Dear Reader,

Let us be the first to wish you a 'Happy New and Prosperous Year'!
We remain very positive for what 2021 will bring.

"It's time to navigate a new course and get ready to set sail as new adventure waits. Covid-19 has force lockdowns across the world and economies have stalled. Key workers have been praised for maintaining services throughout the pandemic, whilst others furloughed or made redundant. Now social distancing and wearing PPE is quite normal. A new normal emerges where businesses are forced to curtail their operations, alter working arrangements and fight for survival. Recession is becoming a reality, the outlook challenging, but we remain optimistic about the future. We invite you to adjust your course in 2021 by joining us on a 'New' Adventure, use 'JO' The International Trust Mark and make it a great new year.

The UK faces 2021 with or without an agreement with the EU whilst negotiators look unlikely to agree a trade deal. Hopefully common sense will prevail and a political agreement will be reached as we write. Brexit will finally receive closure thereby creating a new playing field voted for by the British people. This will primarily enable sovereignty, control of our own laws and coastal waters to be regained.

A New Year - A New Era starts on January 1st.

No one knows where our adventure will take us in 2021. Will the new vaccines deliver freedom from the fear of contracting Covid-19 and will life return to any degree of normality? How Brexit will impact life in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world? Whatever the future holds we remain optimistic, the re-set button is being re-activated and life will go on. Together with everyone playing their part life will be better for everyone.

Our part in this adventure is that PCDS Review is launching a new business concept:

'JO' Just Online - The Future at YOUR Finger Tips - controlled by YOU!

Today we all look to the internet for our needs, often entering the unknown with a certain amount trepidation and fear. We hope the reviews are genuine and not fake, we hope the comparison websites are accurate. We are reassured by companies that all will be well and that goods/services ordered will be delivered on time. We also expect the quality of the items ordered to meet our expectations and payment will be processed without any issues.

Buying online from a 'JO' International Trust Mark licensee is buying from a business that is worthy of trust. It's a business committed to providing products/services that are; eco-friendly, sustainable and produced in a social responsible way which we believe makes sense.

'JO' - The Future at YOUR Finger Tips!

Welcome to 'JO' The International Trust Mark.

For savvy online consumers you will soon be looking for the 'JO' mark when placing orders.

If you are a manufacturer, a producer or service provider why not become a 'JO' International Trust Mark licensee?

In 2021 we will be inviting businesses to take up the 'JO' challenge and become licensees. If successful they'll be permitted to use the 'JO' logo in their marketing activities. They'll receive a 'JO' Certificate and be listed in the 'JO' International Trust Mark online register.

Simply by adding the 'JO' International Trust Mark label to products will make for an effective part of their marketing campaigns. A unique 'JO' licence number with the country of origin e.g. 'Made in England' will be clearly featured alongside the 'JO' logo. The reverse side will be marked with the brand name, website URL and company information clearly on display.

Businesses will be allowed to include the 'JO' licensee number and 'JO' logo in all their marketing and advertising campaigns. They will be eligible to use it in all their social media activities too. This will include the logo on products through branding, moulding, embroidery, labels and packaging too.

Join the new emerging online economy that is not just focused on dealing direct but also committed to: Sustainability, ECO-Friendly and Social Responsibility. Knowing exactly where products/services originate and those responsible for their creation/manufacture/servicing will become ever more important as the circular economy evolves! Trust will be at its very heart of this new business concept.

We look forward to receiving your thoughts and any feedback you may have, simply email Are you ready to face the challenge?

Kindest regards,

Bharti and Philip

JO’ The International Trust Mark for today's businesses making a stand for a fairer and more balanced society!

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'JO' Newsletter
January 2021
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