticeably by 4.0 percent. The import value increased from EUR 877.9 to EUR 913.4 million. The average price of an imported handbag was EUR 18.85 in 2019. This means that the average price of an imported handbag in Germany rose by 1.9 percent across all material types.

While 7.5 million leather handbags were imported to Germany in 2018, in 2019 it was only 7.2 million. This represents a decrease of 4.1 percent. The number of imported plastic handbags also fell (- 2.0 percent to 27.3 million units). Imports of textile handbags, on the other hand, reported a clear increase. Year-over-year, the number of units imported rose by 15.6 percent to 13.8 million units.

As in previous years, increases in the import value of leather handbags and plastic handbags can be observed in 2019 compared with 2018. The value of imported leather handbags increased by 3.3 percent from EUR 509.2 to EUR 525.0 million. In the same period, the import value of plastic handbags rose by 7.8 percent from EUR 243.2 to EUR 262.2 million. The value of imported textile handbags in 2019 fell slightly by 0.3 percent to EUR 125.1 million compared with 2018.

Year-over-year increases in the average prices of imported handbags could be recorded in 2019 for leather handbags and textile handbags. The average price of a leather handbag imported into Germany in 2019 rose from EUR 67.49 to EUR 72.74. This corresponds to an increase in the average price of 7.8 percent. The average price increase of imported plastic handbags is in double digits at 10.1 percent. The average price of 9.58 EUR remains in the single figures. For textile bags, a sharp decrease in the average price can be observed. The average price of a textile handbag imported into Germany fell by 13.7 percent to EUR 9.03.


According to the latest HDS/L economic survey of German leather goods and luggage manufacturers, a large majority of German leather goods and luggage manufacturers expect revenues to remain constant or fall in 2020 compared with 2019. No positive impetus from export business is expected in 2020. Nearly two thirds of the companies forecast a stable profit situation for 2020. Increasing digitalization is affecting the distribution channels of manufacturers: On average, German leather goods and suitcase manufacturers generate almost eight percent of their sales via e-commerce. The stationary retail is still extremely important. On average, about 75 percent of sales are generated via wholesale.

The latest ifo economic review predicts that business in the industry in Germany will remain stable in the next six months. Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, business development was therefore expected to remain stable in 2020. At present, the extent of the negative impact on both the German and Chinese economies cannot be assessed. We expect that consumption in China in 2020 will be at a significantly lower level compared with 2019, due to the virus.

The changes in European and international trade policy are posing ever greater challenges to manufacturers‘ supply chains. At least we now know for certain that Brexit is happening. While the future shape of the UK‘s relationship with the EU-27 remains open, the consequences of Britain‘s withdrawal from the EU are complex, but Brexit is only one of a series of aspects that are central to the success of our industry: unimpeded access to global markets and the openness of supply and value chains. Other current challenges include the corona virus, and trade disputes between the USA and China.

In the international and increasingly digital field of competition, the quality of the product is still a decisive criterion. Expertise and knowledge of the employees are crucial factors. The pattern maker course being offered by Offenbach am Main Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) in cooperation with the HDS/L, scheduled to start in May, is just one initiative to expand the skills of the employees.

ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1390)

Federal Association of the German
Leather Goods Retail Trade (BLE)
Report presented at ILM Winter Styles Fair in Offenbach

Stable leather goods market

Although 2019 was a challenging year for the leather goods industry, it closed satisfactorily. The BLE estimates that the entire retail trade was able to maintain or even slightly increase the previous year's sales levels. Initial forecasts indicate that bags, suitcases, satchels and small leather items worth EUR 2.7 billion were sold to customers last year. This figure includes all the different sales channels, from specialised retailers to online trade and even food discounters.

However, trends within the various sales channels differ. Axel Augustin, managing director of the BLE, commented that "the traditional leather goods retail trade will probably report a very slight loss of turnover in the last year of about one percent". Albeit individual figures here sometimes diverge widely. The losses and gains among leather goods retailers will probably roughly cancel each other out. "Unfortunately, Christmas business in particular was often disappointing” Mr. Augustin explained.

The mono-label stores of luxury brands, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton or Rimowa, which benefit particularly strongly from the growing shopping tourism business, seem to have fared somewhat better. This is indicated by the latest data from the Federal Statistical Office, which has calculated a provisional increase in turnover of 1.2 per cent in 2019 for all "retail stores selling predominantly leather goods".

Online trade is again expected to report above-average growth. The BLE assumes that in 2019 the increase will be in the mid single-digit percentage range again. However, there are losers in this market segment as well. Mr. Augustin estimates: "Nevertheless, the share of revenues generated by online shops is likely to have exceeded the 20 percent mark".

There has also been a general increase in competition from the textile and shoe trade. This is particularly visible in the fashion sector, where the fashion trade has increased its share of revenues. On the other hand, luggage, small leather goods, backpacks and school items remain the domain of the specialist leather goods trade and sales continued to stabilise here in 2019.

The industry is currently feeling the negative impact of the uncertainties surrounding the corona virus. On the one hand, there is concern about the general state of the economy, which could lead to a weakening of consumer demand in Germany. On the other hand, problems in the supply chain cannot be ruled out and this could hinder the supply of goods. Today’s leather goods industry is globally organised, so that supply bottlenecks in China can also cause difficulties for German and European brands. "The BLE expects intensive discussions between trade and industry at the ILM," said Augustin.

Note: According to the latest sales tax statistics, the leather goods retail trade comprised a total of 1,306 companies in 2017, which together achieved gross sales of around 1.3 billion euros.

ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1389)
ILM Opens Today

  • Trend and order platform fully booked again
  •  International brand mix on the increase
  • Information & communication stronger than ever

The International Leather Goods Fair ILM is a meeting place for everyone involved in the bags, accessories and luggage industry. The trade fair is a fixed date in the leather industry calendar and the upcoming event is also set to maintain its unique position in the market. Due to the outbreak of corona virus, unsteady exhibitor and visitor numbers are to be expected. The leather goods and luggage industry is meeting up in Offenbach from 29th February to 2nd March 2020 to place their orders. Around 300 exhibitors, including 60 new companies, will be presenting their collections for the 2020/21 autumn/winter season on an area of 20,000 square metres. "All the well-known German and international brands fly their flags in Offenbach. Around 60% of exhibitors come from abroad, and the trend is rising," Arnd Hinrich Kappe said, Managing Director of Messe Offenbach, emphasising the international importance of the ILM.

A great brand mix.

The carefully curated range of products leaves nothing to be desired in terms of brand and product diversity. Retailers can look forward to a good mix of well-known, established brands as well as a host of new, individual collections. The "Concept Square" promises some exciting innovations and creativity. ILM designed this space with its integrated "Communication Desk" to offer newcomers and start-ups the perfect platform for contacting potential business partners. The wide range of products at the ILM includes bags, small leather goods, suitcases, travel and leisure bags, business and school items, as well as umbrellas, gloves, belts and fashionable accessories.

Show, convention & order platform.

One of the hallmarks of an efficient trade fair is an inspiring framework programme. "That’s one reason why we have consciously developed the ILM's convention character and expanded the number of talks," Arnd Hinrich Kappe explained.

Nine talks and panel discussions on very topical market issues such as e-commerce, store architecture, visual merchandising and product design provide visitors with expert know-how and a wealth of practical ideas for livening up their online and stationary businesses.

"It's Showtime" is the motto when the highlights of the new collections are presented live on stage. The two ILM Runway Shows "Bag World" and "Travel World", choreographed by Bettina von Bassewitz / showzone, are held twice daily in the Event Centre. The trend presentations and the ILM Lookbook, designed to accompany the shows, also provide a lot of useful order tips and fashion know-how.

Let’s talk!

The ILM knows that people like to get together to share ideas and network after the fair. So on Saturday and Sunday from 6 pm everyone is invited to the After Work Party in the trade fair lobby - exhibitors and visitors alike are all very welcome.

Key information at a glance:

Opening times:

29 February to 2 March 2020 daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (trade visitors only)

Framework programme:

Daily: Talks, panel discussions and Runway Shows

ILM After Work Parties

Saturday and Sunday 29 February and 1 March 2020, from 6 pm in the trade fair lobby.

ILM talks in the Event Centre, Level C3:

daily “Trend presentation autumn/winter 2020/21"

1:30 pm I Martin Wuttke, nextguruNow

Saturday, 29 February 2020

"Online distribution opportunities for bag dealers illustrated by the example of Taschen24"

11:30 am I Dr. Benner, Taschen24

"The store as a temporary living space - stationary retail in the new decade"

12:45 pm I Ellen Wigner, erlebe wigner!

“brand & space in a digital age”

1:45 pm I Katharina Fischer + Sebastian Hoppe, Schwitzke ID

“Don't be afraid of Amazon - the message from retailers who know their customers"

5 pm I Panel discussion with Sabine Spieler, Maren Zumkley (Zumkley Pelletteria), Jürgen Gaiser (blocher partners), Dr. Joachim Stoll (

Sunday, 1 March 2020

"Online distribution opportunities for bag dealers illustrated by the example of Taschen24"

11:30 am I Dr. Benner, Taschen24

“The Future of Materials: Potential Pathways Towards Sustainable Material World”

12:45 pm I Pirjo Kääriäinen, Aalto University

“Superstore - Integrated solutions for the retail industry“

1:45 pm I Mr Feske + Mr Goetz, P4 Marketing

“Fashion Forecast spring/summer 2021"

5 pm I Martin Wuttke, HDS/L Monday, 2 March 2020

“Added value through integrated electronics in (leather) products”

10:30 am I Ronny Weis, ISC Germany

Prices/ fair catalogue:

Day ticket: EUR 12
3-day ticket: EUR 18

Tickets may be purchased online at after prior registration. The fair catalogue can be ordered from Messe Offenbach about two weeks before the fair for a dispatch/handling charge. The catalogue is available free of charge at the trade fair.

ILM - Leather Goods & Accessories Show - Offenbach Germany (Z1388)
Current information about the ILM

Dear editors,

the ILM takes place as scheduled from 29th February to 2nd March 2020!
Due to the current situation regarding the novel corona virus, the City Health Office of Offenbach consulted the highest Hessian and German health authorities and has undertaken a risk assessment for the International Leather Goods Fair (ILM) from 29.02.-02.03.2020.

The medical officer has decided that the International Leather Goods Fair (ILM) will take place as planned.

Trade Only

Trade Only
Trade Only
ILM VIRTUAL ORDER SHOW will take place again April 10 to 12
Physical ILM cannot be held in April 2021.
Trade Only
Trade Only
Micam Live Show
Cancelled due to Covid.
Trade Only
Trade Only
Trade Only
Trade Only
For information about our Promote A Show & Company simply use our: Contact Form
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Another political decision will be made end of March at the earliest. As we have no reliable information from the authorities, the physical ILM cannot be held in April 2021. ILM VIRTUAL ORDER SHOW will take place again April 10 to 12
Micam Live Show
Cancelled due to Covid.


Another political decision will be made end of March at the earliest. As we have no reliable information from the authorities, the physical ILM cannot be held in April 2021. ILM VIRTUAL ORDER SHOW will take place again April 10 to 12
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