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Once again here in England we are in lockdown, staying in our homes venturing out only for specific reasons to avoid any unnecessary contact with anyone. We are required not to meet people socially unless we live in the same home or have a support bubble in place. Everyone must have a good reason to venture out otherwise it is illegal and fines of £200, which doubles if further offences are committed. Up to a maximum amount of £6,400 can be imposed.

Welcome to 2021, the ‘New Year’!

Smart working is the new normal for many with computer software programs like; ‘Teams’, ‘Zoom’, Starleaf’, ’PGI’, ‘Capterra’, ‘Techradar etc, being used daily for business and social pleasure. Likewise social networking platforms like: ‘Facebook’, ‘Instagram’, ‘LinkedIn’, ‘Twitter’, etc, have become essential online tools to communicate ideas, news and promote products and services. We are now living in a digital world with the internet connecting everyone.

Today computers, laptops, Ipads, smartphones and a whole host of electronic devises connect us to the world at large. When it comes to entertainment music services like ‘Spotify’, Epidemicsound’,‘Jango’, ‘Music.Youtube’, ‘Soundcloud’, ‘Accuradio’, ‘Freeplaymusic’, ‘Pcmag’, etc, the list seems endless. Online entertainment services like the BBC iPlayer have become gripping entertainment platforms that transport us into another world escaping the realities of Covid life. Let’s face it who doesn’t want to escape the current lockdown and the restrictions impose? Even for God fearing believers, the Church universally has gone online with recorded services on YouTube coupled with live streaming of worship, teaching ministries and Zooming sessions. Socially much of the worlds people are now truly connected online like never before.

2021 is fast becoming the ‘Digital World’

For many years has been effectively promoting live trade exhibitions. Covid-19 has resulted in most being cancelled or postponed. Last year we started promoting digital platforms for business to continue throughout the pandemic for shows such as; MIDO4U for eyewear, Always Online for Italian fashion and up until the end of 2020, due to budget cut backs, ISPO.

Whilst some express the view that when the pandemic is over live events will return to pre-Covid levels of business it is our view that a new era is emerging whereby hybrid live and virtual events will become normal.

New Vaccines

At PCDS Review we are delighted that numerous vaccines have been developed and approved to provide good protection against Covid-19 with mass vaccination underway. Today we live as if we have Covid-19 with; Social Distancing, Self Isolation, Corona Virus Testing, Track & Trace, Wearing Masks, Washing Hands, etc.


New PCDS Review Campaign

This year PCDS Review introduced a ‘New’ marketing campaign under the title ‘PostIT’ to encourage, inspire and challenge during these dark days of lockdown. We’re actively using social media platforms like ‘LinkedIn’ and ‘FaceBook’ to broadcast our message of hope.

PostIT - ‘Being human is to be creative...’

Week 1 – Whatever YOU face in 2021 our hope is you will keep safe & succeed!

Week 2 – When problems arise, stay positive and look for a solution, there will always be one.

Week 3 – Eco Friendly – Sustainability – Social Responsibility | Core values of ‘JO

Week 4 – Follow YOUR Dream... Develop YOUR Idea, Take calculated risks, Don’t give up!

Week 5 – Smart Working – Working Smart – Be Smart!

We’ll be publishing a new ‘PostIT’ thought every week; our hope is to inspire. We’d very much like to hear your thoughts and words of inspiration, simply use our Contact Form or connect with me Philip Clark on Linkedin – Owner of PCDS Review.

At PCDS Review we will keep you up to date with the news from our valued clients who during this difficult time continue to support and use our online service. To them we express our sincere thanks. You know who you are!

Why not join them? Together let’s make 2021 a really good year.

Kindest regards,

Bharti and Philip


Savvy buyers could soon be looking for the 'JO' mark when shopping.

Later this year we will be inviting businesses to take up the 'JO' challenge and become licensees. If successful they'll be permitted to use the 'JO' logo in their marketing activities.

They'll receive a 'JO' Certificate and be listed in the 'JO' International Trust Mark register.

'JO' licensees will commit to: Sustainability, ECO-Friendly and Social Responsibility.

The ‘New’ concept under development by PCDS Review aims to give manufacturers, producers and service providers the opportunity to demonstrate their contribution to saving the planet by committing to an extremely tough 'Code of Practice'.

If you would like to know more about the 'JO' initiative simply get in touch via our Contact Form

JO’ The International Trust Mark for today's businesses making a stand for a fairer and more balanced society!

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'JO' Newsletter
February 2021
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