History leads us to believe ‘Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers’ had to catch and search for everything they ate moving from place to place in search of food to survive.

At first using sharpened sticks before progressing to bows, arrows and spears tipped with flint or bone. On a diet of nuts, fruit, dug up roots and fish caught using nets and harpoons; Stone Age people would cut up their food with sharp stones and cook over an open fire.  

After a good days hunting and feasting they would use animal skins to make clothes and shelters.

No doubt they shared food with each other often bartering what they had caught, captured or created.

According to the Bible God made Adam and then Eve, Eve tempted Adam with an apple and the rest is history... 
Was this the first barter in exchange for knowledge?

Fast forward to the 21st century and ‘hunter gatherers’ are no more, nor is bartering the common practice.

Today we live in a world governed by commerce where everything has a price, but first it has to be grown and then converted in a commodity which then through numerous channels can be sold and delivered to consumers. Labour costs have been suppressed through globalisation, logistics and transport systems have evolved to deliver goods across the globe to large storage facilities before being sold on via complex and diverse sales networks to users.

Could this be about to change?

Coming soon!


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