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Here in the UK we are known for having a stiff upper lip, putting on a brave face, and convincing ourselves that it’ll be alright in the end, etc… Sayings? Love them or hate them they are part of our culture and something we British should celebrate and certainly not brush aside.

One such saying, When the going gets tough, the tough get going, really does sum up being British. In our PostIT series of Being human is to be creativewe suggested that when the going gets tough the tough go online! We think nothing of Googling for information, Zooming to meet up with friends, buying and even selling online, etc. When news of Coronavirus broke it seems that the tough did get going! Okay some would argue that difficult decisions were not taken fast enough, others felt the wrong action was implemented; many were bewildered with just what was unfolding in the UK and across the world. Covid-19 was then characterised as a pandemic and lockdown introduced. Social distancing, self isolation, wearing of face masks, use of hand sanitsers, travel restrictions, were all put in place and soon to become known as a normal part of current life. The race was on for drug companies to develop a vaccine which would activate a persons natural immune system to develop anti-bodies in order to fight corona virus and it s variants.The latest being the Brazilian variant P1 we hear today.

My question: Why is it that we allow ourselves as a society to arrive at such a position where serious action has to be taken because the going has become extremely tough, in fact life threatening? Surely it s better to be in total control of any situation? Better to be pro-active and not just re-active? Of course nobody could have foreseen Coronavirus coming, or could they?

I can t help but think that as a nation we Brits are now being forced to toughen up
. Covid-19 has brought the country almost too its knees. It s great that we can celebrate the success of drug companies having developed appropriate vaccines. Well over 20 million first dose vaccinations having been carried out to date and over well over 122,000 deaths recorded. When the going gets tough the tough get going!

Of course we are not alone. Coronavirus has brought Europe and the rest of the world to their knees also.
Whilst everyone focuses on Coronavirus the UK s business community is facing tough challenges not just to remain in business but also the challenges that Brexit has created.

Whether one embraces change or not it has been forced upon UK and European businesses. Brexit, it seems, has created a completely unfair playing field that one is led to believe is a Free Trade Agreementwith Europe.

Like the need to create a vaccine to fight Coronavirus politicians in the UK and Europes member states need to get to grips with a situation they have created!

Globalisation appears to have created a totally unbalanced and unfair world, in my opinion and the current Free Trade Agreementwith Europe needs to be addressed. When UK politicians suggest that British companies should relocate to Europe to continue doing business; when they suggest that companies should be looking to develop new markets outside the Euro Zone; one has to ask questions. Coronavirus and Brexit present the biggest challenges to the UK and its people.

PCDS Review have focused on promoting live trade fair events predominantly in Germany and Italy. Todays events are being cancelled, postponed and new dates re-scheduled due to Coronavirus. Digital show rooms, online conferences are now being brought into play and their inevitable development has been accelerated, as show organisers respond to the new market conditions. The internet has become the life-line for future business success, that is until Coronavirus has been eradicated. Businesses are facing the reality that it maybe some time before traditional trade events will return. Over the past year companies have been and are continuing to face serious challenges with many fighting for the survival of fair grounds and trade show events. 

Brexit – The BIG Challenge!

Brexit was presented to the British people as regaining sovereignty and free trade with the EU, but for many it has become a nightmare. Instead of free trade it is anything but! Both EU and UK businesses and consumers are losing out. Has bureaucracy gone mad? Aimed at protecting industries, peoples livelihoods and safety, it seems to be completely the opposite.

According to: Independent 11.02.2021

Half of British exporters to the EU are reporting difficulties with Brexit red tape and border disruption one month on from the end of the transition period, a survey has found.

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said companies cited concerns about increased administration, costs, delays, and confusion about which rules to follow when asked how they were coping with the new system.

BCC director-general Adam Marshall warned that the UKs hopes of a strong economic recovery from the corona-virus pandemic had been hit hard by changes at the border”.

Its OK to say When the going gets tough, the tough get going
, let s hope that both Corona-Virus and Brexit will be brought under control, sooner than later!

Kindest regards,

Bharti and Philip  


New PCDS Review Campaign

This year PCDS Review introduces a Newcampaign under the title PostITto encourage, inspire and challenge our readers during these dark days of lockdown. Were using social media platforms LinkedInand FaceBookto broadcast PostIT.

Being human is to be creative...

Week 6 – When the going gets tough – The tough get going go online – Digital, Virtual, Video...

Week 7 – You can t teach an old dog New tricks – When needs must YOU can!

Week 8 – A little of what you fancy does you good! In moderation of course during lockdown!

Week 9 – Better late than never, but never late is better! However, it s never too late to take a new direction!

We ll publish a NEW ’ ‘PostIT thought every week; we hope to inspire you.


2021 is a year of opportunity to address fundamental issues facing the world. Naturally issues which have been evolving over many years will not be resolved overnight. They are numerous and complex, and varied in every way. The Coronavirus and the ensuing pandemic maybe at the top of the current agenda but Eco Friendly, Sustainability and Social Responsibility issues also need to be addressed.

PCDS Review is therefore championing JO
. We ll be challenging manufacturers and producers to adopt a Code of Practicethat could ultimately change consumer purchasing habits making the world a safer and better place for future generations. When some businesses are actively looking beyond our solar system to provide solutions to many issues being faced by the world well be asking businesses to focus on using the worlds resources more efficiently; making the best use of the available energy in a more productive way; utilising human resources more humanely and effectively; ultimately leading consumers into creating societies that are truly more sustainable worldwide.

Together lets be creative and make it happen!

We will be publishing more information about JOsoon and if you are up for the challenge wed love to hear from you simply email: and share your views with us.



Savvy buyers could soon be looking for the 'JO' mark when shopping.

Later this year we will be inviting businesses to take up the 'JO' challenge and become licensees. If successful they'll be permitted to use the 'JO' logo in their marketing activities.

They'll receive a 'JO' Certificate and be listed in the 'JO' International Trust Mark register.

'JO' licensees will commit to: Sustainability, ECO-Friendly and Social Responsibility.

The ‘New’ concept under development by PCDS Review aims to give manufacturers, producers and service providers the opportunity to demonstrate their contribution to saving the planet by committing to an extremely tough 'Code of Practice'.

If you would like to know more about the 'JO' initiative simply get in touch via our Contact Form

JO’ The International Trust Mark for today's businesses making a stand for a fairer and more balanced society!

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